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10 Best Tax Relief Services to Look For in 2024

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It can be incredibly stressful if you’re burdened with a significant and overwhelming tax debt. Thankfully, there’s assistance available from professionals for individuals who owe thousands of dollars to the IRS.

Tax relief companies have a team of experts who specialize in negotiating various payment options with the IRS and state tax agencies. These options include setting up payment plans or requesting “currently not collectible” status, which temporarily halts collections during periods of financial hardship.

Continue reading to discover more about the top tax relief services ranked based on availability, cost, and positive consumer reviews.

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Top 10 Picks for Tax Relief Companies

Larson Tax Relief – Best Tax Relief Service Overall

Larson Tax Relief offers comprehensive services to help businesses with their tax needs. Whether dealing with payroll and federal tax issues, facing conflicts with your revenue officer, or struggling with worker classification problems, Larson Tax Relief is an excellent choice for business and corporate tax debt relief.

They specialize in various types of tax debt relief services, catering to both personal IRS tax debt relief and corporate tax assistance. They can even assist you in delaying or preventing bank levies if necessary.

What sets Larson apart is the positive reviews they receive on customer review sites and their exceptional business tax services. They have the expertise to handle all aspects of business tax preparation, including paperwork for payroll taxes and corporate income taxes. This level of support can be precious for small business owners or those with smaller accounting departments.

Choose Larson Tax Relief for reliable assistance in navigating the complexities of your business taxes. Their wide range of services ensures you’ll find the help you need to achieve financial peace of mind.


  • Offers free consultations
  • New customers benefit from a 15-day money-back guarantee
  • Proficient in resolving intricate business tax situations, including issues like tax liens or accounts receivable levies


  • Bilingual service is not available
  • A minimum tax debt of $20,000 is required
  • The 15-day guarantee may be insufficient for addressing substantial tax debt issues

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Anthem Tax Services – Best for State Taxes

Anthem Tax Services provides various services, including IRS tax debt relief and corporate tax preparation. The company assists individuals in applying for various IRS tax debt relief programs, such as offers in compromise (OIC), innocent spouse relief, and achieving “currently not collectible” status.

What sets Anthem apart from its competitors is the additional assistance it offers with filing for wage garnishment and obtaining tax levy release – services that are not commonly found elsewhere.

Furthermore, Anthem stands behind its services with an exceptional money-back guarantee. If the company fails to achieve any form of resolution from the IRS, whether it be a reduction in payment amounts or debt forgiveness, they will refund your money. 

However, this guarantee does not cover the initial investigation fee, which typically begins at $350, depending on your specific case details.


  • Money-back guarantee without a time limit
  • Specialized tax relief services tailored for truck drivers
  • Some customers have reported cases resolved in as little as one week


  • Reports of poor communication from customers on cases extending beyond one week

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Community Tax Relief – Most Affordable Fees

Community Tax provides complimentary consultations and cost-effective investigation fees that range from $295 to $500.

Community Tax relief primarily focuses on assisting individuals with IRS tax debt. While their state tax assistance is limited, the company facilitates various applications, including installment agreements and offers in compromise, excluding innocent spouse relief.

What sets Community Tax apart from other companies on our list is their ability to offer bilingual support online and through their representatives. Apart from tax debt relief services, Community Tax also provides tax filing services, bookkeeping assistance, and business accounting solutions. 

Consultations are free of charge, and the company’s A+ rating with BBB reflects its commitment to customer satisfaction through positive reviews and prompt response times in addressing customer concerns.


  • Affordable initial fees
  • Availability of bilingual services
  • Tax planning services that contribute to reducing the likelihood of future tax issues


  • Lack of upfront fee information
  • Limited options for state tax debt relief

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Optima Tax Relief – Best for IRS Audit Representation

With its exclusive application, Optima Tax Relief leads the industry in mobile apps by allowing users to file a tax extension at no cost while also assisting in understanding IRS notices. 

The company offers comprehensive solutions for all types of IRS and state tax relief options, including payment plans and filings for “currently not collectible” status. Optima’s team includes tax professionals such as enrolled agents, attorneys, and CPAs.

