What to remove and what to plant in your yard

What to remove and what to plant in your yard

They spread quickly. They are a nuisance. And they cause harm to our environment, economy and human health.

Invasive species are plants and animals that have been introduced in places where they are not native. 

Julie Rhodes, Collective Impact Director, ROW, and Emily Wood, Executive Director, Indiana Wildlife Federation, share ways to replace invasive plants with native plants, creating beautiful, easy-to-maintain landscapes in yards, all while reducing harmful pollution runoff to Indy’s waterways.

What to remove and what to plant in your yard

Here’s more: 

•    Reconnecting to Our Waterways (ROW) recently launched an online guide to help Indianapolis residents remove harmful invasive plant species from their own backyards. The guide can be viewed here:
•    The guide includes educational videos and how-to cards in order to maker eradicating invasive plants easier for Indianapolis residents. This improves local wildlife habitats, decreases flooding in communities and prevents harmful stormwater runoff from flowing into Indy waterways with native plant alternatives. 
•    Native species are indigenous to this region and are adapted to support local life forms as well as grow deep roots that soak up and filter rainwater of harmful contaminants in the waterways. 
•    Local experts through ROW’s Ecology Committee included representatives from Indianapolis Department of Public Works Land Stewardship, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Indiana Wildlife Federation and The Nature Conservancy, and resources are made possible by the generosity of the Herbert Simon Family Foundation, Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust and the Central Indiana Community Foundation. 

Invasive Guide: