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COVID vaccination mandate for US businesses concerns Indiana Chamber

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Eli Lilly & Co., Rolls-Royce and large businesses with ties to Indiana already have COVID-19 vaccine requirements, but others will have to comply with a mandate announced Thursday at the White House.

The mandate will require businesses with 100 employees or more to have all their workers vaccinated or face fines up to $14,000.

Kevin Brinegar, Indiana Chamber president, said, “If employees refuse, the businesses will be required to terminate them. We’re not fond of the federal government telling employers when they have to let somebody go.”

The chamber represents 25,000 members and customers throughout Indiana. Brinegar is worried the regulations could contribute to what’s already being called the great “resignation.”

“We may have employees leaving the larger firms that are subject to this rule, over 100 employees, and going to companies that have less than 100 employees that aren’t subject to this rule,” Brinegar said.

The regulations don’t go into effect until Jan. 4, but employers are facing another deadline Dec. 5. They will be required to pay for time off for employees who have to take sick leave due to COVID testing or vaccinations.

The chamber is offering a webinar Nov. 11-12 for businesses that need help complying with the regulations.