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Best Lottery Psychics 2023: Get Accurate Insights To Maximize Your Lottery Luck

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It’s a rare chance to win millions from a lottery, but the best lottery psychics online can improve your winning odds.

The lottery is a game of pure luck, with only the most fortunate nailing the jackpot. However, online psychics’ extrasensory abilities to foresee the future can help you crack this game.  

Purple Garden is #1 among these online psychics for acing the lottery. There are also 10 more platforms that can help you get that fortune.

Where To Get the Best Lottery Psychics Online

First Look

  1. Purple Garden: Best lottery psychics overall (FREE $10 credit)
  2. Kasamba: Great for wealth forecast (3 FREE mins + 50% OFF)
  3. Keen: Most budget-friendly lottery psychics (10 mins for $1.99)
  4. AskNow: Best lottery projections via mobile (5 FREE mins) 
  5. California Psychics: Most rigorously screened fortune tellers ($1/min)
  6. Purple Ocean: Best for prerecorded psychic readings (Flat rates)
  7. Psychic Source: Best satisfaction guarantee ($1/min)
  8. Oranum: Best lottery psychics via live stream (10,000 FREE coins)
  9. Psychic Oz: Best free deals and intro offers (3 FREE minutes)
  10. Mysticsense: Most seasoned fortune tellers (as low as $5/reading)
  11. Purple Tides: Best guidance from multiple psychics ($5/reading)

The best lottery psychics can tilt your odds of winning a life-changing fortune. Endowed with foresight, these talented individuals can forever change your destiny.

Here are the 11 best lottery psychics of 2023. Purple Garden tops among these online psychics with its indisputable accurate psychic reading and forecasting.

1. Purple Garden: Best Lottery Psychics Overall


  • 1,000+ top-rated psychics
  • $10 sign up credit
  • Readings via phone, email, and chat
  • Available in Spanish
  • Rates start at $0.99


  • No refund policy

Site Overview

With its enlightening readings, Purple Garden made its way to the top of the online psychic world. This website offers 1,000+ psychic readers with varying specialties, including those who can give valuable guidance to lotto betters.  


Every psychic of Purple Garden has an in-depth profile, providing a glimpse of their skills and abilities. Many psychic experts indicate their ability to foreknow decision outcomes. Connecting with these psychics can help you decide if the lottery is a fruitful endeavor for you. 

There are three communication options here: phone, email, or chat. This platform indicates which psychics are currently available and their preferred communication channels.

Joining Purple Garden grants you $10 free credits that you may use to find their best lottery psychics. Since most reading rates start at $0.99 per minute, you can enjoy a free lottery consultation for around 10 minutes.

Gifted Psychics

Psychic Gabrealle is a clairvoyant with a 4-year old psychic experience. She has successfully done 2380 readings since 2022. Her insightful life guidance can help you decide if betting the lottery is worth the shot.

Tabitha Mitchell is a gifted psychic who can sense past, present, and future situations with empathy and compassion. Her heightened perceptions allow her to discern the potential outcomes of various decisions quickly. 

Final Verdict

Purple Garden is a go-to site for high-quality advice from the best lottery psychics. It’s a bilingual platform with enticing sign-up offers like $10 off for aspiring lottery betters. 

>> Get $10 OFF on Purple Garden

2. Kasamba: Best Lottery Psychics for Finance and Wealth Forecast


  • Free 3 mins and 50% off (first reading)
  • Phone, video, and email readings
  • 20+ years of online psychic services
  • $50-max satisfaction guarantee
  • Wealth and money readings 


  • Email readings received after 24 hours

Site Overview

While Kasamba’s online stardom is due to its reliable love readings, this platform also offers insightful guidance related to wealth.

For over 20 years, Kasamba helped over 3 million individuals get in touch with talented experts specializing in wealth forecasting, including some of the best lottery psychics. 


Kasamba’s fortune-telling category is the spot to find their best lottery psychics. There are 100+ professional psychics here, ready to give you insights about what’s in store. 

There are also other helpful categories available here, like tarot reading, astrology, numerology, and more.

Registering to Kasamba will give you 3 free chat minutes with your chosen psychic. 

