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Tyson Fury’s Next Fight: First Francis Ngannou, Then Oleksandr Usyk?

Tyson Fury is quite possibly the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world, an undefeated, 270-pound wrecking ball who’s demolished every fighter he’s ever faced in the ring.

So it’s understandable that people would want to know who his next victim will be.

Any Fury fight will inevitably be a super fight, and there is no shortage of fighters lining up to test their luck against the gigantic Englishman. We know who he’ll face in his next matchup, but after that, it’s a mystery – and if you are after the best sites, take a look at Luckland.

We have our own ideas for who he should face, though, and we’ll outline a few of the fights we most want to see – including a blockbuster that the entire boxing community has been demanding for years.

Let’s dive right in!

Best UK Sites to Bet on Tyson Fury’s Next Fight

Want to know how we ranked these betting sites? Keep on reading! We’ve prepared a detailed overview of not only the future fight of the UFC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury but also overviewed the best UK betting sites to bet on Tyson Fury’s next fight.

Tyson Fury’s Next Fight is Against Francis Ngannou

Tyson Fury will be facing former UFC heavyweight champ Francis Ngannou on October 28 in Saudi Arabia.

It’s a clash of two big names, but it’s a choice that’s left many boxing fans deeply disappointed.

The heavyweight division is as stacked as it’s been in decades, and Fury has no shortage of big-name potential opponents (more on this later). He can pick an opponent who will both guarantee him an eight-figure payday and burnish his already-sterling legacy.

And yet he’s chosen to scrap with a cage fighter instead. Albeit the former undisputed MMA heavyweight champion.

It’s clearly a cash grab, and both Fury’s fans and peers alike are wondering if he’s using it to duck more threatening competition.

We’ve seen boxing-MMA crossovers before, from Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor to Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva, and there’s yet to be a classic (or even slightly memorable) fight from their ranks yet.

While no one can fault either fighter for making as much money as they can, it’s still disappointing for fans who would much rather see Fury test himself against some of the best fighters in the heavyweight division.

Could this fight end up great? Sure — with two sluggers like this promising to go toe-to-toe, there’s definitely potential for a highlight-reel knockout. We wouldn’t expect a fight that makes us forget the Rumble in the Jungle, however.

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Fury vs Ngannou at a Glance

  • What: Tyson Fury (33-0-1) vs Francis Ngannou (20-3-3 in MMA)
  • When: October 28, 2023
  • Where: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Time: TBD
  • Odds: Fury 1.12, Ngannou 6.45

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Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou Preview and Betting Strategy 

Let’s get two things straight right off the bat. First of all, this will probably be a bad fight.

Second of all, this will probably also be an awesome fight that we can’t wait to watch.

Why will it likely be bad? Because boxers are so much better at actually boxing than MMA fighters are. Fury has been honing this craft for years while Ngannou was spending his time becoming more well-rounded; it’s absolute madness to think that he could match up with a world-class boxer like Fury after a few months of practice.

This has been borne out in the ring time and time again. Mayweather toyed with McGregor. Perhaps the greatest MMA fighter of all time, Anderson Silva, was knocked out by a YouTube star. It’s simply not fair. Even if Francis once held the UFC heavyweight championship.

So why is this potentially an awesome fight? Because these are two of the hardest-hitting fighters in the world, and they’ve promised to stand and scrap once the opening bell rings.

It’s the type of dumb entertainment that boxing has been sorely lacking for years. Yes, watching technically marvellous fighters like Mayweather or Vasiliy Lomachenko is enjoyable, but our barbarian spirit sometimes cries out for a match involving two giant men just whaling on each other.

That’s exactly what Fury-Ngannou promises to provide.

Make no mistake; these are two massive men. Fury is 6-foot-9 and weighs around 275 pounds, while Ngannou is 6-foot-4 and about 260 pounds. Both fighters are strong as bulls, and every single punch thrown in this fight has the potential to be the last one thrown.

It’s as close as we’re likely to get to the slugfests featured in the Rocky movies. How could you not fall in love with that?

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Tyson Fury’s Strategy

While Fury has promised to stand in the middle of the ring and go blow-for-blow with Ngannou, that’s likely the last thing he actually wants to do.

The champ has a good five inches on Ngannou, but that only translates to a two-inch reach advantage, as the Cameroonian fighter has long arms for his size. Still, that’s enough for Fury to dance around and pepper Ngannou with jabs and power shots while avoiding absorbing any real damage of his own.

Fury will also have a marked skill advantage — so why would he want to abandon that in order to throw wild haymakers at an inferior opponent? The longer the fight lasts, and the less it devolves into a slugfest, the better Fury’s chances.

Ngannou also isn’t likely to be as well-conditioned as Fury. Even a championship UFC fight only lasts 25 minutes, whereas a boxing match can go 36 minutes or more. (The exact number of rounds the two will be fighting has yet to be released.)

