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Vandals damage Virgin Mary statue at Evansville diocese

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — An Evansville statue depicting the Virgin Mary was vandalized, and the staff at the Catholic Diocese of Evansville is left wondering why.

Staff members said they became aware of the vandalism Sunday morning.

The Virgin Mary statue at the Cathoilic Diocese of Evansville was damaged Aug. 13, 2017. (WEHT Photo)

After checking security footage, people at the Diocese found it happened sometime in the 10 p.m. hour Saturday. In the footage, a person pulled up in a vehicle, got out of the car, pushed the statue over, then got back into the car and left.

The statue was damaged in the neck area.

“I don’t know what would motivate someone to do that, having been someone who’s never felt the urge to create an act of vandalism of any kind, I can’t speak to what might motivate someone to do that,” said Tim Lilley, director of communication for the diocese.

Lilley said the same statue was vandalized a year and a half ago. He said the diocese will repair the statue again.

Evansville Police Department is investigating the vandalism.

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