YETI touting legal win against competitor over similar products

AUSTIN, Texas (KXAN) – The ice is melting between the Austin-based company YETI Coolers and one of their competitors after a legal win.

According to a press release, YETI officials say they settled against RTIC Coolers and their owners, brothers John and Jim Jacobsen. RTIC advertises itself on their website as half the price of YETI and able to hold more ice.

The lawsuit was filed against products said to be “too similar.” RTIC must now pay YETI, stop all sales on products in the lawsuit, and re-design them.

“We are extremely pleased with the results we have achieved. We will continue to defend our innovation and intellectual property. This is a true win,” said YETI CEO Matt Reintjes.

The white coolers are virtually identical to YETI’s. However, at $124.99 the RTIC cooler is more than $100 less than YETI’s $249.99 cooler.

On their website, RTIC says they are able to sell their coolers at half the price of YETI “by cutting out the big box retailers and using word of mouth and social media to promote [their] coolers versus paying for high priced ambassadors and commercials.”

In 2006, YETI was born in Austin and is now one of the leading drink-ware brands nationwide.

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