Make your home page Reviews 2023: Is It Legit? What Real Customers Have To Say & More has emerged as a leading platform connecting families searching for reliable caregivers. The platform explicitly tailors for babysitting, senior care, tutoring, and pet care. In our review, we discuss the legitimacy and trustworthiness of the platform, exploring how it works, its memberships, and its background checks. 

We’ll acknowledge the undeniable advantages of being part of the platform, but we also address lingering concerns regarding legitimacy as per real customer reviews of

What Is

Here’s a quick overview of


  • Has rich information for caregivers and seekers
  • Free membership available
  • Checks caregivers’ backgrounds
  • Easy to navigate
  • Connects to skilled professionals


  • Advanced features requires a premium subscription
  • Paid membership automatically renews is an established online platform that serves as a membership site connecting caregivers with families needing various services. reviews show it was established in North Waltham in 2006. Their services extend across 17+ countries, supporting millions of families.

The platform caters to various caregiving needs, including babysitting, nanny care, daycare, senior care, pet care, tutoring, and housekeeping services, per reviews. Families and corporate care providers, such as daycare centers or nursing homes, can post job listings on the site.

Reviews of show Caregivers can apply for these positions and communicate with potential employers directly through the platform. reviews also say it facilitates payments between employers and caregivers, making it a streamlined and convenient platform for both parties.

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How Does Work? brings care seekers and caregivers together in a seamless and secure environment. As per reviews, the platform works for families seeking assistance or providers eager to extend their services.

As a Caregiver

According to reviews, there are no unique requirements for joining as a caregiver, but ensuring you qualify for the position you are advertising is essential. When creating your profile, you will be asked to provide references and list your experience for jobs.

According to reviews of, when signing up as a caregiver, you’ll begin by clicking the “Find jobs” icon from the homepage. Next, you are asked to select the type of services you provide. Initially, users can only have a single choice but can add extra services to their profiles later, per reviews.

The site requests your name, address, and email address to start. After providing this information, select “Join now.”

According to reviews, you may need to provide background checks, proof of certifications, and other relevant documents.’s customer care team then reviews your paperwork and approves it once they ensure authenticity.

After completing the necessary steps, you can set your availability and rates, then start browsing jobs nearby, per reviews of To keep your profile engaged, you should include references from past employers and a recent picture of yourself.

As a Care Seeker

According to reviews, to get started on as a Care Seeker, you’ll choose the “Find care” icon. From there, you can specify the care you need for children, older people, homes, or pets.

The website will list potential services available based on your selection. For instance, according to reviews of, if you choose “kids,” you can further stipulate whether you need an after-school sitter, special needs care,  date night sitter, or tutoring.

Next, you’ll indicate your time frame, whether you need someone immediately, within the week, within the month, or if you are simply browsing. After that, you can provide details about your ideal caregiver, per reviews.

>>Try Today Memberships reviews show people seeking caregiving services or families needing care can opt for one of the two available membership plans on the platform.

1. Family Basic Membership: FREE

With this membership, families can:

  • Set up a free account
  • Post jobs or ads to hire caregivers
  • Search and view caregiver profiles
  • Access various site tools and resources
  • Have the option to reply with an automated “No, thank you” message to a caregiver they would not wish to employ

2. Family Premium Membership: $12.99 – $38.99/month

The Premium Membership costs between $12.99 to $38.99 per month, depending on the subscription duration. The pricing is as follows:

  • $38.99 for one month
  • $78 for three months ($25.99/month)
  • $156 for twelve months ($12.99/month)

Reviews of shows that with the Premium Membership, families gain access to all the features available in the Basic Membership, as well as additional benefits, such as:

  • Access to the LifeMart Discount program, helping families save money on various services
  • Option for signing up for the Unlimited Background Checks add-on
  • View and reply to caregiver applications and messages
  • Request access to background check results for caregivers
  • Ability to contact caregivers directly to schedule interviews
  • Discount on HomePay tax services, assisting with tax preparation

3. Caregiver Basic Membership: FREE reviews show that with this membership, caregivers can:

  • Have access to site tools and resources
  • Get secure payments without extra transaction fees
  • Respond to premium family accounts seeking caregivers
  • Search and apply for jobs as a caregiver
  • Customize their public profiles
  • Create their accounts and set up profiles
  • Only respond to requests from premium family accounts

4. Caregiver Premium Membership: $10 – $20/month offers a Caregiver Premium Membership with a monthly cost ranging from $10 to $20, depending on subscription duration. 