One notable feature is Optima’s unique app which allows individuals to receive free assessments for any collection notice received from the IRS. Additionally, it assists users in requesting an extension for their tax filing deadline.

Read the full Optima Tax Relief Review.


  • Proprietary app offers a complimentary assessment of collection notices
  • Free consultations available
  • The outlined tax resolution process sets realistic expectations for the outcome of your case


  • Requires a minimum tax debt of $10,000
  • The 15-day money-back guarantee is shorter compared to competitors

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Tax Defense Network – Best for Bilingual Services

Tax Defense Network has established itself as the leading tax relief company for bilingual services by providing customer service in Spanish and English, whether online or over the phone. 

What sets them apart is their willingness to assist individuals with tax debt that can be as low as $5,000, making their services more accessible compared to their competitors.

In addition to offering a wide range of IRS and state tax debt relief options like payment plans, offers in compromise, and innocent spouse relief – also provided by other companies – Tax Defense Network goes above and beyond by providing specialized solutions for businesses. 

For instance, they offer close corporate filing services when businesses need assistance with permanent shutdowns. Furthermore, Tax Defense Network stands out from other companies due to its extensive educational resources. 

They provide valuable tools such as offer-in-compromise and tax withholding calculators to help individuals make informed tax decisions.

With its commitment to bilingual support, accessibility for lower amounts of tax debt, specialized business solutions, and comprehensive educational resources, Tax Defense Network is undeniably the top choice for those seeking professional assistance with their taxes.


  • Fully bilingual services
  • Comprehensive tax education resources
  • An extensive array of services for tax debt relief and preparation


  • Limited to a 3-day money-back guarantee

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Fortress Tax Relief – Best for Large Tax Debt

Tax relief services commonly determine their fees by calculating a percentage of your tax debt owed to the IRS. However, this approach often results in excessively high fees that do not accurately reflect the hours required to resolve cases with larger debts. For instance, resolving a $20,000 debt may not necessarily require twice as much effort as resolving a $10,000 debt.

Fortress Tax Relief takes a unique approach by providing quotes based on an estimated time frame for resolution. The hourly rates for attorneys can vary but typically range from $100 to $200 per hour for Enrolled Agents (EAs).

For individuals burdened with substantial tax debts, you will likely pay significantly less compared to using percentage-based tax relief companies. Nonetheless, obtaining quotes from different companies is always advisable to get the best deal possible.

Fortress Tax Relief offers a range of benefits, one being its commitment to exceptional customer service. When you have an ongoing case, their customer service team ensures that your phone calls and emails are promptly addressed within two business days. 

If they do not meet this commitment multiple times, they will compensate you with a $100 credit for each subsequent occurrence. This guarantee showcases Fortress Tax Relief’s dedication to providing reliable and efficient client support.


  • Addresses state tax debt in all 50 states
  • Absence of a percentage-based fee structure
  • Provides a monetary customer service guarantee


  • Limited availability of business services
  • Requires a minimum tax debt exceeding $10,000
  • Lacks accreditation from industry organizations

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Precision Tax – Best for Transparency and Attention

Precision Tax Relief has established itself as a highly regarded tax relief company, surpassing expectations in all aspects of our evaluation. One notable feature is the extended 30-day money-back guarantee, which stands out as one of the longest in the industry.

The company’s pricing structure is based on a flat-rate fee presented during an initial consultation at no charge. Your fee will only increase if there are changes in the scope of work due to new information not provided during the consultation. 

Precision offers two payment options to provide clients with flexibility: a lump-sum payment or a zero-interest payment plan. 

While Precision does not impose a minimum debt requirement for their services, it was revealed through communication with their customer service department that taxpayers who owe less than $10,000 without any other factors might find their base service fee less advantageous. 

Additionally, Precision only accepts cases where potential debt relief justifies the associated service fees for clients.


  • Established in 1967
  • Provides a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Features an all-inclusive flat-rate fee
  • Customer service accessible via phone, text, email, and live chat


  • Lack of tax audit representation
  • Limited availability of online resources
  • Does not address standalone state tax debt

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Liberty Tax – Best for Avoiding Tax Debt in the Future

While Liberty Tax offers various tools to assist with tax preparation and avoiding liabilities in the future, its focus extends beyond tax debt relief services. The increasing digitization of the tax relief industry has led many individuals to file their returns independently, often resulting in problematic situations.

