WISH-TV school supply drive collects supplies for Central Indiana classrooms

Gr8 Paper Push 2019

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – For the fifth year, Central Indiana businesses opened their hearts and wallets in support of WISH-TV’s Gr8 Paper Push.

The annual school supply drive benefits Teachers’ Treasures, a non-profit store just for teachers. This year, the drive collected hundreds of pounds of school supplies and raised thousands of dollars. Teachers’ Treasures says supplies collected during the Gr8 Paper Push will allow the organization to take supplies to 96 schools via their mobile outreach program, with a direct impact to 38,400 students and 1,536 classrooms and teachers. Many pieces of donated furniture will have long lives in classrooms.

“The fact that the corporate community and you guys at WISH-TV, I can’t say enough about the fact that you’ve adopted a mission that really is city wide,” said Margaret Sheehan, Executive Director of Teachers’ Treasures. “It affects so many kids, so many classrooms, so many teachers.”

On average, teachers spend between $500 and $1,000 of their own money on school supplies for their students each year. Teachers’ Treasures lets educators get the supplies their students need at no cost to them.

“It’s our community. We want to support the families here, the children,” said Sherry Caldwell from Plat Collective. “Being a mom, I just want to make sure no kid goes without. Teachers are really special people and we just want to make sure they have what they need for their classrooms.”

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The Gr8 Paper Push was made possible thanks to the generous support of Financial Center First Credit Union, Metro by T-Mobile, and Covanta. Two Men and a Truck graciously assisted with collection efforts.

The WISH-TV team visited more than 20 area companies Wednesday. For many of the companies, supporting the Gr8 Paper Push and Teachers’ Treasures has become an annual tradition.

“We did a college-wide contest and we have supplies represented from 15 states,” said KK Byland of American College of Education. “We have more than 500,000 individual pieces of supplies for classrooms going to Marion County.”

Through donations of supplies and money, Central Indiana businesses are helping to celebrate the impact teachers have had in all of our lives.

“When you’re looking at kids today, they are the foundation of our future and we would love to continue to invest in these children so they can grow up and contribute to our community,” said Jeff Roberson of Kroger.

Teachers’ Treasures always welcomes financial donations, supply donations, and volunteers. For more information, click here.

The Gr8 Paper Push was generously supported by:
Financial Center First Credit Union
Metro by T-Mobile

Special thanks to all of our contributors:
Financial Center First Credit Union
Honest-1 Auto Care
Kiwanis Club of Southeast Indianapolis
Metropolitan Communications Agency
Plat Collective
Indiana Department of Revenue – IT Division
American College of Education
Kite Realty Group
Chelsea Malone Farmers Agency
Apex Systems
Metro by T-Mobile
Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity, Inc.
M/I Homes
American Family Mutual Insurance Company
MISO Energy
David Weekley Homes

Gr8 Paper Push 2019 – MAINGATE

Gr8 Paper Push 2019 – Honest 1 Auto Care

Gr8 Paper Push 2019 – ClearObject

Gr8 Paper Push 2019 – FCFCU

Gr8 Paper Push 2019 – Chelsea Malone Farmers Agency

Gr8 Paper Push 2019 – David Weekley Homes

Gr8 Paper Push 2019 – M/I Homes

Gr8 Paper Push 2019 – MISO Energy

Gr8 Paper Push 2019 – Department of Revenue

Gr8 Paper Push 2019 – American College of Education

Gr8 Paper Push 2019 – Allegion

Gr8 Paper Push 2019 – Kite Realty Group

Gr8 Paper Push 2019 – Ramboll

Gr8 Paper Push 2019 – Plat Collective

Gr8 Paper Push 2019 – Metro by T-Mobile

Gr8 Paper Push 2019 – Kroger

Gr8 Paper Push 2019 – Kiwanis Club of Southeast Indianapolis

Gr8 Paper Push 2019 – Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity

Gr8 Paper Push 2019 – Covanta

Gr8 Paper Push 2019 – Apex Systems

Gr8 Paper Push 2019 – American Family Mutual Insurance Company