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Woman who allegedly let husband out of bedroom once in past 2 years arrested Tuesday

GREENWOOD, Ind. (WISH) – Investigators have said a man was kept in filth and locked in a bedroom for years.

A warrant had been issued for 69-year-old Darlene Dickinson of Greenwood for neglecting the care of her husband.

WISH-TV cameras were rolling when police arrested Dickinson on Tuesday afternoon. She is accused of neglect of a dependent.

24 hour news 8 was the only crew there when police arrested 69 year old Darlene Dickinson.

It was Pretty bizarre scene. You could hear Darlene screaming from inside the home. Authorities say she was complaining of health issues, possibly trying to get out of being in trouble.

According to court documents, the investigation began when police were contacted by a concerned neighbor on May 19. They told police they saw their elderly disabled neighbor stumbling onto the front porch of his home. They told police when they went up to him, he was covered in feces.

Police said when officers arrived, they found the elderly man sitting on the front porch in a dirty shirt and dirty adult diaper. Police said the man is a stoke survivor and uses a wheelchair after a leg amputation.

During the investigation, police found the majority of the home was clean, but the man was living in a bedroom that was covered in trash, feces and old food. Police said the man was in poor health, very thin and possibly malnourished. The man was taken to the hospital and was reported to be 100 pounds on May 19, court documents state.

The man told police he had been locked in his room for the past couple of years. He described the room to police as “filthy.” Court documents state he told police he would receive only one “Meals on Wheels” and a warm Pepsi each day by his wife. He said he had only been out of his room once in the past two years. He also reported to police he did not receive any of his prescription medications.

According to documents, the man is now living with his son and daughter, and is now in better health. The victim is reported to have gained back almost 30 pounds as of July 27.

Her daughter, Cindi Moutschk was outside the home rolling on her call phone video camera to capture every moment. She was thrilled that her mom was finally facing consequences.

“Moms getting arrested today and I’m smiling about it you know. She deserves to have something done to her,” said Moutschk. “When she would leave he said she would take his prosthetic leg so he couldn’t get out of the house. There was no phone so he couldn’t call anyone.”

According to Moutschk , her dad 71-year old Hugh Dickerson suffered a stroke back in 2000. His health started declining increasingly after he had to have a leg amputated years ago.

“He got an infection on his foot and was not taken care of. She didn’t take him to the doctor, so it turned to gangrene and that’s where they had to amputate below the knee,” said Moutschk.

After a falling out with her mom, Cindi says she and her brother were not allowed to visit their dad, leaving him in the sole care of Darlene.

Dickinson faces two charges of neglect of a dependent. Prosecutors said she faces up to five and a half years behind bars.

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