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Get Cash for Jewelry: 7 Online Marketplaces to Sell Jewelry

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If you’re looking to make some extra cash by selling jewelry or simply want to declutter your jewelry collection, there are several online and offline platforms where you can do so. Where to sell your jewelry depends on factors such as the type of jewelry you have, its value, your location, and personal preferences. In this article, we’ll discuss several well-known and trustworthy places that you may consider to get cash for your gold.

Whether you choose an online or offline option, it’s important to find reputable websites that offer secure transactions, professional appraisals, and a convenient way to earn money. We’ve conducted extensive research and reviewed various available services to separate the reliable from the less trustworthy ones.

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Best Online Platforms to Get Cash for Your Jewelry

To compile the list of the best places to sell jewelry, our team meticulously researched various online auctions, consignment sites, direct purchase options, and e-commerce marketplaces. We placed the greatest emphasis on factors such as industry reputation, pricing structure, and sales processes. 

They preferred companies that provide reasonable commission rates and low listing fees, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of options for those looking to sell jewelry online.

Cash for Gold USA – Best Company to Sell Jewelry Online Overall

Cash for Gold USA, a well-established gold buyer in the United States, stands out as one of the biggest players in the industry. They have gained a prominent position with their commitment to providing quick turnarounds and competitive prices for various gold items such as jewelry and coins. The process is straightforward: simply request a complimentary kit from their website that includes clear instructions on how to safely package your gold and a prepaid shipping label.

Upon receiving your package, Cash for Gold USA wastes no time and promptly provides an offer within 24 hours. If you decide to accept their proposal, payment will be swiftly sent to you via check or PayPal. What sets Cash for Gold USA apart is their guarantee to beat any competitor’s offer, ensuring that customers receive the best deal possible.

By offering exceptional service coupled with unbeatable prices, Cash for Gold USA has become a trusted name among those looking to sell their gold items hassle-free. Read the complete review here.


  • Rapid processing with a user-friendly online system
  • Complimentary shipping kits for your convenience
  • Swift turnaround for efficient service


  • Delayed payments have been reported by some customers
  • Valuation misunderstandings may arise

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Express Gold Cash – Best Online Platform to Sell Jewelry for Quick Transactions

With an impressive track record of over 25 years, Express Gold Cash has established itself as a reputable player in the gold-buying industry. They offer a wide range of services, including the purchase of various types of golden jewelry, such as engagement rings, watches, coins, dental gold, and other valuable metals.

For those who are still undecided about selling their items, Express Gold Cash provides multiple options for inquiries. Customers can reach out to them either by phone or by filling out their online form. One thing that sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to honesty and transparency when it comes to determining the value of purchased items.

Express Gold Cash’s dedication to maintaining high standards and ensuring customer satisfaction has been recognized by organizations such as the Better Business Bureau where they hold an A+ rating. This further reinforces their reputation as a trustworthy company. 

With a remarkable rating of 4.9 stars on Trustpilot based on over 4,500 reviews, Express Gold Cash has solidified its position as a reliable choice in the gold-buying industry. These positive reviews serve as proof that customers have had exceptional experiences with them.

In conclusion, whether you’re looking to sell your engagement ring or any other golden jewelry item or metal. Express Gold Cash is known for its professionalism and reliability throughout the entire process from inquiry to valuation and payment.


  • Price match guarantee 
  • Evaluation of items is free 
  • A hassle-free and straightforward process


  • Customer service reviews are mixed
  • Certain types of precious metals may not be accepted

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Liberty Gold and Silver – Best Company for Precious Metals

Founded in 2012, Liberty Gold and Silver is a specialized company that purchases various types of gold jewelry and coins. While their website may not provide extensive information, they excel in providing exceptional customer support through a round-the-clock phone line. This enables customers to seek help with their gold items, pricing queries, or shipping concerns.

Despite being a relatively new player compared to some competitors in the industry, Liberty Gold and Silver has successfully gained the trust of its clientele. Their unwavering commitment to reliability and customer satisfaction has earned them an impressive A rating from the Better Business Bureau, further solidifying their reputation as a trustworthy buyer of gold.


  • Offers secure transactions
  • Provides information on market trends
  • Buys various precious metals


  • Lower liquidity when selling back metals
  • Limited international presence

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Luriya – Best Cash for Jewelry Company for Convenience

Luriya holds a prominent status in the “Diamond District” of Manhattan as a leading buyer of gold. With two decades worth of experience in the industry, they have established themselves as a trusted option for individuals seeking to sell their gold items. Even if you’re unable to visit their store in New York, Luriya offers the convenience of online gold selling.

Known for their professionalism and exceptional customer service, Luriya’s team has been providing top-tier assistance to clients for many years. By transitioning their services onto the online platform, they have maintained the quality of their customer experience while upholding their commitment to excellence. When dealing with Luriya, you can expect nothing short of excellent service and satisfaction throughout your journey of selling gold.


  • Certified scales ensure precise measurements
  • Transparent pricing structure
  • In-person appointments available


  • Limited geographic coverage

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APMEX – Best Cash for Gold Company for Investment Gold

APMEX, also known as American Precious Metals Exchange, is a renowned online retailer that specializes in precious metals. With its establishment in 1999 and its headquarters located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, APMEX has gained a strong reputation within the industry. 

Serving investors and collectors, the company offers a wide range of precious metals including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. These metals are available in various forms such as coins, bars, rounds, and even rare collectibles with numismatic value. APMEX’s expertise lies in facilitating the buying and selling of these valuable assets to meet the diverse needs of its customers worldwide.


  • Established reputation in the industry
  • Wide range of available precious metal products
  • Offers various storage solutions


  • Possible delays during high-demand periods
  • Some items may have higher premiums

>> Best Cash for Gold: APMEX >> – Best Cash for Gold Company for Online Selling

With a rich history spanning over five decades in the gold-buying sector, SellYourGold has established itself as a prominent player. Employing their exclusive technology, they conduct thorough evaluations on all gold items to ensure customers receive the most favorable offers. Their services encompass the purchase of various golden items such as jewelry, coins, and bullion.

The trust and confidence that SellYourGold has garnered over time is clear in the many individuals who choose to sell their gold to them. With extensive experience and an unwavering commitment to providing top-notch prices, it comes as no surprise that they are a preferred choice for many. 

Their dedication to upholding high standards is further validated by their A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Their outstanding 4.8-star rating on Trustpilot speaks volumes with over 6,600 reviews backing it up, solidifying their status as a reputable and highly regarded player in the industry of buying gold.


  • Convenient online gold selling
  • Transparent pricing and quick payments
  • Free, insured shipping for gold items
  • Acceptance of various gold items


  • Limited personal interaction and negotiation
  • Mixed customer reviews regarding offers and service
  • Potential for lower price offers compared to other methods

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US Gold Bureau – Best Cash for Gold Company for Gold Bullion

Based in Austin, Texas, the US Gold Bureau is a well-known dealer of precious metals. Its primary goal is to offer individuals the opportunity to safeguard their wealth by providing access to physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products. 

The company caters to both investors and collectors with its extensive range of offerings. Known for its commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction, the US Gold Bureau has established itself as a reliable and trustworthy service provider.

US Gold Bureau also emphasizes education and market insights for its customers. By offering educational resources, the company empowers individuals to make informed investment decisions. Whether someone wants to diversify their portfolio or protect against economic uncertainties or acquire collectible coins (numismatic treasures), they can rely on the reputable services provided by the US Gold Bureau.

With its headquarters in Austin, Texas, the US Gold Bureau stands out as a leading dealer in precious metals that offers diverse options while prioritizing transparency and customer satisfaction. Through educational resources and market insights, it equips customers with knowledge so they can confidently navigate their investments in precious metals.


  • Established and reputable in the precious metals industry
  • Offers a wide range of precious metals products
  • Buys gold and other precious metals from customers
  • Provides storage, delivery options, and knowledgeable customer support


  • Limited focus on purchasing gold from individuals
  • Mixed customer reviews on buying and selling
  • Potential for less competitive gold item prices
  • Possibility of additional fees for specific services
  • Potential for lower buyback prices compared to specialized buyers

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Best Offline Platforms to Get Cash for Jewelry 

Local Jewelers and Pawn Shops

Pawn shops typically offer lower prices for jewelry compared to local jewelry stores. However, they’re willing to purchase a wide range of jewelry items, including watches, costume jewelry, and trendy collections.

Customers who visit pawn shops have the expectation of finding deeply discounted prices. Therefore, when buying jewelry, pawn shop owners need to factor in a profit margin for resale. If you’re looking to sell your jewelry at a pawnshop, it’s advisable to approach multiple establishments and compare their offers in order to secure a fair price for your items.


  • Receive instant cash payment
  • Avoid shipping
  • Sell various types of jewelry, including estate pieces


  • Knowing your jewelry’s value is crucial for a fair sale price
  • The amount earned may be lower compared to a jewelry store

Auction Houses

With selling valuable or rare jewelry, one option that should be considered is using the services of reputable auction houses like Sotheby’s or Christie’s. These auction houses have established themselves as central points for attracting serious collectors and investors, making them perfect platforms for showcasing one-of-a-kind, top-notch pieces.

One of the major benefits of selling through such auction houses is the opportunity to obtain high prices for your jewelry items. The exclusive clientele that frequents these auctions is often willing to pay a premium for exceptional pieces, and the competitive bidding atmosphere can significantly drive up prices.

However, it’s important to note that auction houses usually impose seller fees for their services. These fees can vary depending on the value of the jewelry and which specific auction house you choose. While these fees must be taken into consideration, the potential to achieve high sale prices often outweighs the cost involved.


  • Potential for a high sale price
  • Exposure to diverse buyer audience
  • Possibility of achieving higher-than-expected prices
  • Time-bound sales process with the opportunity to sell multiple pieces


  • Uncertain outcome with limited control
  • Substantial auction fees and commissions
  • Possibility of a lengthy auction process
  • Potential for lower-than-expected prices if bidding is sluggish

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Consignment Stores

Consignment stores and pawn shops serve distinct purposes when you’re looking to sell jewelry online or offline. Consignment stores act as personal showrooms for your jewelry, displaying it until a buyer emerges, and you receive payment at a later date. In contrast, pawn shops provide an immediate way to earn money by selling your jewelry on the spot.

However, there are essential considerations to keep in mind. Consignment rates at such stores can be relatively high, sometimes reaching up to 50% of your item’s value. It’s crucial to inquire about the rate before opting to sell jewelry online or through a consignment shop.

It’s important to note that consignment shops may not accept your jewelry for sale if they believe it won’t sell well. Even if they agree to consign it, there’s still a chance your piece may not find a buyer. In such cases, the shop would return the item to you with no associated fees. So, when considering the best places to sell jewelry, weigh the pros and cons of consignment stores carefully.


  • Items displayed at a storefront
  • There’s no upfront consignment fee


  • Possible lengthy waiting period
  • High fees, potentially reaching up to 50%

Gold Exchanges or Cash for Gold

In every urban center, you can find establishments that offer swift and convenient options for selling jewelry online or converting your gold into cash. These establishments specialize in buying gold intending to melt it down and reusing it in various forms. 

While they offer a fast and uncomplicated process for selling your gold, it’s important to know that their prices may be lower compared to other alternatives. This is because their main objective is to acquire gold for recycling, so they consider the costs involved in melting and refining the metal when determining the price they’ll pay.

Therefore, if you possess valuable or unique jewelry pieces or sentimental gold items, it may be worthwhile exploring alternative methods of selling that might fetch you a higher price. 

However, for individuals who prioritize speed and convenience above maximizing profit, these outlets can present a viable solution for quickly transforming unwanted gold items into cash. Similar to any transaction involving valuable assets. 

As with any transaction involving valuable assets, it’s advisable to conduct thorough research on different outlets, read customer reviews, and inquire about their pricing policies to ensure you receive a fair deal when selling jewelry online or in person. When considering the best places to sell jewelry, weigh your priorities carefully.


  • Convenient and quick liquidation process
  • Secure and hassle-free
  • No minimum quantity required for selling


  • Lower price offers
  • Lack of transparency
  • Potential undervaluation
  • Limited customer base

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Best Places to Sell Jewelry – Buyer’s Guide

6 Jewelry Tips to Get the Most Money

Whether you’re considering selling jewelry online or engaging in in-person transactions, these invaluable tips will guide you in maximizing your earnings when exploring the best places to sell jewelry.

Be Informed on Your Pieces

If you’re looking for a quick sale, your choices for where to sell will be limited. However, if you’re willing to wait, it’s worth exploring other options to ensure you get the best price for your jewelry.

Consider visiting a jeweler affiliated with the American Gem Society (AGS) who buys jewelry (not all do), as they can provide valuable insights and advice on selling your specific type of jewelry.

Pawnshops are another option if you need immediate cash, but it’s important to visit multiple shops in order to gauge what brokers will pay for a piece similar to yours.

Whether you choose to sell your jewelry through an auction, online platform, or locally, it’s crucial you have a good understanding of the selling process to receive a fair price. If you decide to sell directly at a jewelry store, ensure you’re familiar with their buyback policies before making any commitments.

Get a Professional Appraisal

Are you aware of the worth of your jewelry? The resale value is a game of numbers, and you definitely don’t want to be deceived! Knowing the value of your jewelry is crucial with selling it. This knowledge will enable you to earn a fair amount for your magnificent pieces, such as gold or diamonds.

To get an accurate estimate, we recommend obtaining an independent appraisal. By doing so, you can compare the estimates given by different buyers through various sales avenues.

While getting an official report from an independent appraiser may cost several hundred dollars, it’s a worthwhile investment if it helps you earn more from your sales. Some jewelers offer free appraisals as well, which can provide valuable insights into the resale value of your pieces.

However, if there are concerns about underselling, it might not be wise to have the same source purchasing your jewelry also provide the appraisal.

Have The History Ready (If Possible)

If you possess knowledge about the background of the item you intend to sell, make sure to have that information prepared for your potential buyer. It’s beneficial to include details such as purchase receipts and origin information when seeking an appraisal.

Even if you don’t have any historical information, it’s possible to sell your fine jewelry. However, it would be wise for future reference to keep records of all your jewelry purchases to provide more comprehensive details for resale value assessments.

Buyers are often more willing to pay a higher price for a piece of jewelry with a well-documented history, especially if there is also a detailed appraisal accompanying it!

Be Very Detailed

To ensure your jewelry description is comprehensive, provide detailed information about the gemstones, cut, setting, and other features of rings, earrings, and necklaces. If the piece is made of gold, specify its karat weight. When describing a diamond necklace or amethyst earrings, mention their origin and cutting style. 

This level of detail helps potential buyers make informed decisions by knowing exactly what they’re purchasing and whether it meets their requirements. This thorough information strengthens the accuracy of your appraisal and ensures you receive fair compensation based on the value of your jewelry.

If Selling Jewelry Online, Be Safe

When it comes to selling jewelry online through local platforms like Facebook, prioritizing safety is paramount. It’s important to exercise caution when sharing personal information and addresses, and it’s essential to trust the buyer.

To enhance safety, consider meeting in a public place. Some police stations even offer their parking lots as safe spaces for peer-to-peer transactions, protecting both parties involved. Be cautious about accepting wire transfers or checks as payment from unfamiliar individuals, as this is a common tactic employed by scammers to deceive people when considering the best places to sell jewelry.

Wait For Better Offers

When considering the best places to sell jewelry, especially when you want to sell jewelry online, it’s essential to avoid hasty decisions, particularly when it comes to accepting the initial bid you receive. Instead, take your time and explore other offers that may be more favorable and worth the wait.

Auctions are helpful as buyers compete against each other. Each subsequent offer must surpass the previous one, increasing the amount you stand to earn.

Even if you decide to sell jewelry online through local platforms like Facebook, remember you can decline lowball offers. You can adjust the price to align with your preferences or simply hold out for a better offer when exploring the best places to sell jewelry.

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Best Places to Sell Jewelry – FAQs

Is It Worth Selling My Old Jewelry?

Selling your previously owned jewelry can be a fantastic opportunity to achieve various financial goals, whether you choose to sell jewelry online or through other methods. It can help you cover expenses, pay off debts, indulge in personal luxuries, or even make room for new fashion choices.

Consider that ring you’ve held onto for an extended period without ever wearing it. Converting such items into funds for your upcoming vacation or other needs can be incredibly rewarding. Few things compare to the satisfaction of offering unwanted pieces for sale and enjoying the resulting earnings as they enhance different aspects of your life.

Is Selling Jewelry and Other Goods Online a Good Idea?

With selling jewelry online and finding the best places to sell jewelry, leveraging the internet is a smart and convenient approach to earn extra money. Partnering with a reliable company, or website can help you bypass the hassle of dealing with local buyers, streamlining selling your jewelry.

While selling fine jewelry in person may feel more comfortable, especially with items like loose diamonds or gold pieces, it’s worth considering reputable websites that offer secure shipping and tracking services for jewelry transactions. Examples of such websites include Cash for Gold USA and Express Gold Cash.

Choosing a trustworthy company or website allows you to earn extra cash by selling your unwanted diamond ring or gold necklace online. This approach eliminates the stress associated with finding local buyers and ensures the safety and security of your transaction when exploring the best places to sell jewelry.

Bottom Line on Best Places to Sell Jewelry

When it comes to selling jewelry online or locally, determining the best places to sell jewelry can be a daunting task, given the multitude of choices available. Your ability to earn cash largely hinges on the quality of your jewelry and the urgency with which you need to generate income.

If you’re searching for the best websites to sell your jewelry online, there are suitable platforms available regardless of the type of jewelry you have. Our top recommendation is Cash for Gold USA, a reputable and dependable company.

You can consider selling your fine jewelry through auctions or directly to local jewelry stores. It’s important to obtain an appraisal beforehand to determine its value, especially if it contains gold or diamonds.

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