But if you wish to continue your first lottery consultation afterward, you can push the reading forward by paying 50% off. 

Gifted Psychics

Golden Eye is an intuitive fortune teller who gives clients a clear vision of their lives. She’s a 5-star rated psychic with over 30,000 readings done. Her spiritual-scientific forecasting approach can help you determine if the lottery is a life-changing path for you. 

Spirit Speaks is a clairvoyant utilizing cosmic energies to foresee outcomes of various situations. She’s a 5-star rated psychic giving insightful advice and time frames regarding life, wealth, and business. 

Final Verdict

Kasamba is a leading psychic site providing wealth and financial advice. Its selection of clairvoyants and fortune tellers can guide you to manage your way in a lottery. Don’t forget to avail its 3 free chat minutes and 50% off deal.

>>Get 3 Free Mins + 50% OFF on Kasamba

3. Keen: Best Lottery Psychics for Budget-Friendly Readings


  • Affordable $1.99/10 mins rate for newcomers
  • 20+ years of online psychic experience
  • Free 3 minutes sign up bonus
  • Earn bonus rewards
  • First-class mobile application


  • Client support is not always available

Site Overview

With Keen, you can get top-notch advice from the best lottery psychics without spending so much. Many of its psychic experts offer affordable readings for as low as $1.99/min.


Keen has over 1,700 psychic advisors ready to provide life advice. Most of Keen’s experts are clairvoyants, fortune tellers, and tarot readers gifted with enhanced intuition to aid their clients in a comfortable and prosperous life. 

This platform also has a quality mobile application available for Android and iOS devices. 

New Keen users will get free 3 minutes with any psychic of their choice. All succeeding minutes of the consultation are set to an affordable beginner rate of $1.99 per 10 minutes.

Every transaction you’ll make in Keen grants you some bonus points. You can exchange your accumulated points for some exclusive perks or discounts.

Gifted Psychics

Ms. Cherokee is a 4.7/5 rated psychic specializing in life, career, and wealth readings. She can also view someone’s fate using her tarot cards. If you need solid advice about the lottery, connecting with her might give you a headstart. 

Master Z helps clients overcome economic insecurity through his sound financial advice. He opens people’s minds to various paths of prosperity and wealth waiting on their doorsteps.

Final Verdict

If you want to nail the lottery, connect with Keen’s top advisors to get good counsel regarding wealth and the lottery. Signing up grants you 3 free chat minutes and an affordable $1.99 per 10-minute rate. 

>>Get 10 minutes for $1.99 on Keen

4. Asknow: Best Lottery Psychics for Phone Readings


  • Free 5 minutes (for new users)
  • 1 free email question
  • Available in Spanish language
  • $1/minute intro deal
  • Stringent psychic screening


  • Video call unavailable

Site Overview

AskNow has been a trusted psychic platform since 2005. This site aims to enlighten people about their life paths and destinies. 

This website is well-known for its transparent and trustworthy phone readings. If you prefer to converse with the best lottery psychics via phone, this site’s for you. 


AskNow has advanced search filters for rapid search of the perfect psychic for your queries. 

Check the site’s Money and Finance or Numerology categories to converse with their best lottery psychics.

If you’re new to AskNow, you’ll get free 5 minutes to consult their psychics. Once this freebie ends, AskNow will grant you a $1/min rate available through a 30-minute or 40-minute package.

You’ll also get 1 free email question for their best lottery psychics. Who knows? Maybe that one free question is your way to be a future millionaire.

Gifted Psychics

Psychic Callie believes that numerology is the most predictive psychic science. So, she utilized it to determine the nature of human situations. She can help you decide if the lottery is the best action toward prosperity.

Julia North has a fascinating psychic origin. She could intuitively predict crucial adverse moments in her life, allowing her to avoid them. With her clairvoyant abilities, you can improve your lottery-winning odds.

Final Verdict

AskNow’s psychics are one call away to ask for helpful lottery guidance. This platform provides newcomers with free 5 chat minutes and 1 free email question with their psychic of choice.

