Wednesday’s business headlines

FILE - This May 16, 2014, file photo shows the General Motors logo at the company's world headquarters in Detroit.(AP Photo/Paul Sancya, File)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Here’s a look at Wednesday’s business headlines.

Vending machines

The FDA issued a final rule on Friday to revise font sizes used in calorie labeling on food sold in vending machines. It requires that calorie lables’ type size should be at least 150% the minimum sized displayed on the item’s actual packaging.

But scientists are conflicted over whether calorie-counting on labels and menus actually encourage people to eat less junk food.

Some studies have shown the larger labels make very little difference in what people choose to eat.

Gift cards and scams

Alongside gift cards’ growth and appeal with consumers, they have also become a weapon of fraudsters.

Criminal abuse gift cards just like other payments vehicles in elaborate scams that are evolving all the time.

Among the gift card scams-fraudster steal gift cards or merchandise, book travel and make other unauthorized purchases.

According to the Fiserv, 64% of consumers buy gift cards just to spend on themselves.


Amazon says it would begin offering free grocery delivery to all Prime members, effectively getting ride of its monthly $14.99 fee for Amazon Fresh.

Previously, Amazon shoppers would opt into pay the Amazon Fresh fee in addition to the annual $119 – or $12.99 monthly – required to access Prime.


The General Motors strike hit the company’s bottom line by $3 billion.

The UAW strike went on for 40 days.

The union members are back to work now while GM tries to recover.