Finally, a boxing ring has a lot more room to manoeuvre than the Octagon does — and that means footwork is even more important than in MMA. You can’t learn elite footwork in a few months, so the more Fury can keep the fight moving, the better his chances are likely to be.

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Francis Ngannou’s Strategy

Ngannou’s strategy is no secret. He wants to stand as close to Fury as possible and hopefully hit him with a crippling blow.

It’s not a particularly elegant strategy, but given Ngannou’s impressive power, it could be an effective one. It’s also likely his only chance at emerging victorious here.

If Fury doesn’t cooperate with the plan, though, it’s unlikely that Ngannou will have much of a Plan B. He can’t match Fury’s technical prowess, and if the fight moves from the centre of the ring, he’ll likely eat punches without being able to mount much of a counter-offensive.

Ngannou will be like a novice poker player matched up against Phil Ivey in the late stages of a tournament. His only hope will be to go all-in as often as possible and hope to get lucky.

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Who to Bet On in Fury vs Ngannou

Honestly, this is not a good fight to bet on, at least if you’re picking winners. Fury will almost certainly win — a fact that’s not lost on the bookies, which will (and already have) establish him as a considerable favourite.

If you can find a great price on Ngannou and you think he’s capable of landing a lucky, fight-changing punch, then we’d take it. Most odds we’ve seen have the Cameroonian fighter at around 6.45, though — not enough to be worth the risk.

You’re better off trying to find a prop you like — something like what round will be the last. We expect Fury to finish off Ngannou within the first five rounds, but exactly when will likely depend on how much of a show he wants to put on for the paying public first.

Who Should Tyson Fury Fight After Francis Ngannou?

It should be noted that Fury has a rematch clause in his contract, so if the Predator somehow gets lucky and knocks him out, a rematch with Ngannou might be his next fight as well.

Assuming Fury takes care of business, though, here are the fights we’d love to see him take. So, who will the undisputed heavyweight championship winner fight next?

Oleksandr Usyk

This is the Tyson Fury fight that boxing fans truly want to see, and the one we’d hoped we were getting before the Ngannou fight was announced.

Usyk is the one heavyweight that can credibly claim to be a better fighter than Fury, and this bout would finally put to rest any questions as to who the top scrapper in the heavyweight division is.

The fight came tantalisingly close to happening back in March due largely to Usyk agreeing to a 70/30 purse split in favour of Fury. Instead, Fury chose to take a (likely larger) payday against a (likely inferior) opponent in Ngannou.

This, naturally, has led Usyk to claim that Fury is afraid of him. That’s likely, not true, but choosing to face someone making their boxing debut rather than fighting another top pound-for-pound fighter definitely doesn’t look good.

For his part, Usyk will face Britain’s Daniel Dubois in August. This will likely be a mere tuneup fight, and many experts believe a Usyk-Fury bout will ultimately happen in early 2024.

All that could change if either Ngannou or Dubois notch a shocking upset, however.

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Anthony Joshua

Another top contender that Fury has never tangled with, Joshua has seen his star dim significantly after losses to Andry Ruiz and back-to-back setbacks against Usyk.

Still, he’s one of the top fighters in the division, and a fight with Fury would undoubtedly sell a lot of PPVs.

Given that both fighters are huge stars in their native Britain, a bout between the two — in Wembley Stadium, perhaps? — would be must-see TV in the UK. The rest of the boxing world would take notice as well, of course, but this could truly be one of the biggest fights in British boxing history.

Make no mistake, Joshua is still a dangerous fighter who’s every bit capable of handing Fury his first loss. However, he’ll likely have to wait until Usyk has had his turn — and if Fury polishes off the Ukrainian, it’s hard to see Joshua being the one to beat him.

Fury’s decision to take on Ngannou seems to indicate that financial considerations play a big role in determining who he’ll fight, though, so that might force him to take a long look at tangling with Joshua next.

There have been rumours that the Saudis would try to create a mega-card with Fury and Usyk as the headliners and Joshua and Deontay Wilder as the undercard, with the latter fight serving as a de facto number-one contender fight.

As of yet, those rumours are completely unsubstantiated, sadly. Still, Joshua might end up tangling with Wilder to see who gets the winner of Fury-Usyk, so stay tuned.

Deontay Wilder

This would likely only happen if Fury beat Usyk and Wilder beat Joshua, and even then, it may not come to fruition. The two have already fought three times, with Fury holding a 2-0-1 advantage, so it’s not like the public is clamouring for a part four.

That being said, if Wilder puts on a string of impressive performances — say, wins against Joshua, perhaps a defeat of Usyk if he loses to Fury, and maybe even a win against Ruiz — then it would be hard to deny him another shot at Fury.

It will be interesting to see how many people would be willing to fork over PPV money for that fight, though.

