Wednesday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Here’s a look at Wednesday’s business headlines.


McDonald’s will spend $6 billion overhauling almost all of its 14,000 restaurants.

This includes 270 stores in Indiana.

This will be the biggest renovation ever for the fast food chain.

It will include new furniture and decor as well as more digital kiosks for ordering and parking for customers who order through their mobile devices. 

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While most workers still have one, companies and recruiters are putting less emphasis on resumes when searching for job candidates.

The head of human resources at tech giant Cisco says the resume is about 10 percent of the hiring process.

LinkedIN  tends to be the first stop for many hiring managers and recruiters, so be sure to have a completed profile that highlights your past experiences but also what you’re looking to do.


Apple has created a new team just to explore using technology in health care.

Specifically, the team will look at using compuyter chips to better take health date and cater it to people’s specific health needs.

Apple is also reportedly working on a way to continuous and non-invasive blood sugar monitoring, which would be a big breakthrough for people with diabetes.


MoviePass may be like Hotel California – you can never leave.

Mashable reports that former MoviePass users say they can’t cancel their subscriptions.

Former MoviePass users are venting their rage on Twitter after finding their accounts have not been closed as requested and have instead been reactivated under new plans.