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Best Psychic Readings Near Me 2023 – Get Expert Guidance From Trusted Advisors

In the past, you had to travel, sometimes to places you’d rather not, to get psychic readings. 

Today, with online psychic readings, it’s possible to get a psychic reading near me no matter where you are 24/7. 

If you’re in a jam and need a psychic reading near me now, we have a list of the best sites to visit, like Purple Garden, that offer accurate readings, discounts, and more. 

Check it out.

Psychic Reading Near Me Now

First Look 

  1. Purple Garden – Best psychic reading near me now platform overall ($10 OFF)
  2. Kasamba – Best psychic reading for new love (50% OFF)
  3. Keen – Best spiritual psychic reading near me now (10 minutes for $1.99)
  4. California Psychics – Most extensive collection of  psychic tools ($1/min)
  5. Purple Ocean – Best custom video psychic reading near me (as low as $0.99/min)
  6. Oranum – Best free live chat psychic reading near me now(10,000 FREE coins)
  7. AskNow – Most accurate career psychic reading near me (5 FREE mins)
  8. Psychic Source – Best medium psychic reading near me now ($1/min)
  9. Psychic Oz – Most experienced psychic reading near me platform (3 FREE mins) 
  10. Purple Tides –  Best prerecorded psychic reading near me now  (as low as $5) 

Although we’re often told we must wait for success, problems are often an immediate occurrence. 

If you need a psychic reading near me now and waiting is not an option, we’ve compiled a list of sites like Purple Garden that can deliver a psychic reading near me that you can depend on. 

That’s right. Accurate psychics, affordable deals, and immediate access to a quality psychic reading near me now, no matter your problem.

1. Purple Garden – Best Psychic Reading Near Me Overall 


  • Over 1,000 advisors
  • Customers voted them the most accurate psychics
  • Bilingual English/Spanish
  • $10 matching credit
  • Phone, video, and chat readings 


  • Different prices for video, phone, and chat readings 

Site Overview 

Purple Garden has some of the best and easiest psychics to connect with when it comes to getting a psychic reading near me. 

They also have low prices, starting at $0.99 per minute, and an introductory discount for all first-time customers


If this is your first time looking for a psychic reading near me, Purple Garden makes it easy to browse through their 1000+ psychics to find the right one for you. 

As soon as you arrive, there are easy-to-scan samplers of the most accurate, trending, and top-rated psychics on the site. There’s even a staff pick of the day. 

Once you pick an advisor for your reading, you’ll get a $10 matching credit on your first reading to go with Purple Garden’s typically affordable prices. 

Plus, ongoing promo codes are available on sites like Knoji and that will extend your savings into future readings. 

Gifted Psychics 

Brazilian Vibes is a tarot reader who focuses on the big picture regarding your questions. She has done over 3,500 readings with over 1,100 positive reviews from customers. 

JoJoEmpowers is a staff pick and psychic life coach dedicated to helping you find the best in yourself. She has done over 22,000 readings. You can trust her to guide you whether you’re looking for psychic palm readings near me open or other readings.

Final Verdict

When it comes to accuracy, easy navigation, cheap psychics online, and ongoing deals, Purple Garden is the psychic reading near me site you’re going to want to take a stroll in. 

>>Get $10 OFF on Purple Garden

2. Kasamba – Best Psychic Reading Near Me for New Love


  • Best Match Guarantee
  • 3 free minutes plus 50% off
  • Satisfaction Guarantee up to $50
  • Over 20 years online
  • The best readings for new love  


  • Email readings take 24 hours  

Site Overview

If you’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places, let the love experts at Kasamba point you toward more fertile ground.

They’ve made more new matches than Cupid and healed more lonely hearts than Dear Abby. 

Are you game?


The only thing Kasamba is better at than matching you with a new love is matching you with one of their experts for a psychic reading near me. 

The Best Match Guarantee gives you a 3-minute free psychic reading with 3 different psychics to find the proper match. After that, you’ll get the first 3 minutes of your reading free and 50% off the entire reading. 

Moreover, if you don’t feel 100% inspired after your psychic’s romantic prognosis, Kasamba’s satisfaction guarantee will give you back as much as $50 for another reading. 

Once your reading is done, Kasamba also has a terrific articles section. There are pieces on everything from All About Psychics to free horoscopes and more to continue your psychic education. 

Gifted Psychics 

Seek Chelle is a natural intuitive with a psychology degree specializing in helping people find new love. She has over 11,000 positive reviews, many of them with heart emojis.

Advisor Rainbow is a psychic who doesn’t use tools. She specializes in all matters of the heart, has over 7,600 reviews, and is easy on the budget.  

Final Verdict 

If finding love has been an issue, and you need a psychic reading near me now to find out why, then Kasamba can help you connect with that special person and a special deal. 

>>Get 50% OFF at Kasamba

3. Keen – Best Spiritual Psychic Reading Near Me Now 


  • “Readings 101” to help you prepare
  • 3 minutes free
  • 10 minutes for $1.99
  • Accurate spiritual readings
  • Over 1,700 online psychics 


  • Satisfaction Guarantee doesn’t apply to promotions

Site Overview 

If your choices aren’t bringing you a meaningful life, maybe you need a psychic reading near me now with one of Keen’s spiritual experts.

It comes with the added blessings of new customer discounts, so why not dip your toe in the spiritual plane and see what happens? 


With more than 1,700 advisors on the site, Keen can provide you with a psychic reading near me anytime, anyplace. 

There are over 100 Keen advisors specializing in filling your spirit with positivity and light, and to sort through them all, there’s a “Best Match Quiz” to narrow them down based on your interests.

Once you find your perfect spiritual guide, Keen offers you the first 3 minutes of your reading free and an additional 10 minutes for $1.99. 

To continue your spiritual enlightenment after a reading, Keen has a massive articles section with pieces on everything psychic and spiritual. 

Gifted Psychics

Advisor Keaij24 is a channeler and tarot reader specializing in connecting you with your divine timing. She has done over 42,000 readings with a 4.7/5 approval rate. 

TheHumanCurrent is a spiritual medium that talks with angels to help you find your truth. She has done over 12,000 readings with a 4.7/5 approval rate. 

Final Verdict 

If you are looking for the best version of yourself, Keen has a psychic to point you toward the joy and fulfillment you’re hoping for. 

They also have some great discounts that are easily within your grasp. 

>>Get 10 minutes for $1.99 on Keen

4. California Psychics – Most Extensive Collection of Psychic Tools 


  • The most extensive menu of reading tools online
  • $1 per minute deals
  • Highly tested psychics
  • Karma rewards and ongoing promos
  • Wide selection of free horoscopes 


  • No video option

Site Overview 

California Psychics has had a psychic reading near me available for every problem under the sun for over a generation. 

Add to that tradition, discount deals, and more, and this is a site you should be on your way to, 


There are many ways to search for a psychic on California Psychics. For example, you can screen for psychic abilities, reading tools, style, subjects, and more. 

There are also customer favorites, staff picks, and rising stars categories. 

Once you pinpoint an advisor for your psychic reading near me, there are deals for new customers that include 20-minute packages for $1, $2, and $4 per minute

However, the good stuff on California psychics isn’t just for new customers. 

The Karma Rewards program awards you discounts and more based on the number of readings you’ve had. It’s free to sign up and includes a $20 credit and a free detailed astrological birth chart.

In addition, there are free daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscopes for every sign. 

Gifted Psychics 

Alwine is an oracle card reader who can connect and speak with your internal spirit. She has done more than 4,800 readings and is known for her compassionate reading style. 

Usha is a remote viewer and empath specializing in helping others sort out their destiny. She has done over 5,300 readings and also has a compassionate approach. 

Final Verdict

Online over 28 years, California Psychics has a wide variety of readings, new customer deals, and affordable prices for the best psychic reading near me now, no matter where you are. 

>>Get readings at $1/minute on California Psychics

5. Purple Ocean – Best Custom Video Psychic Reading Near Me 


  • Readings via phone or tablet
  • Free mobile app
  • 1-hour delivery service
  • Customized video responses
  • Live video sessions from $0.99 per minute 


  • Readings only through your phone 

Site Overview 

Purple Ocean is a mobile app that brings live video psychic readings to your phone or tablet screen. 

They are a sister site to Purple Garden, so many of the Garden’s highly accurate readers are interchangeable between the two. 


The Purple Ocean app is available for free download in iOS or Android from the Apple Store and Google Play. 

Once you register, purchase credits, and browse their list of psychics, you’ll be asked to send your reader of choice a written question to the link on their profile. 

Within 24 hours, you’ll receive a 3-minute pre-recorded video response for only $10. If you need your psychic reading near me now, a 1-hour service for $15 is also available. 

If you’d prefer a live video reading, each psychic on Purple Ocean sets their own price for that, starting at only $0.99 per minute. 

Gifted Psychics 

Madame Laveau is a medium and reiki expert specializing in love and relationship issues. She has done over 1,300 readings with a 99.9% on-time delivery rate. 

Sunitha_R is a tarot energy healer specializing in love readings and psychic guidance. She has done over 2,700 readings with a 99.5% on-time delivery rate. 

Final Verdict

This platform is the closest to a take-out psychic reading you’ll ever get. Place your order, give the reader time to ponder, and you get a custom-prepared 3-minute video psychic reading explaining it all. 

On-time delivery is guaranteed; you can even have it within the hour. There are also live readings starting at $0.99 per minute.

>>Get readings for as low as $0.99/min on Purple Ocean

6. Oranum – Best Free Live Chat Psychic Reading Near Me Now 


  • Free live chat room
  • $9.99 Free Credit
  • The best video readings
  • Monthly voting for psychics
  • Informative spiritual and psychic Blog 


  • Confusing “Coins” payment system 

Site Overview 

When it comes to getting a psychic reading near me now, the free live video chat room at Oranum never closes. 

You get one free question with as many psychics as you want 24/7, 365 days a year


Oranum is the only site where all its readers are available for live video calls. 

It starts with the free live video chat room where you can ask 1 free chat question to as many psychics as you like. 

Their response will be on a live video stream, so you’ll get a free reading with each question. Plus, you can also hang out and watch them answer others’ questions. 

Once you’ve worked with a psychic that feels right, you’ll get a $9.99 free credit when you schedule a full reading with them. 

Even after your reading, Oranum’s readers provide additional spiritual tidbits on their profiles, like mini-lectures and tutorials, with some free and others available at small charges. 

Gifted Psychics 

PsychicShamanMae is an experienced psychic healer who came to her work after some hard lessons and life experiences. She is currently number 3 in the monthly contest for top psychic. 

Psychic Benz is a clairvoyant who also does energy healing. He specializes in love issues and dreamwork and is currently number 4 in the monthly voting for best psychic. 

Final Verdict 

With their free live video chat room, Oranum is a site that keeps you spiritually present. What better quality can a psychic site have for getting a psychic reading near me now? 

They also offer a $9.99 free credit just to sign up. 

>>Get $9.99 FREE credit on Oranum

7. AskNow – Most Accurate Career Psychic Reading Near Me 


  • 5 free master minutes
  • Over 17 years online
  • The best $1 per minute deals
  • 1 free email question with a live psychic
  • The best psychics for career readings


  • Satisfaction Guarantee is only good for 5 minutes. 

Site Overview 

We must all work, but shouldn’t you also like it? 

The career advice psychics at AskNow believe you should, and they will use everything from Astrology to Tarot to help you find the perfect situation to sustain yourself. 

No more overtime, only time well spent. 


With advisors categorized to fit your budget, AskNow has a full menu of readings and subjects, so nothing you can come up with will be alien to them. 

Once you decide on a reader from their extensive menu, a pair of $1 per minute deals can extend your reading to as long as 30 or 40 minutes. 

Additionally, if you sign up for any of these $1 per minute deals, you will also get 5 free minutes and 1 free email question with a live psychic

That’s a lot of free and discounted time to work with, so plan your questions accordingly. 