Zhilei Zhang

Zhang might not be in Fury’s class just yet — but he certainly knows how to trash talk like he is.

After hearing of the champ’s decision to fight Ngannou instead of taking on another heavyweight contender, Zhang called him “a disgrace to the sport of boxing.”

Tell us how you really feel, Zhang.

Unfortunately for Zhang, he’s probably third or fourth in line to take on Fury after the Ngannou fight, and the Chinese star is already 40 years old. 

His star has ebbed and flowed in recent years, taking a dip after a loss to Filip Hrgovic but rising again due to being the first man to stop the Juggernaut, Joe Joyce.

Zhang clearly feels that getting under Fury’s skin is his best chance at a title shot and a big payday, but it’s unlikely that such a gambit will work — or that he’ll be able to sell enough PPVs to earn a monster paycheck.

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Andy Ruiz Jr.

Ruiz was long thought to be the next logical opponent for Fury is the Usyk fight fell through, but The Gypsy King’s camp claims that Ruiz “priced himself out” of the fight by asking for too much of the purse earlier this year.

Fury said in an interview that Ruiz wanted $20 million, calling him a “silly bastard” in the process. Ruiz took to Instagram to respond, claiming that Fury was being greedy.

Who’s right? Who knows. This is boxing, so there’s a good chance that everyone involved is being greedy and unreasonable, but it’s possible that one of the fighters is being especially obstinate. 

All this has left Ruiz as a man without a bout for the time being, as Fury preps for Ngannou and Wilder and Joshua appear to be on a collision course in the coming months. He’ll likely have to wait for the smoke from those fights to clear before he has any idea who his next opponent will be.

As for the fight itself, it seems unlikely that Ruiz would pose too much of a threat to Fury — but most experts felt the same way about Anthony Joshua before their first fight, which Ruiz won by TKO in the 7th.

Joshua went on to avenge that defeat, so a rubber match between the two might seem more likely than a title shot for the big Californian.

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Jared Anderson

Like Fury, Anderson is undefeated in the heavyweight division — although his resume is much lighter than The Gypsy King’s.

That hasn’t stopped many insiders from crowning him as The Next Big Thing in boxing, however, and he could be wearing Fury’s belts in the years to come.

Whether he takes them from Fury is another story. Fury is likely the better fighter at this stage in Anderson’s development, and the young American hasn’t truly earned a shot against a fighter of Fury’s stature.

Still, a bout with Fury would make a name for Anderson, especially if he were to shock the world and beat the gigantic Englishman. It would crown him as the current face of the division, not just the future one, and set him up to rule boxing for the next decade-plus.

Making this fight now might appeal to Fury as well. He figures to have a marked advantage in a bout at this point and may want to beat the American while the odds are in his favour. 

It’s a possibility that’s reminiscent of the Mayweather-Canelo Alvarez scrap in that it could pit two legends at very different stages of their careers. Mayweather may have been smart to make that fight when he did — a fact that’s likely not lost on Fury.

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Jon Jones

Why not? If Fury is willing to fight Ngannou for a paycheck, why not take on a better fighter for a (presumably) larger payday?

Jones is currently prepping for a title defence against Stipe Miocic in what many insiders believe will be his last scrap inside the Octagon. After that, he could ride off in the sunset as the greatest MMA practitioner of all time, or he could seek out new challenges, this time in the ring instead of the Octagon.

These two men have verbally sparred before, and there seems to be mutual interest in a fight. Jones is the type of fighter that’s masterful at capturing public interest as well, so they’d likely drum up a lot of interest (and money) for their bout.

“Bones” is nothing if not unpredictable, and he’s often his own worst enemy, so legal troubles could always derail one of his fights — if he indeed wants to face Fury at all.

Like Mayweather, though, Jones seems proud of being undefeated (no, the Matt Hamill fight doesn’t count), so he might not be willing to risk his untarnished record in a fight where he figures to be a significant underdog.

This may not be the best fight of all the possibilities, but it could be the most lucrative — which may end up making it the most likely.

Best Sites for Betting on Tyson Fury Fights

Let’s have a closer look at our top picks for betting on Tyson Fury’s next fight. Whether you are after the best crypto sports betting sites or prefer fiat bookies, you should be able to find something for you.

1. Luckland – Best Site to Bet on Tyson Fury’s Next Fight Overall

New customers only. Max one £10 free bets. Qualifying bets must be placed at odds of 1/1 or greater. Paid as bonus token with min 4/5 odds req. Skrill, Neteller & PayPal not eligible. Note that the full T&Cs apply.

If you like betting on even the most obscure fights, Luckland is the place to do it. Currently, they have Fury listed at 1.12 and Ngannou at 6.45, neither of which are particularly juicy — but both of which are probably spot-on. We’d recommend checking in periodically to see if those lines move.

