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Youths gather at Indiana Statehouse for climate action

Youth Climate ActionDay at Indiana Statehouse

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — On Tuesday, another rally came to the Statehouse.

In the first Youth Climate Action Day, students from local schools got to voice their concerns. They also heard from state Rep. Carey Hamilton, an Indianapolis Democrat who delivered a climate action resolution. She is in the minority party in the House.

Hamilton said, “The majority party at the moment is not taking action moving forward, but I am an elected official. I have a voice. I want to use that voice and bring in young people to have a conversation, really start the conversation at the Statehouse about what we can do to move forward.”

Cooper Tinsley, a sophomore at Westfield High School, said, “Well, we are facing extreme issues especially in the agricultural and economic sector. Flooding is a really big issue, especially up in the north, South Bend. Lake Michigan is a huge asset to Indiana and they are slowly losing beaches, which is losing tourism. People always talk about how climate really only affects us who care about it, but it really affects everyone, which is why we care about it.”

Three House bills deal with the climate. One measure would repeal the supplemental fee to register an electric or hybrid vehicle. Another proposal is aimed at restoring net metering, which credits solar-energy system owners for the electricity they add to the grid. The other bill would help communities across Indiana by investing in stormwater management.