One of the reasons why Liberty Tax stands out as one of the top tax relief services is its ability to help clients avoid debt altogether. They achieve this by providing complimentary reviews of tax returns and offering support for online and in-person filing processes, among other valuable services.

Due to its primary emphasis on preparation services, Liberty Tax entrusts its tax debt relief responsibilities to Community Tax – a reputable provider known for its extensive programs designed specifically for federal and state tax debts. These programs address various issues, such as wage garnishment, tax liens, payroll taxes, extensions, etc.


  • Rapid loading of pages
  • Effective review process
  • Outstanding mobile access
  • Comprehensive coverage of self-employment topics


  • Below-average user experience
  • Limited help content quality
  • Scarcity of context-sensitive help
  • Some unconventional navigation elements

>> Consider Liberty Tax >>

Tax Hardship Center – Best For Tax Preparation

Tax Hardship Center has earned a spot on this list thanks to the exceptional feedback they’ve received from customers on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). They specialize in providing assistance with various tax-related issues, including tax liens, penalties, overdue taxes, payroll taxes, and wage garnishments.

Furthermore, the Tax Hardship Center also offers a wide range of tax preparation services. Whether you need help filing past or current due taxes for individuals or businesses, they have you covered.

One notable feature of the Tax Hardship Center is its 14-day money-back guarantee. If you find yourself unsatisfied with their services within the first two weeks, they will refund all the fees you paid. What’s more impressive is that there’s no limit to the amount of tax debt they can handle.

In summary, Tax Hardship Center stands out for its outstanding customer reviews and comprehensive range of services designed to alleviate tax burdens.


  • Tax preparation services
  • Complimentary consultation
  • No minimum tax debt requirement


  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Requires a minimum debt of $10,000

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TaxSlayer – Best Tax Relief Software

In 1965, TaxSlayer’s story started with the establishment of Rhodes-Murphy & Co. in Augusta, Georgia. As time progressed, they shifted their focus from traditional tax preparation services to creating specialized tax software for professionals in the field. Nowadays, they offer easy-to-use tax software that enables individuals to conveniently file their taxes without leaving their homes.

Accruing additional taxes, penalties, and interest can lead to tax debt which can be both complicated and distressing when dealing with the IRS. However, TaxSlayer is committed to providing assistance during this challenging period.


  • Cost-effective pricing
  • No minimum debt requirement
  • Do-it-yourself approach for tax relief


  • No refund for program usage
  • Mixed and low ratings online
  • Learning to use the software can be time-consuming

>> Consider TaxSlayer >>

Our Ranking Methodology for the Best Tax Relief Services

In our quest to find the top tax relief company, we tackled the challenge with great care and thoroughness. 

Understanding the importance of selecting a reliable and credible tax relief firm, we developed an extensive set of criteria that considered several essential factors. The following is an account of the criteria we employed to identify the best tax relief services:

  • Reputation and Standing: A pivotal aspect in my decision-making process was evaluating the company’s reputation and standing within the industry. We took into account the company’s longevity and sought evidence of a positive track record. Reviews, testimonials, and ratings from reputable sources played a crucial role in shaping this evaluation.
  • Licensing and Accreditation: Priority was given to companies that held proper licenses and accreditation from relevant regulatory bodies. A trustworthy tax relief company should possess the required licenses to operate in the tax resolution sector, ensuring adherence to industry standards and regulations.
  • Expertise and Qualifications: The qualifications and expertise of the company’s staff, including tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and certified public accountants, were of utmost importance. We scrutinized the educational background, certifications, and experience of the professionals to ensure they had the necessary skills to address intricate tax issues.
  • Range of Services: We assessed the array of services provided by each tax relief company, favoring those offering a comprehensive suite. Services such as tax negotiation, IRS audit representation, penalty abatement, tax lien and levy assistance, and in-compromise services showcased the company’s capability to handle diverse tax-related challenges.
  • Customized Solutions: We sought companies offering personalized and tailored solutions catering to each client’s unique needs. A one-size-fits-all approach was deemed inadequate; instead, the company needed to assess individual client situations and develop customized strategies.
  • Transparent Pricing: Critical to our evaluation was the transparency in pricing. We looked for companies with clear and upfront pricing structures devoid of hidden fees or surprises, instilling confidence in clients that they were receiving a fair deal.
  • Customer Service and Communication: Exceptional customer service was another crucial criterion. We evaluated the responsiveness and accessibility of the company’s representatives. Swift communication and a commitment to keeping clients informed throughout the process were highly valued.
  • Success Rate: The company’s success rate in resolving tax issues for clients was carefully considered. A high success rate indicated a strong track record of achieving favorable outcomes.
  • Ethical Practices: Ethical conduct was deemed non-negotiable. We ensured that tax relief services adhered to ethical standards in their interactions with clients and tax authorities, with any history of unethical practices raising a red flag.
  • Client Satisfaction: Lastly, client feedback and testimonials were reviewed to gauge overall satisfaction. Positive reviews provided valuable insights into the company’s ability to deliver on its promises.

