On The Money

What type of financial advisor is best equipped for your needs?

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Alex Joyce, President and CEO of ReJoyce Financial, joined us today to discuss the different types of financial advisors. When seeking financial advice, it’s important to consider your financial goals and needs to help determine what kind of advisor will be best equipped to help.

“The advisor that helped you climb the mountain may not be the right advisor to help you down” is a tidbit of advice from Joyce. When young people are investing, they have a lot of time on the horizon so their strategies to climb the mountain can be more aggressive.

When you reach the top of the mountain and may need to live off of the income that you once had, Joyce says that perhaps a different style of advisor would better fit your needs.

Although people may have a strong bond or connection to their advisor, he says it’s important to remember that it’s your money. Oftentimes money is easier to make and harder to keep. It’s also pertinent to think about legacy planning, estate planning, and gifting when you are retired. ReJoyce Financial can assist you in finding an advisor who fits your needs, no matter your age.

ReJoyce Financial takes a wholistic approach to your finances, and there’s no time like the present to consider professional advice. Information on financial planning is available at the ReJoyce Financial website or by calling 317-903-0517.