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Whiteland police say student arrested after social media threats

WHITELAND, Ind. (WISH) – Police in Whiteland say a student has been arrested after making threats on social media.

The Whiteland Police Department posted about the arrest Friday morning on Twitter.

According to the Greenwood Police Department, they began receiving several complaints Thursday night about threats made by a 17-year-old Whiteland High School student.

Police said the threats on social media stated the student was “shooting up the school” on Friday. Additionally, police say the student posted a picture of himself with what appeared to be a handgun in the front of his pants, with the caption “thought you could stop me.”

Greenwood police officers then showed up at the at the teen’s residence, who was at home with his mother at the time. The 17-year-old was taken in for questioning.

Police say that during the extensive interviewing of the teen, the juvenile maintained that he never made any such threats.

The authorities then interviewed other people who had been with the teen that day, who stated the 17-year-old never said anything about shooting up the high school.

Also, the student voluntarily surrendered his laptop and phone to authorities, but no evidence of the teen making threats was discovered.  It was at that time police released the juvenile back to his mother.