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Woman shot outside Family Dollar; police searching for female shooter

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — IMPD is calling for a suspect to turn herself in after a shooting at a Family Dollar on the northwest side.

It happened around 9:30 Thursday night at the store at 37th Street and High School Road.

Police say they don’t know exactly what led up to this shooting, but they do know quite a bit about the people involved. 

They believe they know who the suspect is, a car she was in was on scene, and they say they have a witness who is cooperating with them. 

Police also believe the three women involved in this shooting all know each other. 

According to IMPD, there were two women in a black car and a woman in a silver car involved in the shooting. 

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Police say the driver of the silver car pulled into the Family Dollar parking lot to fight the passenger in the black car.

The fight escalated and the woman in the silver car was shot at least once. She is in serious condition. 

And police have a message for the shooter. 

“One way or another, it’s always easier, you know, this individual knows who she is. She’s going to see this story. So, why don’t you just save yourself a lot of heartache and go ahead turn yourself in to aggravated assault? You know, call a pastor, go to a church, if you feel safer that way turning yourself in and let’s just get to the bottom of this story,” said IMPD Captain Harold S. Turner.

Captain Turner says detectives are looking at video to see if they can figure out exactly what happened and if there were any other witnesses that might have seen something.