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Best Tax Relief Services – Buyer’s Guide

What Is Tax Relief?

Tax debt relief encompasses a variety of methods and strategies aimed at helping individuals lower or repay their tax obligations. Initially, the term referred to policies that aimed to lighten the tax burden for both companies and individuals. 

However, it now commonly refers to payment plans, settlements (known as offers-in-compromise), and wage garnishments. While state and federal tax collectors offer similar programs, there are significant variations in local regulations. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to consult your state’s comptroller’s office for specific options available in your area. It’s worth noting that negotiating these options directly with the IRS is possible for anyone. Nevertheless, there are instances where hiring professionals can be a valuable investment.

Tax relief services or tax resolution companies utilize their expertise in federal and state laws to review your financial documents and situation. They then determine the most suitable alternative for you. This process typically involves completing paperwork and communicating with the IRS on your behalf.

In some complex cases, certain companies employ tax attorneys who can act as intermediaries during negotiations with the government. Their legal knowledge proves especially beneficial during intricate situations.

How Do Tax Relief Companies Work?

Tax relief firms collaborate with the IRS on behalf of taxpayers to diminish the amount of overdue taxes owed. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that you have the ability to accomplish nearly everything that tax relief firms do by directly communicating with the IRS.

The primary distinction lies in employing reputable tax relief services that enlist seasoned professionals well-versed in tax legislation. These professionals possess years of experience and can more adeptly navigate intricate cases involving substantial debt sums.

For example, if your tax debt issues revolve around missing last year’s tax payments, it may be wiser to contact the IRS since there’s little person these companies can offer that you cannot achieve independently.

However, if your case entails multiple bank accounts, assets, years’ worth of unpaid taxes and other complex factors influencing your tax situation, a competent tax relief company can assist by organizing your paperwork and identifying optimal solutions. 

In extremely rare scenarios, they might even uncover oversights made by the IRS and negotiate a reduced tax bill. If you owe less than $10,000 in taxes, it may be more beneficial for you to negotiate directly with the IRS. Most tax relief services typically require a minimum debt of $10,000 or more. 

If your debt is below this threshold, it might be wiser to make installment payments to the IRS instead of adding to your financial burden by paying for tax relief services.

However, keep in mind that everyone’s circumstances are unique. If you believe that you still need assistance with your taxes regardless of the amount owed, many tax relief firms offer a complimentary consultation to help get you started on finding a solution.

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Common Tax Problems

Tax issues encompass a variety of problems that arise from errors made during the process of filing taxes or neglecting to file altogether. Here are several explanations of the typical tax complications that can be addressed by tax relief companies on your behalf:

Back Taxes

Back taxes arise from unfiled tax forms or filing errors, leading to owed taxes. Accumulating interest can cause the tax debt to escalate significantly. The IRS regularly updates interest rates for penalties, making it crucial to check their website for the latest information. 

Employing tax preparation software is an effective way to prevent incurring back taxes. Refer to our article on the best tax software for assistance in filing your taxes.

Wage Garnishments

Upon the due date of your tax bill, the IRS issues collection notices. Ignoring these notices may result in wage garnishment, where the IRS collects portions of your debt directly from your wages. Publication 1494 assists your employer in determining the exempt portion of your wages from garnishment based on marital status and dependents. 