>>Get 5 minutes FREE on AskNow

5. California Psychics: Most Rigorously Screened Lottery Psychics


  • $20 registration credit bonus
  • Strict psychic verification
  • Earn Karma rewards
  • 25 years of online presence
  • Satisfaction Guarantee


  • No video readings

Site Overview

California Psychics employs stringent psychic assessments to determine advisors possessing genuine mystical abilities. 

So, if you talk with this site’s best lottery psychics, you’re guaranteed that every piece of advice counts.


There are three ways to receive readings in California Psychics: live chat, SMS, or phone call. Whatever contact method you pick, you’ll earn some Karma points that are exchangeable for rewards.

Using its search field can help you seek the psychic of your needs. Search based on categories like psychic reading, clairvoyant readings, and tarot card readings is also available.

A $20 credit sign-up bonus awaits new users of California Psychics. 

Gifted Psychics

Brandon is a top-rated psychic. He’s well-known for providing accurate timelines for his clients. If you want to know the right time to bet in the lottery, connecting with this psychic might help.

Araminta utilized numerology to give insightful money and finance advice. She adopts a nonjudgement and compassionate approach to help her clients make future wise decisions. 

Final Verdict 

California Psychics’ advisors must undergo strict verification procedures to evaluate their competency. If you’re new to the site, you’ll get a $20 credit bonus with a satisfaction guarantee of up to 15 minutes in case of an unsatisfying reading experience.

>>Get $1/minute readings at California Psychics

6. Purple Ocean: Best Lottery Psychics for Pre-Recorded Readings


  • Over 1600 psychic experts
  • Video and chat readings
  • 14% discount
  • You can ask for a quick reading
  • Easy registration process


  • Desktop version unavailable

Site Overview

At Purple Ocean, you can receive advice from the best lottery psychics through video recordings.

So, if you feel that live, real-time video chat is stressful, Purple Ocean is the way to go.


Purple Ocean has over 1600 advisors offering psychic services that can be helpful to an aspiring lotto winner like you. 

These experts are seasoned clairvoyants, fortune tellers, numerologers, and astrologers who can foresee people’s fate.

This platform is best if you prefer to receive pre-recorded videos of psychic readings. You’ll receive your reading 24 hours after you place an order.

But if you badly need advice before casting your bets, you can request for rush reading but with additional fees.

Purple Ocean’s credit costs $10 each, but if you purchased a minimum of $70 worth of credits, you’ll get a 14% discount

Gifted Psychics

Psychic Caetano is a 9th-generation psychic who completed 225,000+ readings. He’s a palm and tarot reader capable of carving life and wealth paths for clients through his enlightening advice.

Bridges Light is an honest clairvoyant. She’s capable of inferring people’s fate based on their mystical energies. She earned hundreds of 5-star ratings in Purple Ocean.

Final Verdict

No time for live video chat readings? No problem. Purple Ocean lets you receive lottery advice through pre-recorded videos. Every user can avail of its 14% discount by purchasing at least $70 worth of credit.

>>Get $10 flat rate readings on Purple Ocean 

7. Psychic Source: Best Satisfaction Guarantee 


  • $1 per minute readings
  • Over three decades of psychic experience
  • Extensive psychic selection
  • 20-min max satisfaction guarantee
  • Available in English and Spanish


  • Some psychics can’t do video readings

Site Overview

Psychic Source has stood the test of time. For over 30 years, this platform has helped thousands of people connect with psychic advisors, including those who can give illuminating lottery advice.

But what makes Psychic Source stand out from other sites is its excellent satisfaction guarantee offer. You can receive a credit of 20 minutes max due to an unsatisfying reading experience.


There are many gifted individuals on Psychic Source, which makes it a little overwhelming to pick which one can help you hit the mark.

Fortunately, this website has an organized menu of categories to help you find the best lottery psychics. 

Your first reading session in Psychic Source comes with 3 free minutes. After that, you can enjoy a $1/minute rate applicable for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Gifted Psychics

If you’re in doubt about whether to gamble in the lottery or not, Psychic Delfina can help you make the best decision. She’s a 5-star rated clairvoyant with over 34,000 readings done since 2017.

Psychic Anu is an intuitive astrologer many endorse for life, destiny, and money advice. She can tap into the spirit realm to accurately forecast your lottery chances.

