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No appointment needed for COVID-19 vaccinations at Financial Center First Credit Union

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Marion County hopes to see 50% of people fully vaccinated by July 4.

In an effort to get there, local organizations are promoting COVID-19 vaccinations.

“We want to be sure that people get protected personally to protect their families and the entire community,” said Morella Dominguez, chief marketing and development officer at Shalom Health Care Center.

Dr. Eric Yancy, chief medical officer and practicing pediatrician at Managed Health Services, said, “If we look back through history, we’ll find that deadly pandemics just don’t go away without vaccines. Vaccines eliminated polio. Vaccines eliminated smallpox. So, vaccines are extremely important.”

Shalom Health Care Center and the Financial Center First Credit Union are among organizations hosting a vaccination clinic on Sunday so that more people get their shots. “We really would like to continue to encourage the community to get vaccinated,” Dominguez said.

According to health officials, about 45% of those eligible in Marion County are vaccinated, but when you factor in the entire population that number drops to about 37%. The county wants to increase that number to 50% by July 4.

“It’s free. You can come and get it. It doesn’t require you to have insurance coverage or anything like that, but the important thing is to get rid of deadly pandemic,” Dominguez said.

The event will be at 7101 E. 56th St. Appointments are not necessary. They’ll offer the Moderna vaccine and the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine for people 18 and older.

There are still concerns not enough people in Black and brown communities are getting vaccinated. “It’s not just hesitancy. Sometimes it’s availability. Sometimes it’s been transportation issues. Sometimes it’s been access issues to computers and things like that,” Yancy said.

“People little by little will understand the importance of getting protected because this virus can bring so many future consequences and we want to avoid those,” Dominguez said.

The event will run from 1-4 p.m. For more information, call Shalom Health Care Center at 317-291-7422.


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