The pricing is as follows:

  • $20 for one month
  • $45 for three months ($15/month)
  • $60 for six months ($10/month)

The premium membership provides caregivers with several benefits, such as:

  • Priority in search results
  • Ability to respond to anyone’s messages
  • Access to features like priority job alerts
  • Access to the LifeMart Discount Program
  • A waived annual screening fee
  • Communication with families and other members

It is essential to be aware that’s memberships are set to auto-renew, so users need to remember to cancel their membership if they no longer wish to use the service.

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Free Membership vs. Premium Membership offers both Free Membership and Premium Membership options. With the Free Membership, users can create an account at no cost and enjoy basic features such as:

  • Posting jobs
  • Searching for caregivers in their area
  • Reviewing applications

However, a significant drawback of the Free Membership is that users must upgrade to the Premium Membership to communicate directly.

While requiring payment, the Premium Membership provides access to additional functionalities unavailable in the Free Membership. This includes the ability to respond to candidates or employers who show interest in posting jobs

Premium Membership also offers other features and benefits that enhance the user experience on the platform.

Working for Is Safe? takes safety seriously. It provides a safety resource page that guides choosing trustworthy caregivers working for and staying safe during the interviewing process. They also have FAQs to address common concerns for care seekers and caregivers working for This can be useful in avoiding the need to contact their customer care team.

Furthermore, managing cookie preferences helps users control the site’s tracking activity, an essential aspect of online privacy and security.

However, there are notable security concerns related to the lack of independent verification for sitters’ claims of experience and education. This has led to instances where caregivers working for have provided misleading information about their backgrounds.

Due to these concerns, it becomes crucial for both families and caregivers to exercise caution and diligence while using 

For families seeking care services, signing up for’s background check can be a proactive step to demonstrate reliability and legitimacy as a caregiver working for

>>Try Today Additional Features

Each online marketplace provides distinct assistance tailored to your requirements., for instance, stands out by offering a variety of unique features to cater to its users’ needs:

Rate Calculators renders helpful tools that assist caregivers and care seekers in determining appropriate service rates. 

These calculators consider factors like:

  • Type of service required
  • Caregiver’s experience
  • Number of hours worked per week
  • Geographic location

Using these rate calculators, caregivers and care seekers can better understand the fair market value for caregiving services in their area.

Helpful Blog

With a dedicated team of parenting writers, the blog covers many care-related topics, making it valuable for families seeking care and caregivers working for 

The blog has four main categories:

  • Child Care
  • Senior Care
  • Home Care
  • Pet Care

Inside each category is a well-structured index of articles, guides, and subjects. These make it easy to navigate and find relevant information quickly.

>>Try Today Jobs: Reviews & Ratings is a safe and legitimate business. Looking at the reviews of and ratings, you will notice that not all customers are generally satisfied with their purchases.

Trustpilot reviews

Michelle Raehm says Beryl Title from has genuinely cared for her autistic granddaughter. They have developed a strong bond, trust, and friendship, which brings her immense joy.

There are other negative reviews as well. For instance, Shirley Hubbert says she applied to at least 100 nanny/babysitter jobs but only received responses from less than half of those applications.

Reviews on Sitejabber

Michelle A. says the platform may be challenging to understand, but the process becomes clearer as you respond to more questions and explore various providers.

Ashleigh D. has successfully connected with two reliable caregivers. She, however, mentions that she has to be cautious and thorough in her selection process due to encountering some unsatisfactory individuals. Better Business Bureau Profile has received a “B” rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Stacey A reports that she successfully found a housekeeper through the service. But her reviews of primarily center around the issue that even after canceling her paid membership upon finding a suitable housekeeper, continued to charge her credit card despite the cancellation through their website.

