Woman reportedly ticketed for ‘dodging potholes’

CANTON, Ohio (KRON) – A woman learned the hard way that dodging potholes may cost you just the same as hitting one. 

Alanna Corns of Canton, Ohio told WJW she had been trying to avoid the potholes on W. Tuscarawas Street near Dueber Road when she swerved “a little” into the turning lane to avoid several potholes. 

“Like when I got it, I was so dumbfounded, like really— a ticket for dodging potholes? What really got me is on my actual ticket it says ‘for dodging potholes,’” Corns told WJW.

She was immediately stopped by a state trooper who asked if she had been talking on her cell phone. 

The ticket read, “left of center, dodging potholes, vehicle opposite direction.”

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Corns said she was already saving money for repairs since her car had already been damaged by a pothole.

“I get that I did something I wasn’t supposed to do, but at the same time if the potholes weren’t as bad as what they are I wouldn’t have to swerve as much as I do,” Corns told WJW. 

Corns’ ticket could reportedly cost her an additional $150 to $250.