Typically, garnishment continues until the debt is satisfied, but tax relief services may help secure alternative payment arrangements.

Tax Liens

Akin to wage garnishment, a tax lien is a public notice from the IRS to relevant parties declaring the right to collect proceeds from personal property sales before other creditors.

Tax Levies

A more drastic form of a tax lien, a tax levy, empowers the IRS to seize your property to settle your debt.

Tax Audits

When the IRS identifies irregularities in your taxes, an audit may be initiated. While audits can happen to anyone, wealthier individuals, especially those earning $10 million or more, are more likely to undergo auditing.

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How Much Do Tax Relief Companies Charge?

Considering the complex nature of tax relief services, it’s certain that costs vary significantly from one case to another. 

There are two common pricing structures: a percentage-based fee calculated on the amount owed and flat hourly rates. The choice that offers the best value for money will depend on the size of your tax debt and the intricacies of your case.

Most companies operating on a percentage basis charge fees ranging from 10% to 15% of your total tax debt. For instance, if your debt amounts to $10,000 (which is often considered the minimum required by many companies), you should expect to pay at least $1,000 up to $1,500.

On the contrary, if you have a substantial amount owed but your case is relatively straightforward, opting for a company that charges a flat hourly rate may be more cost-effective. The average hourly rates across tax relief services typically range from $240 all the way up to $1000.

Certain companies have varying prices for their different services. For example, they might charge a fixed rate of $300 for a basic investigation, but if you’re interested in pursuing a specific tax relief option like an offer in compromise (OIC), the cost could go up to over $1,000. 

An OIC enables you to settle your tax debt for less than the initial amount owed. Because of these factors, it’s crucial to emphasize the importance of requesting as much information as possible from a company before entering into an agreement with them. 

It would be ideal to obtain written quotes that outline any potential additional charges and all available payment methods.

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Tax Debt Relief Options

The IRS provides various tax debt relief options that are available to individuals. It’s important to note that some state agencies may have similar programs for local taxes.

Before seeking assistance from tax relief services, it’s advisable to visit the IRS website or contact a representative over the phone for more information about these options.

It’s essential to remember that most private tax resolution companies involve evaluating your case details and determining the best course of action based on their findings. These companies do not possess any exclusive information and cannot guarantee specific outcomes that you couldn’t obtain yourself.

If your tax situation is uncomplicated, such as having only one source of income and a simple stock portfolio, it’s generally more beneficial to communicate directly with the IRS. The following are some of the tax debt resolution alternatives offered by the IRS:

Offers in Compromise

Offers in compromise provide individuals with the opportunity to resolve their tax debt at a reduced amount. This arrangement takes into account various factors, including income, expenses, assets, and ability to pay, in order to determine eligibility.

The IRS only entertains offers in compromise if they believe that collecting a lower amount is the best option within a reasonable timeframe. Consequently, this method of tax settlement is not frequently offered.

Innocent Spouse Relief

If your current or former spouse makes a mistake while filing taxes, you may be eligible for tax debt relief. Innocent spouse relief can protect you from any penalties that may arise due to these errors. However, this option is only applicable if the IRS determines that you had no reasonable knowledge of the omissions.

Installment Agreement

If you’re unable to make a one-time payment for your tax debt, the IRS may provide an option called an installment agreement or installment plan. This allows you to pay off your debt over a period of time. 

There are two types of installment agreements available: short-term, which lasts 180 days or less, and long-term, which involves monthly payments until the debt is fully paid. The amount you owe does not have a specific requirement in order to qualify for an installment agreement. 

However, if you owe up to $50,000 (for long-term) or $100,000 (for short-term), you can conveniently apply online. This makes it one of the more common and accessible choices for individuals who wish to negotiate directly with the IRS.

Penalty Abatement

Often referred to as “first-time penalty abatement,” this tax relief alternative is frequently accessible for minor tax penalties, such as the non-payment of a single tax return or the failure to meet a filing deadline.

To qualify for this form of relief, the primary condition is that there should be no penalties in the preceding three tax years. However, it’s also necessary to have filed your current taxes or at least applied for an extension.