Gifted Psychics 

Prophetess Phyllis is a clairvoyant who shares insights from the spiritual realm. Let her match your destiny with a career that honors you. She has done over 31,000 readings with primarily positive reviews. 

Psychic Lance is a psychic and astrologer who has guided people from all walks of life. He has done more than 21,000 with people who wanted more from life and found it. 

Final Verdict 

AskNow is a site with experienced psychics that offers affordable and accurate readings to help make your career dreams a reality.

The readers at AskNow love their jobs. Let them help you find the same for yourself. 

>>Get 5 FREE minutes on AskNow

8. Psychic Source – Best Medium Psychic Reading Near Me Now 


  • One of the oldest psychic reading sites
  • “Find a Psychic” search filter
  • $1 per minute deals
  • The best medium readings
  • Phone, chat, and video readings available 


  • Discounts only for new customers 

Site Overview 

Everyone experiences loss, but Psychic Source has the best psychic mediums for you if you long to reconnect with more than just your memories.

Let them help you find that place within where grief over a departed loved one can end and healing begin. 


Before a medium can show you peace, you must register an account and deposit some funds, as little as $15 if you like. 

To find the right reader for a psychic reading near me, just use the easy Find a Psychic filter. Answer just a few short, interactive questions, and you’ll soon have at least three readers to choose from. 

Once you’re matched, you get 3 free minutes and a choice of 10, 20, or 30-minute bundles for only $1 per minute

A satisfaction guarantee is also available to make your reading free if you’re dissatisfied. 

Even after your reading is over, Psychic Source has more, with an articles section offering a wealth of articles on a host of spiritual topics. 

Gifted Psychics 

Sibyl is a seer and psychic medium expert in love who can read with or without tools. She has done over 2,500 readings and is known for being direct.

Primrose is a clairvoyant who can read with or without tools. She’s an expert in family matters and finances and has done over 7,400 readings. 

Final Verdict

Letting go is hard, but the mediums at Psychic Source can make it easier. 

With $1 per minute deals, 3 free minutes, and a great search engine, the other side won’t ever cost so much again.

>>Get cheap $1/min readings on Psychic Source

9. Psychic Oz – Most Experienced Psychic Reading Near Me Platform 


  • The first minute is always free
  • $1 per minute packages
  • 3 minutes free
  • Highly screened psychics
  • Satisfaction Guarantee 


  • Only 1 question per email 

Site Overview 

With a tough applicant screening process, Psychic Oz ensures only the best advisors for a psychic reading near me. 

Add to that a wide variety of readings and some great new customer deals, and Psychic Oz offers a whole army of wizards at the end of their yellow brick road. 


With chat, video, email, and phone psychic readings, Psychic Oz is a full-service site for your psychic reading near me. 

Plus, it’s easy to find a reader on Psychic Oz with their customer favorites, staff picks, and rising star sections that focus on the subjects you want and your budget. 

No matter what’s on your mind, Psychic Oz has a wealth of readers with tools and without to help you clarify your mind and spirit. 

There’s everything from clairvoyants, channelers, and empaths to all the traditional psychic tools you’re used to, from Astrology to Tarot and more. 

There are also 3 free minutes and a pair of $1 per minute deals to get started. 

Gifted Psychics 

Annabelle is a medium who can also read with tools. She specializes in love and relationships and has over 500 positive reviews. 

Amber is a 3rd generation psychic specializing in connecting with spirit energies to sort out relationships and has over 560 reviews. 

Final Verdict

With over 30 years of experience, Psychic Oz has well-vetted psychics to cover every subject. 

Add to that 3-minutes free and a pair of $1 per minute deals, and your spiritual evolution suddenly becomes an affordable affair with high-yield dividends.

>>Get 3 FREE minutes on Psychic Oz.

10. Purple Tides – Best Prerecorded Psychic Reading Near Me Now 


  • All psychics are tested
  • Select the number of psychics you want
  • Only $5 per reading
  • Convenient in-app guidance
  • Free to download for iOs or Android 


  • Videos are pre-recorded, not live.  

