Zipcars hit the streets in Lafayette

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – People who don’t own a car in Greater Lafayette now have a new way to get around.

Two Zipcars are now available at Riehle Plaza in downtown Lafayette. Drivers pay for a membership on the Zipcar website. A valid driver’s license is required to become a member. Members schedule out a time to use the car and unlock it with a code provided by the company.

Lafayette Economic Development Director Dennis Carson said with CityBus and the bike-sharing company Zagster, people have many transportation options.

“This will be a convenient, affordable option for people that don’t have a car or have limited car use or access,” Carson said. “This will just give them something so if they have to go to the store or somewhere outside of the downtown area or within Greater Lafayette, this will give them the access for that,” Carson continued.

Carson said as the city grows, people’s transportation needs change.

“Things are getting farther apart and a little more difficult for people to access by walking or other means,” said Carson. “This just gives people another transportation option to reach everything they need and they want.”

Zipcars have been available around the Purdue University campus since 2011.

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