Woman taken as baby meets siblings 50 years later in Nashville

 NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A three-month-old girl was taken from her parents and adopted in the 1960s. Her biological parents never stopped looking for her but passed away before she was found.

The couple’s children took over the search and finally found their long lost sister 50 years later.

Faith Johnson and her younger sister, who live in Tennessee, say their parents had searched for their daughter Cheryl Lynn for years.

Just last week, a family friend looked online and finally found their sister.

After years of waiting, Cheryl Lynn flew into Nashville from Detroit Wednesday night to meet her biological family for the first time.

“It means the beginning for me. I grew up with nothing, feeling like an outsider, like I didn’t belong and didn’t fit, and I felt like there was something out there waiting for me, and I just had to wait and be patient, and the moment finally came,” Cheryl Lynn said.

The sisters said their one regret is that their parents, especially their mom, weren’t alive to see the reunion.

“My mom would be on her knees right now. She would be unbelievably ecstatic,” said Faith.

After leaving the airport, the family went back to Coffee County where Cheryl Lynn met her other siblings and listened to stories about the parents she always wanted to know.

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