Walmart employees throw surprise birthday party for 104-year-old customer

BRYANT, AR (WCHM) – Turning 104 is a milestone few people hit, and Walmart employees in Bryant, Arkansas decided to make it unforgettable for one woman.

Geneva Kendrick is a regular at the Walmart in Bryant, and she isn’t letting her age slow her down.

“When she comes in the store, she pushes her own buggy, she loads her stuff up on the conveyor belt,” said Kris Hudson, a Walmart associate.

Over the years, Kendrick says that the store employees have become like family to her.

“Everyone is so friendly and nice and I enjoy talking to them,” she told KARK.

When the store employees found out Kendrick’s 104th birthday was coming up, they wanted to do something special for her.  They threw her a surprise birthday party in the store’s break room, complete with a cake, balloons and gifts. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room when she walked in.

Kendrick said she felt very special when she walked into the room, and is thankful for the friends she has made at the store. She also thought this was the best birthday she has ever celebrated.

“It couldn’t be better,” Kendrick said. “It’s the most wonderful one I’ve ever attended.”

“Mrs. Geneva is someone very special to us and we figured it was the least we could do for her,” Hudson said.

Kendrick still has an eye on the future, letting employees in on her secret to a long and healthy life.

“I just worked hard all my life and I just didn’t get old,” she said. “The past was behind me and I looked to the future. I still do.”

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