Currently Not Collectible

At present, the status of not being collectible (CNC) implies that both you and the IRS are in agreement that although there are taxes owed, you’re presently incapable of paying them. As a general guideline, it’s possible to request CNC status when making tax payments would create an excessive burden on your essential living expenses.

This pertains to situations such as being unable to settle crucial bills like utilities, rent, or mortgage payments, or even lacking sufficient funds for basic groceries due to your tax debt obligations.

If the IRS approves your request for CNC status, they will review your finances annually until they determine that you have the means to repay your debt. Furthermore, any future tax refunds you receive might be applied towards reducing your outstanding debt while under CNC status.

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Other Services Offered by Tax Relief Services

Audit Defense

Certain authorized tax experts provide a guarantee to assist you if your tax returns undergo an audit. This concept can be likened to car insurance. Essentially, you pay the tax professional an extra fee in advance, and they commit to helping you navigate any future instances of tax audits, typically for a period of up to three years.

Alternatives to Using Tax Debt Relief Companies

Direct Negotiation With the IRS

As previously stated, if you have a relatively small tax debt, typically under $10,000, you may opt to negotiate directly with the IRS on your own. 

If filing your tax returns is a straightforward task for you, it might be more cost-effective to apply for one of the IRS’s programs for tax debt relief instead of paying for assistance from a company specializing in this area.

Tax Relief Lawyers

If you find your tax debt situation to be more complex, it may be beneficial to work directly with tax relief attorneys. It’s important to note that not all tax debt relief companies have tax relief lawyers on staff. Tax lawyers have a higher level of specialization compared to CPAs or enrolled agents, especially when your case has the potential for criminal charges.

Tax Debt Relief Programs

The Fresh Start Program, also known as the Fresh Start Initiative, is a collection of guidelines aimed at making tax debt relief more accessible. Rather than providing a particular form of relief, the Fresh Start Initiative reduces the requirements needed to qualify for various IRS relief programs.

Significant modifications have been made to income calculations used in determining eligibility for offers-in-compromise. The IRS now only considers:

  • For offers settled within five or fewer months, the calculation now involves one year of future income, a reduction from the previous four years.
  • Similarly, for offers paid within six to 24 months, the calculation now includes two years of future income, down from the previous five years.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial that all offers are paid in full within 24 months from the acceptance date of the offer. Companies specializing in tax debt relief thoroughly analyze the specifics of your case and assess Fresh Start guidelines to assist you in identifying relief options for which you meet the requirements.

In addition, the IRS provides various tax assistance programs aimed at aiding individuals with timely tax filing and other related matters.

  • IRS Free File
  • Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)
  • Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE)
  • Armed Forces Tax Council (AFTC)
  • Interactive Tax Assistant (ITA)
  • “Where’s my refund?” tool
  • IRS2GO app
  • IRS telephone assistance

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Warning About Tax Relief Scams

Dealing with tax debt can be incredibly stressful, causing individuals to be easily persuaded by promises of relief. 

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to heed the cautionary words of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and remain cautious when seeking assistance from tax relief services. It’s imperative to ensure that these companies genuinely have your best interests in mind.

Tax Debt Relief Companies’ Red Flags

When it comes to determining your eligibility for relief programs, only the IRS has the authority to make that decision. It’s important to be cautious of any tax relief company that promises to reduce your debt or makes claims that seem too good to be true.

If a company guarantees your eligibility for certain programs without even reviewing your case or claims they can resolve your tax debt within a specific timeframe, this should immediately raise concerns.

Many fraudulent companies do not even bother completing the necessary paperwork required for relief program applications. 

Instead, they deceive customers and pocket their money without doing any actual work. According to reports from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), some companies have even made unauthorized charges on customers’ credit cards long after their cases were closed.

Here are some warning signs you should watch out for when evaluating tax relief services:

  • Company representatives provide guarantees or assurances without examining the details of your case.
  • The company neglects to inquire about specific details regarding your tax debt situation.
  • Upfront payment is requested in return for promised results.
  • The company initiates contact through cold calling or unsolicited mail and/or email.
  • Delay tactics, such as repeatedly requesting the same documents, are employed by the company.