Final Verdict

With over three decades of online presence, Psychic Source tops other psychic sites thanks to its 20-minute max satisfaction guarantee. 

>>Get $1/minute readings on Psychic Source

8. Oranum: Best Lottery Psychics for Live Streamed Sessions


  • $9.99 credit bonus
  • Public live video readings
  • Readings start at $0.98/min
  • Free chat with a psychic
  • Available in many languages


  • Complicated credit system

Site Overview

Oranum is well-known for its live-streamed public readings. In this setup, a psychic reader starts a live reading where people worldwide can watch together. 

You can also request a private psychic reading on Oranum. This is your chance to ask for valuable lottery advice that suits your current circumstances.


All Oranum’s newcomers will get a registration bonus of $9.99 credit for their first reading sessions. 

Most readers on Oranum charge $0.98 per minute. Therefore, you can enjoy more than 10 minutes of astute wealth forecasts with these free credits. 

We also love that Oranum is available in 18 languages, including English, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Italian, and Spanish.

Gifted Psychics

LoveOraExpert is one of Oranum’s top clairvoyants that helps clients achieve growth and success. She can advise you on the right track regarding your lottery journey.

ZoeeSunshine is an intuitive tarot reader that can shed light on the path toward financial success and growth. 

Final Verdict

We hailed Oranum as the home of the best lottery psychics hosting live-streamed readings. New users get $9.99 credit to help them find the perfect advisor for their lottery venture.

>>Get a $9.99 free credit on Oranum

9. Psychic Oz: Best Free Deals & Introductory Prices


  • Free first 3 minutes
  • $30 discount
  • Search filters available
  • First minute free
  • $1/min reading deal


  • Outdated site design

Site Overview

Aside from its psychics providing clear-cut advice, Psychic Oz also offers enticing deals for new users. So, if you’re looking for the best lottery psychics without spending a dime, this site’s for you. 


Every Psychic Oz newcomer will have 3 free chat minutes to ask their psychics any queries, including whether you should try the lottery or not.

Furthermore, newcomers can avail of 15-minute reading sessions for $14.99 only, saving $30 off their budget.

On the other hand, regular Psychic Oz members will enjoy the first minute of every session free

Gifted Psychics

Sylvia is an astrology expert and clairvoyant with 27+ years of experience. She specializes in giving her clients sound career, wealth, and life advice.

Samara is a career and money psychic with 17 years of psychic experience. She can provide you with clarity to see how the lottery can change your life.

Final Verdict

Psychic Oz is a great place to talk with the best lottery psychics while enjoying perks and enticing deals. Its introductory package of free 3 minutes is enough reason to sign up on this platform.

>>Get 3 minutes FREE on Psychic Oz

10. Mysticsense:  Most Seasoned Fortune Tellers Online


  • Over 750 online psychics
  • $1 to $4 per minute reading rate
  • 5 free minutes
  • 10-minute max satisfaction guarantee
  • Video chat readings


  • Frequent unavailability of readers

Site Overview

Seasoned clairvoyants and fortune tellers are the best lottery psychics to consult in hopes of bringing home the bacon. Mysticsense is the top site to find these gifted people.


Mysticsense’s psychics have comprehensive profiles and video introductions where you can discover their background, including their psychic experience. 

As per our review, there’s a great deal of psychics here who have conducted career and wealth forecasts for many years. These folks can potentially give you sound advice in lotto betting.

New Mysticsense clients get 5 free minutes, a jumpstart for lotto consultations.

Gifted Psychics

Roxy Fortune Telling specializes in tarot reading to infer people’s future. She has a decade of experience in forecasting people’s wealth and career projections.

Master Sheron is a clairvoyant endowed with the gift of foresight. His honest insights may help you discern if the lottery is the right path to your success.

Final Verdict

We commend Mysticsense for its roster of seasoned psychics with the gift of foresight. It’s worth the try for lottery consultations, given its free 5-minute credit.

>>Get 5 minutes FREE on Mysticsense

11. Purple Tides: Best Guidance From Multiple Psychics


  • Inquire to multiple queries at once
  • $5/min reading rate
  • Pre-recorded video readings
  • Phone, video call, and chat readings
  • Amazing mobile app


  • Desktop version unavailable

Site Overview

Purple Tides is a unique psychic app where you can post a query and wait for readers to respond. This site is excellent if you want multiple insights regarding your lottery plans.