Site Overview 

The Purple Tides app offers a unique psychic reading near me experience that allows you to select how many professional readers you want to answer your question. 

The more, the merrier with as many psychic perspectives as you’d like to help figure out your problem. 


Finding the right advisor can be challenging, but Purple Tides sorts it out for you. 

For as little as $5, Purple Tides eliminates the guessing game of finding the right psychic by letting multiple psychics answer your question. After that, you get to pick the response that makes the most sense. 

That way, you get multiple perspectives immediately without wasting free minutes and maybe too much money trying to find the best reader.

Plus, with a free app for iOS or Android, your Purple Tides answers are delivered within 24 hours or your money back. 

Gifted Psychics 

You won’t know the psychics you can choose from until you submit your question. 

Final Verdict 

Purple Tides is a genuinely unique psychic reading near me. It lets multiple psychics answer your question right off the bat, rather than you needing to search through several psychics using trial and error. 

Just pick the number of psychics you want and pay accordingly. Besides, how can you go wrong for as little as $5? 

>>Get answers from multiple psychics for $5 at Purple Tides 

What Are The Benefits of Psychic Reading Services? 

In a fast-paced and often stressful world, psychic reading services offer an easily accessible and affordable way for many people to find advice in dealing with their problems.

While many other help services require you to be put on a long waiting list to be seen, a psychic reading near me now is a quick way to have someone to talk with immediately.

Psychic Reading Near Me vs. In Person

Because psychic abilities transcend the normal rules of time and space, online and in-person readings can be successful. 

The only difference between them is the level of convenience.

Some people prefer in-person readings because they like being in the same room with the reader. In-person readings are usually cash only, and you must commit to an hour or half-hour reading. You may also have to travel somewhere you don’t want to. 

A psychic reading near me allows you to have an online reading from the comfort of your home. Online readings are also more private because the reader cannot access any of your personal data.

A psychic reading near me can also be paid for with a credit card, and you will only be charged by the minute for the exact amount of time you speak. 

In short, both types of readings are viable. It just comes down to what you prefer.

>>BEST DEAL: Get $10 OFF at Purple Garden  

Psychic Reading Near Me – Our Ranking Process 

We considered several things when it came to ranking the best psychic reading sites

Here are some of the features we considered essential. 

Screening Process for Psychic Readers

Even though online readings have come a long way, they are not foolproof. 

As a result, it is crucial for a psychic site to screen its readers ahead of time to both assure the highest quality readings and protect customers. 

Contact Methods 

The whole point of a psychic reading near me is convenience. Therefore, we felt it essential that a site offered as many different contact methods as possible.

All the listed sites offer chat and phone readings, while only some offer video and email readings. 

Psychic Specialties Available 

The more types of readings a site offers, the better. That’s because different types of readings handle certain subjects better than others. 

For example, a medium reading is better than an astrology or tarot reading for connecting with a lost loved one. 

The more varied readings a site offers, the better it can serve whatever its customers need. 

Discounts and Promotions 

Because psychic readings charge by the minute, many customers who might enjoy them are scared off, thinking the session will be too expensive. 

Free psychics or discounted minutes are essential promotional tactics that allow people to try out psychic readings in a controlled situation where the factor of high cost is eliminated. 

Satisfaction Guarantee 

Although psychic readings have benefitted many, it is not an exact science. Sometimes, psychics make mistakes. 

Therefore, sites must provide a satisfaction guarantee to protect customers from the occasional incompetent reading that will undoubtedly occur. 

Years of Experience 

We felt a site’s years of experience were vital. 

It takes years to develop any sort of service business, and that’s especially true when it comes to psychic readings. 

The sites with the most experience attract the best psychics and have learned what customers really need through trial and error. 

>>BEST DEAL: Get $10 OFF at Purple Garden  

How To Identify a Fake Psychic Online 

There have always been fake psychics, and to some extent, there always will be. 

However, most of the best psychic reading services offering their customers a psychic reading near me have made it a point to screen their readers to ensure you always receive a legit professional reading. 

