WISH-TV’s Zone Extra Athlete of the Week: Samantha Brown

WESTFIELD, Ind. (WISH) — Samantha Brown is the Westfield Washington underclassman sweeping golf tournaments around the state.

She’s currently putting on a stellar show for her sophomore season as she hauls in hardware at nearly every central Indiana tournament thus far. According to head coaches in Hamilton County, Brown can take the Rocks to the next level.

“You like to think she go down in history as maybe one of the best ever to go through our program, and that’s a big statement. We’ve had a lot of players go through our program, but she’s definitely on pace to do that with the start she’s has this year, the season she had last year, she just keeps rolling,” said Westfield Golf Coach Trevor Neu.

In her freshman season, she earned All-State honors and found herself on the podium in her first-ever state finals appearance.  She earned an invite to the U.S. Amateur’s Four-Ball tournament in Texas this summer.  Brown is just 15 years old and really just getting started on the links.

Brown said, “I’m most comfortable with my iron play right now. I think it’s going well, and I think that my putting’s pretty good, but I think my iron’s play is definitely the strong suit.”

Congratulations to Sam Brown, WISH-TV’s Zone Extra Athlete of the Week.


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