Women supporting women: T-shirt sales benefit female artists

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — An Indianapolis woman is using her business to help other women who own businesses. 

Martha Latta owns a business called Sunday Afternoon Housewife. 

She silk screens t-shirts that are sold in various retail spots and at craft fairs. 

She recently worked with another woman to design a shirt that says “Women Supporting Women” on the front. 

She came up with the idea after attending a speakers series and hearing about women who have helped other women with whatever they had, so she wanted to do something with the things she has to help other women. 

She’s selling the “Women Supporting Women” t-shirts for $30 with half of the proceeds going to a female artist of her choosing to help that artist with their business. 

“Even like for me, with my business, there were times when I was struggling and I thought, ‘This is not gonna last’ but then like at that time, at that moment, I’m thinking what I can do to open myself, you get something, you get an order or a gift or I’ve gotten random wholesale orders from people who have never ordered from me again, little investment from somebody who helped invest in your business and so that’s what I was thinking would be,” said Latta. 

The woman who will be receiving the proceeds from the shirts that are sold during May and June owns a stationary business called the Brocade Blackbird. 

 “It’s not every day that you open your email and someone says, ‘I think you are a cool person, I’m proud of how hard you’re working, I’m proud of who you are as a person and I want to do something with my time and my money to help propel you.’ That is a rare gift,” said Meagan Gilner. 

If you’d like to buy a shirt, click here