You can set the number of best lottery psychics to answer your question. Of course, the higher the number, the more pricey it gets. Two psychic responses cost $10; three psychics are $15, and so on. 

You’ll get your video readings within 24 hours.

Gifted Psychics

Unfortunately, you can’t pick which of Purple Tides’ psychics can answer your question. But don’t fret; user reviews claim their psychics are trustworthy and reliable.

Final Verdict

Having a variety of opinions about your lottery attempts is great for maximizing your winning chances. Purple Tides is an excellent mobile app for acquiring sound advice from psychics of different skill sets and tools.

>>Consult multiple psychics for as low as $5 on Purple Tides

What Is a Lottery Psychic Reading?

A lottery psychic reading is a session with a psychic where you consult or seek guidance or insights in hopes of winning the lottery prize.

The Truth Behind Psychics and the Lottery

Some psychics have cultivated the skill to foresee someone’s future. However, they’re not actually seeing the future like a TV show flashed in their minds. 

Instead, psychics intuitively sense mystical signals, giving hints as to whether someone is destined to be a millionaire. 

How To Choose a Lottery Psychic

Plenty of internet sites claim they have the “best lottery psychics.” But this is far from the truth. Here’s what to consider to pick the best lottery psychic sites to try:


Psychics with outstanding credentials and forecasting track records are indicators that they’re legitimate lottery psychics. 

Of course, we can’t know which psychics could predict the winning numbers, but you can check their client reviews to see if their guidance has been veritable.


Make sure to check a psychic’s reputation before connecting with them. Psychics with tons of negative feedback are red flags, as they might provide mediocre guidance to their clients.


The best lottery psychics usually specialize in different fields, including finance, career and growth, life path, and fortune-telling. Clairvoyants are one of the most reliable psychics since they can see glimpses of the future. 


Last, but not least, check if the price of the lottery psychic site is affordable. However, note that psychics charging exorbitant fees are usually more reliable, reputable, and genuine than cheap psychics online.

>> Get $10 OFF on Purple Garden

What To Expect From a Lottery Psychic Reading

In this section, we elaborated on what to expect from a reading session with the best lottery psychics.

Questions & Topics

A psychic advisor explores a broad range of elements related to the lottery. Thus, you should be clear about your exact inquiry.

Here are some examples of common questions asked during a lottery psychic reading:

1. Can my lotto number combination hit the jackpot? Asking this question assumes that you already have a number combination in mind. The psychic will most likely ask your rationale for picking these numbers.

2. What are the lucky numbers for me? A psychic will likely refer to astrology or numerology to address this question. 

3. When are my lucky days? It’s most likely that your lucky day is the day you’ll also hit the jackpot. But a psychic may interpret “lucky days” differently and not just about the lottery. 

Preparation and Follow-Up

Before you consult with the best lottery psychics, write your question on a piece of paper so you can clearly ask it to the advisor. 

Prepare a quiet environment to keep yourself focused during the entire session.

Keep an open mind during a session with the best lottery psychics. Some advice may appear counterintuitive or unreasonable, especially if you have biases. 

Jot down notes to record every piece of advice. Ensure you review these notes to have enlightenment that can help you next time you bet in the lottery.

>>Get $10 OFF on Purple Garden

Types of Lottery Psychic Readings

Lottery psychic readings come in different forms, depending on the psychics’ specialty and mystical arsenal. Here’s an overview of common lottery readings.


An astrologer refers to the celestial bodies’ positions, alignment, and conditions, like stars and planets, to infer someone’s fate. Some astrologers deduce potential lucky combinations for the day based on astrological patterns.

Aura Reading

Aura readers have heightened senses that allow them to pick up the metaphysical energies of their clients. Aura readers are neither fortune-tellers nor clairvoyants, so they can’t give you lotto-winning numbers. 

However, aura readers can pick up your current vibe, personality, and life purpose. They can use this ability to guide your lottery journey—helping you manage your expectations and keep an optimistic spirit.