In addition to fraudulent schemes involving tax relief, it’s important to stay informed about other scams that are related to the IRS. 

For example, the IRS recently issued a press release warning about a scam involving text messages. To protect yourself from these scams, it would be wise to seek guidance from a reputable tax relief company.

Trustworthy companies in this field will refrain from making specific guarantees and will provide clear information about their costs and processes right from the start. Many of them also offer complimentary consultations.

To minimize your risk of becoming a victim of fraud, make sure that you choose a company that is accredited by one or more professional tax organizations such as NATP (National Association of Tax Professionals), NAEA (National Association of Enrolled Agents), or AICPA (Association of International Certified Professional Accountants).

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How to Avoid Tax Relief Scams

Regrettably, fraudulent activities are prevalent within the tax relief sector. Numerous scams require a substantial initial payment, provide minimal assistance, and ultimately worsen your financial situation. Here are some tips to help you steer clear of falling victim to such schemes.

Requesting Full Payment Upfront

If a tax relief company demands payment of all fees in advance prior to a consultation, it’s advisable to flee. This serves as an evident indication that their sole intention is to acquire your funds.

Not Offering a Money-Back Guarantee

If a company lacks a money-back guarantee, it’s likely a scam. Reputable tax relief firms provide this assurance to instill confidence in their services.

Claiming Unrealistic Services

If a company is making exaggerated statements, it’s best to be skeptical and consider it a potential scam. These claims may involve guarantees of completely resolving your tax debt or absolving you from any tax responsibilities. 

While tax relief services can provide assistance in reducing your tax burden, they’re unable to eliminate all of your outstanding taxes completely.

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Best Tax Relief Fund Services – FAQs

Are Tax Relief Companies Worth It?

Indeed, the fees charged by the top tax relief services are justified because they enlist qualified experts who possess the skills to engage in negotiations with the IRS. Their objective is to assist you in becoming eligible for a relief program that you may not have been aware of. 

These reputable firms can shield you from assertive actions taken by the IRS through legal assistance, as well as aid in preventing future debt by equipping you with useful tax preparation resources. 

Furthermore, if you do not achieve your desired tax relief outcome, these companies provide a money-back guarantee for your peace of mind.

How Much Will the IRS Usually Settle For?

The IRS will reach a settlement based on the amount it deems you capable of paying. Occasionally, you might still be required to repay your entire debt, but at a later time or through installment payments. Alternatively, if you meet the eligibility criteria for programs like spouse relief or offers in compromise, the IRS may reduce your debt.

Does Tax Debt Relief Hurt Your Credit?

The IRS will reach a settlement based on the amount it deems you capable of paying. Occasionally, you might still be required to repay your entire debt, but at a later time or through installment payments. Alternatively, if you meet the eligibility criteria for programs like spouse relief or offers in compromise, the IRS may reduce your debt.

How Much Does a Tax Relief Company Cost?

Professional tax relief firms provide a complimentary consultation followed by an initial examination fee ranging from $295 to $500 in order to assess your financial obligations. 

The subsequent expenses will vary based on the intricacy of your case and the legal services necessary. Generally, you should anticipate paying between $1,700 and $6,000 for the entire procedure.

How Do I Get My IRS Debt Forgiven?

If you have outstanding taxes amounting to $10,000 or more and can demonstrate that it’s not possible for you to repay the debt within a reasonable timeframe, you may be eligible for either an offer in compromise or the IRS Tax Forgiveness program. If approved, the IRS has the authority to decrease your debt.

Bottom Line – Best Tax Relief Services 

If you find yourself in a situation where you have outstanding taxes with the IRS and are struggling to make repayments, it may be beneficial for you to consider hiring a tax relief company. 

These companies specialize in assessing your repayment options, assisting with applications for IRS tax solutions and relief programs, and negotiating settlements on your behalf. 

While it’s important to note that these companies do charge a substantial service fee, many individuals who owe taxes find the peace of mind and stress relief they offer well worth the cost. 

We recommend scheduling a free consultation with one of the tax relief services featured on our list today. This will give you an opportunity to experience firsthand the expert advice and assistance that these reputable firms can provide.

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