Volunteers campaign to ‘Keep Ann Dancing’

Campaign to ‘Keep Ann Dancing’

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Volunteers were out in crowds on Saturday for the “Keep Ann Dancing” campaign.

The total fundraising goal over the four-week campaign is $262,800. The money would go toward replacing the “Ann Dancing” public art installation on Massachusetts Avenue, maintaining the electronic work of art, improving the plaza on the Cultural Trail and funding more public art along the trail.

On Saturday night, the campaign had reached 72% of its goal. At last check they raised 72 percent of that.

Midnight marks the end of the current campaign, but volunteers said they plan to keep the effort going.

“We’re gonna do it until we raise the money. I think it’s important enough for our community. It’s important that Ann is a landmark. She is our bean that the city of Chicago has. You know, you go to these cities and you want to find that great piece of art that city is known for. That’s who Ann is. So we’re gonna keep doing this until we raise the funds to keep her dancing,” said Karen Haley, with Indianapolis Cultural Trail.

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You can make a donation by clicking here or by texting ANN to 243725.