Window washer saved by harness after going over side of platform on windy day

A window washer was rescued from a platform after he went over the side while working. (CNN Photo)

EDMONTON, Canada (WISH) — Terrifying video captured by a witness shows a window washer fall over the side of a window washing platform that was swinging back and forth and smashing through windows in the Stantec Tower building in Edmonton, Canada.

A window washer who was working on the platform was thrown over the side, but luckily he was saved by his harness.

“We said somebody call 911. And they called in and we just stood there watching the guy’s feet dangle,” said Wanda Terlecki who witnessed the incident.

Emergency crews arrived on scene minutes later, set up a ladder truck and reached the dangling worker as dozens of onlookers held their breath.

“I had to walk away I couldn’t watch. I couldn’t watch. I thought he was going to fall. Like … fall,” said Terlecki.

After being safely brought to the ground, the dangling worker was assessed by paramedics and was not injured. Another worker who was on the platform at the time of the incident was also brought down safely.

A wind warning was in effect during the incident. It’s unclear whether the window washers started working before the wind warning was issued or if they knew it was in effect while they were on the platform.

Occupational Health and Safety is investigating.

CNN contributed to this report.