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Voyeurism investigation underway after cellphone found recording video in store restroom

GREENTOWN, Ind. (WISH) – A voyeurism investigation is underway in Howard County after someone found a cellphone camera recording video inside a women’s restroom.

It happened Jan. 14 at Casey’s General Store, a convenience store and gas station in Greentown.

Greentown Police tell 24-Hour News 8 that they have identified a suspect, but they’re still trying to figure out how many victims there are.

It’s the type of case people in the small town about eight miles east of Kokomo say they just don’t expect to hear about.

“It is kind of surprising in Greentown. We are all like, you know, family here,” said Nina Thomas, a Greentown resident.

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“You trust everybody…. To have the trust violated in this small of a community is shocking,” said Tiffianey Taylor, who also lives in Greentown.

Police said the phone had been set up underneath the bathroom sink.

“If I found out I used the restroom where someone was recording, I would feel violated. That would shake me up,” Taylor said.

Greentown police are not releasing the suspect’s name at this point. They are still waiting on an arrest warrant. Some people in Greentown tell 24-Hour News 8 they hope that arrest happens soon.

“We have to stop this kind of crazy people … whoever did it, we don’t need that here,” Thomas said.

A manager for Casey’s General Store declined to comment.