Here are some things that may let you know you’re with a fake psychic. 

Claims to Know Everything 

A genuine psychic would never claim to know everything because their extrasensory abilities should make them realize and accept the mysterious nature of the universe. 

Only a fool or a fake would claim to know it all in the face of such awe-inspiring immensity. 

Asks for Personal Information 

One of the biggest tip-offs for fraud in a psychic reading near me is for a reader to ask for your personal information. It’s never pertinent to the reading and smacks of a con game. 

Claims to Have Special Powers

A psychic may have extraordinary perceptive powers. Still, anyone claiming in your psychic reading near me to be able to perform what amounts to a miracle is a con artist. 

If what they claim is too fantastic to be true, it probably is. 

Asks Too Many Questions 

In a psychic reading near me, you should be the one with the questions, and the psychic should be the one with advice, guidance, and sometimes answers. 

Too many questions from a reader are a fishing expedition and a giveaway that they’re trying to cold-read you. 

Doesn’t Give Specific Information 

The classic con in a psychic reading near me is to offer vague, general information. This is a form of cold reading, and it’s designed to play on the customers’ insecurities by telling them what they want to hear so they’ll keep coming back. 

Readings Full of Negativity and Pessimism 

One common way of manipulating a customer in a psychic reading near me is to absolve them of responsibility for their problems by saying they’re surrounded by negative energy. 

This approach doesn’t offer any advice or solutions but instead keeps the customer attached to the reader by assigning blame to something else. 

They Allude That You’re Cursed 

The most common con in a psychic reading near me is to claim the customer is cursed and then charge more money for a magical spell to break the curse. 

They Have a God Complex 

Psychics are supposed to be sensitive and insightful, not domineering. Any reader who insists they’re right even when life proves them wrong is someone to stay far away from. 

>>BEST DEAL: Get $10 OFF at Purple Garden  

FAQs About the Best Psychic Readings Online 

Here are some common questions many people ask about getting the best psychic reading near me. 

How Does Psychic Reading Online Work? 

A psychic reading near me works by asking the psychic a question, after which they answer while charging by the minute for a reply. 

Why Are More People Getting Psychic Reading Near Me After COVID-19? 

More people are getting a psychic reading near me after COVID-19 because getting a reading online is a form of social distancing and is, therefore, safer than an in-person reading. 

What Kind of Questions Can You Ask in a Psychic Reading? 

In a psychic reading near me, you can ask about anything that means something to you. 

Many people ask about things like their love relationships, career direction, family conflicts, financial situation, and more. 

What Do Psychics Do?

Psychics use their extrasensory abilities, psychic tools, and oracles to answer the questions people pose about life. 

Should I Get a Chat, Video, or Phone Psychic Reading? 

You should get a chat, video, or phone psychic reading based on what you are comfortable with.

A chat reading would be better if you like to type, read, and maintain your privacy. A phone psychic reading near me would be better if you prefer to talk and listen. 

If you want to see and hear your readers and have them see and listen to you, then a video psychic reading would be your best bet. 

Can Online Psychics Be Trusted? 

An online psychic can be trusted to do a psychic reading near me if the site they are working on states that they screen and test all of their psychics ahead of time. 

You can also trust your psychic if they have many positive customer reviews. 

>>BEST DEAL: Get $10 OFF at Purple Garden  

Find the Best Psychic Near Me – Wrapping Up 

We scoured the best sites for a psychic reading near me, and you’ve just read the results. 

All the sites we reviewed are good or wouldn’t have made the list. However,  if you’re looking for the absolute best sites, let’s recap our top picks. 

Purple Garden was number one. 

They have everything from accurate psychics, affordable prices, an English/Spanish platform, a $10 matching credit, and chat, video, and phone readings. 

Next is Kasamba

They have the best psychic reading near me open for finding new love and a Best Match Guarantee, 3 free minutes, and 50% off.  So, if you need a psychic near me to get things back on track, dial up one of our picks.

But remember, psychic readings are subjective interpretations of energy, intuition, and psychic impressions. They do not guarantee accurate predictions, outcomes, or future events.