Walgreens, WISH-TV partner for no-cost flu shots

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – WISH-TV and Walgreens partnered together to offer free flu vaccines. The offer is good for Wednesday only.

On Wednesday Oct. 12, at all of Walgreens 71 stores throughout central Indiana, Hoosiers can stop in and get a flu shot. And it won’t cost you anything. You don’t need an appointment.

It’s meant for those who do not have insurance or who are under insured.

The sticking of a needle is never a pleasant thing. It usually comes with a little tenderness, but nothing a bandaid can’t make better.

It’s something Janice Louden and her partner Elaine Finley never skip.

“I always get my flu shot,” said Louden.

Finley added, “We don’t want to be sick. I’ve had them for the past 10 or 12 years. They work and I just wanted to prevent it.”

According to Indiana State Health Commissioner Dr. Jerome Adams. It’s about so much more than just preventing people from feeling under the weather for a few days.

“The number of people who died from the flu, just in Marion County alone, is greater than the number of people who died from Ebola in our country,” said Dr. Adams.

Dr. Adams said almost 70 people in the state died last year from the flu.

“Of all ages, the flu disproportionately affects people who are over the age of 50 or who are very young. But, we had people in all age groups who died from the flu,” said Dr. Adams.

Another concern for Dr. Adams is healthy people with the flu who spread it to those most at risk of death.

“Additionally, if you get the flu, even if it’s not that severe, you can pass it on  to an older or a younger loved one and they might get the flu and not be so lucky. The concept of herd immunity, or you getting the flu shot and protecting other people is ever so important,” said Dr. Adams.

Important, and effective at least for Janice and Elaine.

“I’ve been very fortunate not to have it,” said Finley.

Louden added, “The last thing I need is the flu.”

For those who can’t make it on Wednesday, a flu vaccine at Walgreens $31.99.

Below you can find a list of locations for a Walgreens near you: