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Best Psychic Near Me 2023 – Discover Experts Providing Accurate Readings Online

Finding answers to life’s questions shouldn’t have to take so much out of you. 

With the best psychic near me, you can get a reliable psychic reading without the hassle of going through a string of in-person psychics in questionable locations. 

We’ve reviewed 11 of the best psychic mediums near me (online) where you can chat, call, or video call a psychic of your choosing to get some peace of mind. 

First on our list is Purple Garden, which houses some of the most talented psychics with phenomenal reviews. 

Keep reading to learn more.

Where To Find the Best Psychic Near Me

First Look

  1. Purple Garden – Best psychic near me platform overall (FREE $10 credit)
  2. Kasamba – Best psychic near me for romance questions (3 FREE mins + 50% OFF)
  3. Keen – Widest psychic near me selection (10 mins for $1.99)
  4. AskNow – Best psychic near me for tarot and oracle readings (5 FREE mins)
  5. California Psychics – Best psychic near me screening process ($1/min)
  6. Purple Ocean – Best prerecorded psychic near me sessions  (Flat rates)
  7. Psychic Source – Best mediumship psychic near me readings ($1/min)
  8. Oranum – Best psychic near me video sessions (10,000 FREE coins)
  9. Psychic Oz – Best psychic near me promos and discounts (3 FREE mins)
  10. Mysticsense – Most affordable psychic readings near me (5 FREE mins)
  11. Purple Tides – Best for quick answers (as low as $5/reading)

Psychic readings near me can help you through life with the right spiritual guidance. 

Here are 11 platforms with some of the best psychic mediums near me where you can get hassle-free online readings in the comfort of your home. 

We start it off with the ace, Purple Garden.

1. Purple Garden – Best Psychic Near Me Platform Overall 


  • Best reviews from previous customers 
  • Choose a psychic near me from 1000+ options
  • Free $10 credit on your first purchase
  • Transcribes calls and chat readings for your convenience
  • Available in English and Spanish 


  • No fixed rates for readings 

Site Overview 

Purple Garden barely has to spend time promoting themselves far and wide. Customers who have tried their psychic near me services have raved about them, so their spot-on readings advertise themselves. 

With 10 years of experience in the online psychic reading game, they’ve built a strong network of 1,000+ psychics near me that offer services in English and Spanish. No wonder customers from all over the world continue to flock to the site. 


Customers can choose from video, chat, or phone psychic readings in every price range, making the readings on Purple Garden accessible to people with any budget. 

Expect to spend around $0.99 to $17.99 per minute. 

Don’t worry about sifting through 1,000+ psychics to find the right psychic near me. Their filters make the job a lot easier and tailor-fit to your needs

And if it’s your first time on the site, you can enjoy a $10 matching credit to get you started.

Gifted Psychics 

Psychic Micki is one of the top-rated psychics on Purple Garden. She specializes in card and aura readings to uncover your inner power, an excellent choice for those feeling helpless in love matters. 

Mystic Mark is rated a perfect 5 stars after over 6,400 readings. He’s a clairvoyant who does not sugarcoat messages and takes a highly realistic approach to your career and relationships. 

Final Verdict

The fact that Purple Garden is still thriving after 10 years in the game speaks volumes. 

You can choose from over 1,000 psychics offering English and Spanish readings and get accurate answers to your questions right away for as low as $0.99 per minute. That sounds like the best deal to us. 

>>Get $10 OFF on Purple Garden

2. Kasamba – Best Psychic Near Me for Romance Questions


  • 20 years of experience 
  • Get 3 FREE minutes + 50% OFF on first session 
  • $50 Satisfaction Guarantee 
  • Specializes in love readings 
  • The matching algorithm is top-notch 


  • Email readings take 24 hours to be delivered 

Site Overview 

Romance brings up many questions regardless of your relationship status. Many see Kasamba as the right place to go when they have questions about love.

You can get a psychic near me at Kasamba providing spiritual guidance on matters of the heart, whether you’re simply curious about your twin flame or going through a complicated situation with a long-lost lover. 


Kasamba offers 3 free minutes of chat with three of their psychics, so you have more time to decide which is the best match for you. 

Once you’ve decided on your psychic after this Best Match Guarantee method, your first 3 minutes are free, with an additional 50% off on the first reading. 

If you choose a psychic but end up highly dissatisfied, a Satisfaction Guarantee awaits you by the end of the reading. Kasamba has got your back. 

Gifted Psychics

Honest Psychic Ozark Seer treats every customer like a friend. She offers honest and loving readings that make the reader want to take action on their love life. On top of that, she’s quick, highly experienced, and one of the best cheap psychics online

Psychic Tarot Andrew is a card reader and healer who started offering psychic services very young. You can trust that, with years of practice, he has developed an accurate sense of how to answer your romantic concerns. 

Final Verdict

Kasamba is the best choice for love readings with a Best Match Guarantee to ensure you have the ideal psychic near me. Let this expert site ease your broken heart through gentle and affordable messages that will pull you out of the love rut. 

>>Get 3 FREE mins + 50% OFF at Kasamba

3. Keen – Widest Psychic Near Me Selection 


  • 3 free minutes
  • 10 minutes for $1.99
  • Almost 2,000 psychics to choose from 
  • Great mobile app 
  • Get free horoscopes


  • No live chat support

Site Overview 

We would like to tell you that finding a compatible psychic on the first try is easy. But that’s not always the case. 

The good news is that Keen’s roster of almost 2,000 psychics relieves this struggle completely. 

In Astrology alone, they have psychic readers whose specializations range from Western to Chinese Astrology. 


Aside from the joy of variety on Keen, you’ll be happy to know that they have a mobile application that will give you readings anytime, anywhere. 

If it’s your first time getting psychic readings near me online, don’t fret because Keen has top-notch beginner guidance on their Readings 101 page. 

Once you’re ready, just use their filters to let Keen assemble your preferences to give you a list of compatible psychics in seconds. 

Your first reading with a psychic is eligible for 3 FREE minutes and the next 10 minutes for only $1.99. 

Gifted Psychics 

Sonia Of Light has more than 4,000 reviews on her Keen page, with an average rating of 4.4 stars. She uses tarot cards to look into matters of relationships and has helped many get out of traumatic situations in romance. 

SoulTruth has done over 5,000 readings since she started rendering her services on Keen in 2007. But outside of Keen, she has been exploring her spiritual abilities since the 80s. 

So, if you want someone who knows the ins and outs of dream analysis, numerology, clairvoyance, and more, SoulTruth is your best bet. 

Final Verdict 

You can find a psychic near me on Keen who specializes in everything from Western to Chinese Astrology, tarot, dream analysis, and more. 

They are accessible through desktop and mobile app, giving you the best on-the-go experience with free psychic reading and discount offers. 

>>Get 10 minutes for $1.99 on Keen

4. AskNow – Best Psychic Near Me for Tarot and Oracle Readings


  • Almost two decades of experience 
  • Specializes on cartomancy 
  • 5 free minutes 
  • Ask a psychic a free email question 
  • As low as $1/minute offers


  • No full refunds

Site Overview 

With nearly 20 years of experience delivering psychic readings near me online, AskNow is one of the veterans in the psychic industry. If you’re going to put your fate in a reader’s hands, you’d best do it with someone on AskNow. 

Every psychic near me has undergone thorough screening to ensure that AskNow’s services maintain a high standard. And with the longevity of this site in the industry, we can tell they have succeeded. 


The site may specialize in Cartomancy, but its promos apply to all readings. New customers can get readings for as low as $1 per minute for 30-40 minutes, more than enough time for a series of questions to be tackled in depth. 

Newcomers can also take advantage of the 5 free minutes with a master psychic and a free email question to get more insight after availing of the previous deal. 

Each AskNow psychic near me falls into one of three categories: top-rated, elite, or master, based on the price of readings and level of expertise.

Gifted Psychics 

Madame Estrella is a top-rated psychic on AskNow with almost three decades of experience. She offers readings in English and Spanish. She has a degree in Fine Arts, so creativity is part of her every reading. 

Miss Kim has done over 14,000 readings in her career, which is hard for us to comprehend. Her long list of psychic skills might explain why so many flock to her page and give her 5 stars after the experience.

Final Verdict 

AskNow’s psychics have been intensively trained to read the tarot and relay some very accurate messages. They can pull you through and give you some direction if everything feels bleak. 

We’re impressed with the number of deals they offer for new clients. It lets them go all-in on their questions and not just dip their toes in, leaving them more confused. 

>>Get 5 minutes FREE on AskNow

5. California Psychics – Best Psychic Near Me Screening Process


  • Affordable readings at $1/min
  • Free birth chart
  • Blog for more spiritual guidance 
  • Earn reward points
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Chat and phone calls only 

Site Overview

California Psychics has been providing reliable readings from advisors for almost three decades. 

Having been around since the 90s, they have stood the test of time because of their excellent reputation for only accepting legitimate and screened psychics. 


If you like reward programs like frequent flyer miles for travelers, you’ll love California Psychics. For every paid reading you get, karma points accumulate for conversion into discounts on succeeding readings. 

Astrology fans (and all newcomers) are also in for a treat. Signing up gives you a free natal chart analysis with a $20 credit to be used around the site. 

Typical readings with California Psychics range from $1-4 per minute under their 20-minute deals, depending on the expertise of their advisors. 

Gifted Psychics 

Pilar has rendered more than 32,000 readings since 2012. She’s one of California Psychics’ premier advisors, known for using tarot, pendulum, and astrology with a compassionate approach

Asia helps clients get in tune with their feelings through their clairvoyant, clairaudient, and empathic gifts. With no tools aside from her mind, she delivers straightforward readings to help with emotional guidance in love, work, etc.

Final Verdict 

The best psychic mediums near me for you can be one of California Psychic’s carefully screened advisors. Trust their decades-old reputation and put your fate in a reader of your choice.

>>Get $1/minute readings at California Psychics 

6. Purple Ocean – Best Psychic Near Me for Prerecorded Sessions


  • Flat rates
  • Available on iOS and Android 
  • Over 1,600 best online psychics available
  • No hassle scheduling a session 
  • 91% user-rated accuracy


  • Mobile app only 
  • Extra charge for live readings

Site Overview

Purple Oceans is perfect for folks who barely have time for a sit-down session. Readings here are done with recorded videos so that clients can view them on their own time. 

However, Purple Ocean is only available as a mobile application, so you’ll get the reading on your chosen iOS or Android device.


A client may purchase credits for their video readings using the app. After finding a psychic near me that fits your personal preferences, send them an appointment request along with your question. 

The reading will be delivered to your device in under 24 hours. Those who prefer to get rush readings have to pay an extra fee, while live readings have a different per-minute rate. 

Gifted Psychics 

Kryonadvisor specializes in dream analogy and life coaching through his psychic abilities. He commits to helping clients move forward from conflicts that may arise in their love life or career. 

Claudia Eden has a 100% on-time delivery of their video readings, available in English and Italian. She consults numerous spiritual tools to deliver answers, mostly about love and soulmates. 

Final Verdict 

Purple Ocean is the favorable psychic medium near me for those who want more control over when and where they get their readings. They also offer flexible choices like rush and live readings according to a client’s preference, with extra fees. 

>>Get $10 flat rate readings on Purple Ocean. 

7. Psychic Source – Best Psychic Medium Near Me Readings


  • $1/minute deals 
  • More than 3 decades of experience 
  • Available in Spanish
  • Video readings available 
  • Specialized in psychic medium near me readings


  • Limited deals and promotions 

Site Overview 

Over three decades of experience in the online psychic reading world make Psychic Source the oldest site on our list. 

But even so, they’re not left behind by their newer counterparts, especially with their trusted spirit mediums. 

Whether you want closure or reconnection with the dearly departed, Psychic Source has got your back. 


Psychic Source is best known for spirit medium readings, but their extensive filter options allow you to search for more. 

There’s a psychic medium near me for your exact preference. Select the tool and subject you want to explore and choose. 

Your first reading on Psychic Source comes with 3 free minutes. Deals at $1 per minute are also available. 

Gifted Psychics 

Psychic Agnes is a new and up-and-coming reader on Psychic Source. She uses clairaudience and intuition to read matters of love and relationships. Many have said that they like Psychic Agnes’ supportive yet honest approach. 

Psychic Willow has done more than 32,000 readings since 2014. She’s the best fit for those who have gone through trauma and want to tap into their inner energy for healing or the spirits of departed loved ones. 

Final Verdict 

Psychic Source is the best platform for mediumship readings. You can trust that the psychic medium near me platform’s three-decade experience will show itself in the quality of the messages and guidance you receive. 

>>Get $1/minute readings on Psychic Source

8. Oranum – Best Psychic Medium Near Me via Video


  • Live-streamed psychic readings near me
  • 9.99 free credits upon signup
  • Free trial chat with advisors 
  • Blog for more spiritual knowledge 
  • Available in 5 languages


  • The credit system can be complicated 

Site Overview

Oranum suits customers who value seeing their advisors on video in real time. Readings are more engaging when done face to face, even virtually. 

And because video psychic readings near me are Oranum’s signature service, all their advisors offer live readings in chat rooms. 

They have made themselves known for their streamed reading services in the 10 years they’ve been around in the online space. 


Oranum functions with a credit system uncommon on many psychic mediums near me platforms. These credits are used to ask questions or get private readings with a psychic of your choice. 

Newcomers can ask one free question per psychic advisor. Other deals include 9.99 free credits upon signup and $0.99 per minute readings. 

Gifted Psychics 

Thetarotwizard uses cards, pendulums, and innate psychic skills to relay messages to his loyal customers. His approach is casual, gentle, and engaging, putting the client at ease with any message that surfaces. 

LightOfDestiny is a clairvoyant specializing in love, career, and dream readings. Her gift of heightened perception allows her to help others navigate relationships and everyday trials. 

Final Verdict 

Oranum’s engaging video format stands out from many psychic mediums near me platforms that don’t use video. They offer various psychic tools, topics, and approaches that will keep customers constantly returning for a new perspective. 

>>Get 9.99 free credit on Oranum

9. Psychic Oz – Best Psychic Medium Near Me Promos and Discounts


  • Over 3 decades of experience
  • Under $1 per minute deals 
  • Free 3 minutes on new customers
  • 20-minute Satisfaction Guarantee 
  • Show charts for best-rated advisors


  • Outdated web design 

Site Overview 

Like Psychic Source, Psychic Oz has been around since the turn of the century. And the fact that they’re still around says a lot about how well they do their work. 

The number of client reviews confirms that the site has achieved its slogan: Discover Life Possibilities. 


Psychic Oz offers email readings at $4.99, 3 free minutes for phone readings, and a couple of $1 per minute psychic readings near me—all lovely deals for beginner and long-time psychic near me customers. 

Reviews from previous customers are displayed clearly at the bottom of advisor profiles, giving you a peek at how the reader does their psychic readings near me. 

Gifted Psychics 

Psychic Carol’s bio says she’s here to help you live a better life. She uses tarot, astrology, and crystals in her psychic readings near me to tap into a client’s energy. Her 30-year experience and counseling experience ensure a well-structured reading.

Samara is an energy reader with over two years of experience, but she already has over 500+ reviews on the Psychic Oz site. She claims to help people find their soul path, a path filled with joy and fulfillment.

Final Verdict 

Enticing deals and promos make Psychic Oz an excellent start for those who want spiritual guidance on a limited budget. Visit them for more tried and tested psychic readings near me. 

>>Get 3 minutes FREE on Psychic Oz

10. Mysticsense – Most Affordable Best Psychic Medium Near Me Services


  • 5 free minutes 
  • Competitive per-minute rates 
  • Find a psychic near me from a diverse and inclusive roster
  • Moneyback guarantee 
  • Video call readings are available 


  • Limited advisors available at a given time

Site Overview 

Mysticsense is one of the younger psychic sites established in 2020. But their competitive prices quickly pushed them to the top, along with veteran sites. 

And they’re keeping up with the signs of the times, showing inclusivity by providing LGBTQ+-friendy services. 


You can get readings for as low as $0.99 per minute on Mysticsense after your 5 free minutes. Note that signing up for an account involves a mandatory $10 deposit. 

After settling your account, you can choose a psychic near me specializing in love, career, spirit mediumship, or numerology.

Gifted Psychics 

Ombretta is a psychic who can provide readings without tools. She commits to a compassionate style, with no sugarcoating involved. Reviews say she provides detailed and optimistic readings. 

Roxy Fortune Telling is a psychic near me who uses the tarot as her primary tool to connect with spirits. She’s a psychic medium with an average rating of 5 stars on the Psychic Oz site.  

Final Verdict 

Prices on Psychiz Oz have always been low, even without promos and deals. This and their inclusivity for all audiences make them a welcoming and accessible psychic medium near me service. 

>>Get 5 minutes FREE on Mysticsense

11. Purple Tides – Best Psychic Medium Near Me Service for Quick Answers 


  • As low as $5 per reading
  • Psychics from all around the globe 
  • Covers love, family, career, and many other issues
  • Contact multiple advisors at once 
  • Video readings are delivered within 24 hours 


  • Limited reviews 

Site Overview 

Purple Tides is a new psychic reading app that offers a quick panoramic view in response to an individual’s life questions. They promise the help of veteran advisors for concerns about love, heartbreak, career, etc. 


The standout feature of Purple Tides is the send-to-many feature, which gives an individual insight from more than one advisor at once. 

Through this feature, psychics use different reading styles and approaches to support clients through their situations. 

Readings from a psychic near me on Purple Tides are delivered in less than 24 hours for only $5 per reading. They also promise a dedicated support staff to settle any issues during the process. 

Gifted Psychics 

Psychic Tide’s psychics are selected randomly after you choose how many psychics you prefer to answer your question. Reviews say Purple Tide’s each psychic medium near me is sensitive and intuitive.

Final Verdict 

Although relatively new, Purple Tides is showing promise of becoming a well-known psychic reading app with no complicated controls. 

It’s as easy as typing your question, selecting the number of psychic mediums near me to answer, and waiting less than a day for the answers. 

>>Consult multiple psychics for as low as $5 on Purple Tides

What Is a Psychic Reading?

A psychic reading aims to use spiritual energy and heightened perception to bring messages or answers to questions that the physical world simply cannot answer. 

Many psychics use their increased visual, hearing, feeling, and other abilities to dive into their clients’ questions and give them the most accurate answers possible. Often, they use instruments like cards, crystals, smoke, etc., to help them discern answers. 

How We Selected the Best Psychic Mediums Near Me (Online)

We know better than to recommend just a run-of-the-mill site for your serious spiritual questions. Here’s what we considered while making this list of  best psychic mediums near me

Screening Process for Psychic Readers 

The best psychic reading services have a stringent screening process to ensure the psychics on their platform are legitimate and trained to provide accurate and valuable readings. The customers’ best interests are always the priority. 

Contact Methods 

Psychic mediums near me must have many contact methods like chat, call, and video to accommodate the client’s preferences and best comfort. 

Regardless of the contact method chosen, the site must offer a smooth sailing connection between the psychic near me and the customer. 

Psychic Specialties Available 

It’s always nice to have more than one possible path to the right answer, which is why the online psychic mediums near me must have a wide variety of specialties to choose from. 

It’s a big green flag if the site offers many reading types (tarot, aura reading, astrology, and more) to tackle different situations (love, family, career, money, etc.). 

Discounts and Promotions 

Online psychic mediums near me offer discounts and promotions to attract new customers. These offers must not only be attractive but also legitimate. We value sites that provide customers with the best experience at the lowest price possible. 

Satisfaction Guarantee 

In the case of unmet expectations with a reading, giving a Satisfaction Guarantee shows that an online psychic site puts its customers at the top of the priority list. A Satisfaction Guarantee offers money back or extra credit after an unsatisfactory reading. 

Years of Experience 

If we’re talking about experience, nothing beats getting your hands dirty in the field. And long years of experience prove that a site has seen and learned more. We place great importance on how many years a site has spent providing service. 

>>Get $10 OFF at Purple Garden

Different Types of Psychics Online You Can Find

The most well-known types of psychics you can find online are tarot readers and astrologers. But other types of psychics can answer your questions just as accurately. Below are some of the psychics and readings you can find online. 

General Psychics & Readings 

General readings rely on the psychic’s initial sense of a person, not a particular question. 

Because of their heightened senses, they might get messages about what a person is going through, even if they only know their name and birthdate. 

These are good for customers who don’t have a particular problem but want to see where they stand spiritually. 

Astrologers & Astrology Readings 

Astrologers use celestial bodies’ positions and relative movements, like stars, planets, etc., to survey a person’s personality and experiences. 

Based on the time and place a client was born, they can draw inferences about their attitudes towards love, family, money, and more. 

Tarot Card Readers & Tarot Readings 

Tarot card readers use cards from the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana cards to see patterns, perceive energy, and use symbolism to convey messages to their clients. 

Cards are pulled in different ways, but ultimately, no card that falls out of the deck is considered a coincidence.

Psychic Medium & Mediumship 

Psychic mediums use their ability to sense and communicate with spirits to relay messages to their clients. 

Most people seek the services of mediums when they want to talk to the dearly departed due to unfinished business or simply to connect with loved ones they miss. 

Dream Analysis 

Dreams are not just strange events we perceive during sleep. In dream analysis, psychics analyze the details of a dream and articulate them in a way the client will understand. 

Dreams can serve as messages and warnings, making recurring dreams interesting to pick apart. 

Real Psychics for Pets 

Psychics for pets do what many of us wish we could: communicate with our beloved pets. Pet psychics can understand messages from animals using their minds. Receiving loving words from our pets seems exciting, doesn’t it? 

FAQs About the Best Psychic Mediums Near Me

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about psychic near me services you need to know to make an informed decision.

How Does Speaking to an Online Psychic Reader Work? 

Speaking to an online psychic reader works by first finding a match through many sites, such as Purple Garden, and communicating with them through chat, phone, or video call. 

These methods depend on what the psychic makes available and your preferences. 

The client asks their questions, if any, and has them answered through the psychic’s unique abilities and instruments, such as tarot reading, astrology reading, and the like. 

What Do Psychics Do?

Psychics have heightened senses, which make them able to perceive a person’s mind and overall situation. 

They may sense a person’s past, present, and future without knowing or talking to them beforehand. 

How Easy Is It To Find a Psychic Reader?

In the 2020s, it is easier than ever to find a psychic reader, even without going out to find one. 

You can filter out psychics according to your preferences through online psychic mediums near me services. You can connect with psychics from all over the world and have your questions answered in minutes. 

How Good Is Customer Support?

Customer support at online psychic mediums near me may differ from site to site. Many have round-the-clock customer chat support and email, while some provide an FAQ page alone. 

What Kind of Free Stuff Do They Offer?

Most psychic mediums near me, like Kasamba, offer free minutes and a discount on your overall total for the first paid reading. 

These sites also offer free access content to provide information about spirituality, the different types of psychic reading near me open now, horoscopes, etc. 

Is There a Satisfaction Guarantee? 

Psychic mediums near me, like Kasamba and AskNow, offer a Satisfaction Guarantee. This entitles customers to their money back or extra site credit if their chosen psychic does not meet their expectations. This gesture shows the site’s commitment to quality service

Should I Get a Chat, Video, or Phone Psychic Readings Near Me? 

Getting a chat, video, or phone psychic readings near me depends on your comfort and time. Those on the go and unable to sit down for a conversation will benefit more from a chat reading. 

Those better at spoken exchanges than written ones but don’t want to reveal their appearance can opt for phone calls. 

Meanwhile, video readings are considered the best method as they give the psychic readers more cues to discern from, such as body language and appearance. 

Can Online Psychics Be Trusted? 

Online psychics can be trusted, as many of them have undergone a strict screening process before being able to render their services to the public. 

If you ever feel uncomfortable with your chosen psychic, you can always contact the site’s customer service and get ample guidance.

>>Get $10 OFF on Purple Garden

Find the Best Psychic Near Me Now – Wrapping Up

There’s no need to frantically search your city (and beyond) for reliable spiritual guidance. The best psychic medium near me is only a few clicks away on your phone or computer. 

And like anything online, readings can be delivered in minutes. 

We give the highest praise to Purple Garden, whose phenomenal customer reviews have made them the top choice for accurate psychic readings near me. 

They are followed by Kasamba, an online psychic medium near me that has been giving romantic advice through spiritual tools for decades. 

However, you won’t go wrong with whichever site you pick from the 11 picks above. 

Just look inside of you, pick a question, choose a psychic who feels right to you, and ask away. Life is too short to stumble upon questions. Let psychics pave the way for your next steps. 

But remember, psychic readers cannot guarantee specific outcomes or results. The future is fluid and influenced by numerous factors, including personal choices and circumstances.