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Wisconsin teen charged in murder case, still held in Boone Co.

BOONE COUNTY, Ind. (WISH) –  A Wisconsin teen accused of fatally shooting her stepfather and stabbing her mother to death remains in jail in Boone County.

Ashlee Martinson, 17, and her 22-year-old boyfriend, Ryan Sisco, were arrested Sunday night. Martinson is charged in connection with the crime, while the charges against Sisco still haven’t been released.

No motive for the murders has been released yet either but investigators are looking into a blog the teen wrote called Nightmare and written under the name VampChick. In it, vicious murders are described – the last entry dated March 2 – just six days before the Ayers were killed. One line reads, “Another has just departed this life forever, and what a better world it shall be as soon as I eliminate filth who are unworthy of life, just like she was.”

Court documents lay out what happened in Wisconsin. A 911 call came in Sunday from a young child in the rural Rhinelander home who told police her father was dead upstairs, stating she knew he was dead because “his head was cracked open,”

The Oneida County Sheriff’s Department said 37-year-old Thomas Ayers was shot while his wife, 40 year-old Jennifer Ayers, was stabbed to death.

According to the probable cause affidavit three young girls – ages 9, 8 and 2 – had been placed in a room with juice and food and the door tied shut. The oldest child said Martinson told them they were “going to play a game.” The high school junior also told the girls she hadn’t killed mom and dad.

The child said she had been in the living room with Jennifer when they heard two gunshots upstairs. Jennifer went up and then yelled for the girl who stated she went upstairs and saw Jennifer fighting with Martinson.

Close to nine hours later, Martinson and Sisco were stopped by Boone County sheriff’s deputies waiting along the side of the highway. Authorities with the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office believed the two might have been headed to Tennessee because of ties Sisco has there.