Dream Interpretation

Have you ever dreamed of getting random numbers stuck in your head? If that’s the case, you’re probably wondering if these are the jackpot numbers or just random subconscious stuff. 

With the help of dream interpreters, they can guide you on whether these numbers are fortune-giving.

Fortune Telling

Fortune telling involves the prediction of someone’s destiny but with more inclination to unexpected luck. 

Medium Reading

Our deceased loved ones might also provide some guidance to help us ace the lottery even if they’re already in the afterlife. Medium readers “communicate” with our departed loved ones and relay their messages that can help us in our life paths.

Tarot Card Reading

Tarot card readers utilize a deck of 78 cards containing symbols representing someone’s fate, character, and destinities. These cards can ascertain your likeliness of becoming a lotto winner.

>>Get $10 OFF on Purple Garden

How We Ranked the Best Lottery Psychics

To ensure our list of the best lottery psychics is on point, we tried them ourselves and saw which stood out the most. Here are the essential factors we looked at when we ranked these psychic sites.

Psychic Screening Process

Only websites with rigorous screening processes can host the best lottery psychics. For this reason, we checked the screening methodology of every psychic site we glossed over.

Contact Methods for Psychic Readings

The psychic sites we’ve listed have different contact methods to give their clients flexibility. Most psychic sites offer live chat, email, phone psychics, and psychics who offer asynchronous video recordings.

Available Psychic Specialties

There’s no such thing as a psychic specializing only in lottery readings. However, there are psychic specialties that are relevant to this subject matter. For this reason, we checked every psychic site with specialties that can predict people’s lottery chances. 

Promotions and Discounts

We only considered psychics that offer exciting promotions and discounts to new users. You don’t need to spend loads of dollars just to consult the best psychics online

User Reviews

Client reviews provide reliable insights about the trustworthiness of online psychics. Hence, we ensured that every psychic site we listed in this article earned tons of positive reviews.

>>Get $10 OFF on Purple Garden

Best Lottery Psychics – Frequently Asked Questions 

In this section, we shed light on people’s common queries about the best lottery psychics.

Why Don’t Psychics Win the Lottery?

Psychics don’t win the lottery because it’s not what their gifts are for. Even the talents of the best lottery psychics are dedicated to helping people achieve their full potential and understand their spiritual well-being. 

Moreover, psychics do not predict the future in a literal sense. They infer potential outcomes of people’s actions based on their mystical auras or energies. 

How Can I Improve My Chances of Winning the Lottery With a Lottery Psychic?

You can improve your chances of winning the lottery with a lottery psychic by asking them about your odds of winning. 

Psychics have empowered intuition to foretell someone’s destiny, including when or how they can achieve tremendous prosperity. 

Do Any Lottery Psychics Offer Free Readings?

Yes, many lottery psychics offer free readings. For instance, lottery psychics of Kasamba offer free three chat minutes to ask several questions related to lotto betting. 

How Can I Verify the Authenticity and Credibility of Lottery Psychics?

The best way to verify the authenticity and credibility of lottery psychics is to check user reviews. If most of their reviews are positive, these psychics will most likely give accurate and sound advice.

How Often Should I Get a Lottery Psychic Reading?

There’s no “hard number” about how often someone should get a lottery reading. But if significant moments in your life may increase your chances of winning, it’s probably a good time to bet.

Say that you dreamt about numbers and have this lingering feeling that these are significant. In this case, connecting with a lottery psychic reader can help you confirm whether these numbers are winning numbers. 

Summary of the Best Lottery Psychics

The allure of a comfortable life and endless luxury push people to bet on the lottery. But everyone has a slim chance of becoming a millionaire in a flash through this game.

However, the abilities and expertise of the best lottery psychics might provide sound advice to enhance your odds of winning the game. 

Purple Garden houses the best lottery psychics and offers a $10 intro bonus and affordable reading deals.

However, you won’t go wrong with any of the sites we’ve reviewed since they have some of the best lottery psychics in the industry.

But before you book a session with a reader, remember that lottery psychic readings are not a sure-way ticket to instant wealth. It’s still luck and grit that can transport you to a life of bounty and prosperity.