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Why you should never let your dog drink from puddles

Adult yellow Labrador Retriever dog drinking water from puddle on dirt country road in summer day/ Getty Images

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Some pet owners may not realize the harm of letting your furry friends drink from puddles. News 8 has the details on why that could be a bad idea.

If your dog gets thirsty while out on a walk, be sure to find a proper water source.

According to two veterinarians, letting your pup drink from a puddle could be a bad idea.

“Puddles can be a cocktail of all sorts of nasties, from sharp objects to harmful bacteria. I’ve seen dogs come in with cut paws and upset stomachs from puddle-related incidents,” Dr. Sabrina Kong told The Mirror.

Dr. Linda Simon echoed those sentiments, saying: “While dogs love to stop and drink puddle water, it is best not to allow this. Rats and mice can urinate in stagnant water, leading to the spread of Leptospirosis. Though your dog should be covered for Leptospirosis if up to date with their vaccines, they are still at risk of contracting the disease.”