On the other hand, reviews from Sarah S say the app claimed there were 96 families nearby, but upon paying a $17 fee for a background check to access job listings, there wasn’t a single available listing within a 25-mile radius.

Alternatives to

Despite being the largest caregiver marketplace, does not dominate the field. Reviews of show various other platforms where you can find a caregiver or advertise your services.

1. is a highly recommended alternative to for those seeking reliable babysitters. Per reviews, UrbanSitter focuses exclusively on babysitting services for families. 

One key advantage of UrbanSitter is its unique approach to connecting users with caregivers through their social circle. By signing up with either Facebook or LinkedIn, the site leverages your existing network to recommend babysitters endorsed by the people you know.

This word-of-mouth recommendation system enhances the trustworthiness and reliability of the caregivers working for

2. offers a four-step screening process to ensure quality caregivers who are working for This process includes internal feedback, in-person interviews, reference checks, and background checks. It has the added advantage of a more affordable $15 fee for background checks, if already available.

Reviews of show that one significant distinction between and is the range of available job types. lists five job categories: babysitters, pet care providers, nannies, care companions, and housekeepers. This focused approach may benefit those seeking specific types of care services.

3. focuses on au pairs, essentially live-in nannies, more commonly known in Europe. It is a reputable American company that facilitates recruitment and connects families with qualified au pairs domestically and internationally.

The advantage of is its emphasis on international placements. This opens up opportunities for families seeking caregivers from different countries. They get a broader pool of candidates with diverse cultural backgrounds and language abilities.

>>Try Today Reviews FAQs

Have more questions about We answer your most frequently asked questions about this sitting service company.

What is is an Austin-based digital marketplace offering diverse caregiving options, including housekeeping, pet care, tutoring, special needs care, childcare, and senior care. With over 32.9 million users across 20 countries, the platform connects families needing carers with suitable caregivers.

Notably, is endorsed by 150 firms and organizations like Google and Facebook, which offer it as an employee perk. Having secured $111 million in venture funding, became known to the public on January 24, 2014, before being acquired by IAC in February 2020.

Is Legitimate?

Reviews of show is a legitimate business, although it may not treat all freelancers and families equally. Amidst the prevalent use of the term “scam,” it’s crucial to discern genuine scams. To assess if suits your needs, consider its free membership trial.

How Do I Contact the Customer Service Center?

To contact the Customer Service Center, you have a few options available. You can utilize their live chat feature, submit a ticket via their email system, or call them at their toll-free number (877) 277-3115. Reviews of show offers support seven days a week, making it accessible whenever you need assistance.

What Is’s Refund Policy?’s refund policy states that its Premium subscriptions, background checks, and other paid services are non-refundable. Once you purchase any of these services, no refunds are provided.

How Does Work To Keep Caregivers Safe? keeps caregivers safe by recommending essential safety measures. Before commencing employment, caregivers are encouraged to have a video chat with the families they are considering working for. This step allows caregivers to assess the family dynamics and determine if it suits them.

Additionally, emphasizes using reliable background check services, such as Truthfinder. It ensures caregivers have the necessary information when making informed decisions about potential employers.

How Does Work To Keep Families Safe? ensures the safety of families by conducting thorough background checks on all caregivers, which includes a National Sex Offender Registry check. This screening process helps filter out potential risks and gives families added confidence in their hiring decisions.

The company also encourages families to conduct video conference interviews with caregivers before meeting in person. This virtual interaction allows families to get to know the caregivers better and assess their compatibility, providing additional safety and comfort in the hiring process.

Reviews of The Bottom Line

People seeking reliable caregivers find valuable. It offers many talents for various services, such as babysitting, senior care, tutoring, and housekeeping.

The platform’s short-term membership option enables efficient and cost-effective searches. The detailed caregiver profiles and their recent activity help families make well-informed choices. also attracts those who want to supplement their income by offering caregiving services. However, users should be cautious and read the platform’s terms and safety guidelines.

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