If you make a new account and wager £15, you’ll get £10 in free bets. That bet must be placed at odds of 1/1 or greater, and check to make sure that your preferred payment method is accepted, as not all methods qualify for the bonus.

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2. Grosvenor – Top Pick to Place Bets on the Underdog

New Customers Only. Min Deposit and Max Bonus apply. Playable on selected games. Wagering requirements apply. Max win £2000. Note that the full T&Cs apply.

You can find all sorts of fights at Grosvenor, even ones that haven’t been booked yet. It’s also a great site for betting on underdogs, and the Fury-Ngannou fight is no exception. They have Fury at 1.12, but Ngannou is 7.50, which is one of the friendliest lines we’ve seen for the Cameroonian.

After completing registration, you’ll get a 100% odds boost token to wager with as you please. The only requirements are that you have to bet with your own money and risk at least £5 each way. The token also expires after 60 days.

>> Deposit £20, play with £50 welcome offer [Grosvenor]

3. Mr Play – Best Variety of Betting Markets

18+, Welcome Bonus: New Players only, 1st Deposit, Min Deposit: £10, max £10 bonus, valid for 14 days; bets must be placed at odds of 1/1 or greater and be settled within 14 days of placement. System bets not eligible. Note that the full T&Cs apply.

Like Luckland, Mr Play figures the odds for this one to be Fury at 1.12 and Ngannou at 6.45. Right now, you can only pick a winner here, but as the fight gets closer, you can expect them to add all sorts of exciting props. It’s an excellent online sports betting option overall!

When you open your account and bet £10, the site will automatically add £10 in free bets to your balance. Be quick about it, though — the deal expires 14 days after activation, and your bet must be made at 1/1 odds or higher.

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4. All British Casino – Top Pick for Betting on Favourites

Welcome bonus for new players only. Maximum bonus is 100% up to £100. Min. the deposit is £20. No max cash out. Wagering is a 35x bonus. Maximum bet with an active bonus is £5. Eligibility is restricted for suspected abuse. Cashback is cash with no restrictions. Skrill & Neteller deposits excluded. Cashback applies to deposits where no bonus is included. Note that the full T&Cs apply.

The sportsbook here isn’t the easiest to navigate, but it’s worth putting in the effort to get the hang of it, as they offer consistently competitive odds. Right now, their lines aren’t as good as the others for this fight, though, as they have Fury at 1.10 and Ngannou at 6.00.

ABC also has a dedicated casino games section that you can take a look at if you ever feel bored of betting boxing – it’s one of the best UK online casinos we found, in fact!

If you lose a bet, you can get up to 10% cashback on it. There’s a catch, though — those funds are only available for use in the casino, so don’t expect to roll them over to Fury’s next fight.

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5. Kwiff – Best Bonuses to Bet on Tyson Fury’s Next Fight

The Promotion operates as a £30 Surprise Bet when you place a bet of at least £10 on any market with odds greater than or equal to 1.50 as your first bet. To qualify for the Promotion, participants must deposit and place a £10 bet as their first bet on any market (excluding each way) in the sportsbook with odds greater than or equal to 1.50. Note that the full T&Cs apply.

Kwiff should definitely be among the sites you visit when line shopping, but that has as much to do with their promos as their odds. In this case, they’re well off from the rest of the pack, as they have Fury listed at 1.07 and Ngannou at 5.00. It’s a very well-known boxing and UFC betting site online.

When you make your first £10 wager, you’ll get a £20 “surprise bet” added to your account. You can’t use this indiscriminately (you can’t bet on small stakes accas, for example), but it’s a nice little reward nonetheless.

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Guide to Betting on Tyson Fury’s Next Fight: FAQs 

What Date is Tyson Fury’s Next Fight?

Tyson Fury’s next fight is on October 28, 2023, against Francis Ngannou in Saudi Arabia.

Has Tyson Fury Ever Lost?

No, Tyson Fury has never lost. The closest he has come is a draw against Deontay Wilder in 2018. He followed that up by beating Wilder twice in their next two fights.

How Much is Tyson Fury Making for the Francis Ngannou Fight?

It’s not known exactly how much Tyson Fury will make for the Francis Ngannou fight, but some estimates have pegged Ngannou’s share of the purse at $18 million. Assuming the two fighters have an 80/20 split — which is about what Fury usually commands — that would put the Gypsy King’s share as high as $90 million.

Best Tips and Strategies for Betting on Tyson Fury’s Next Bout

Using the best boxing betting sites can be an unpredictable affair, but as a lot of sharps will tell you, there are several things you can do to tilt the odds in your favour.

Below, we’ll cover some of our favourite tips and tricks for betting on fights, so you can have an edge if you decide to put some cash down on Tyson Fury’s next fight.

Don’t Neglect the Undercards

Most of the public money will go into the main event, so there’s always some juicy action to be had there. Don’t forget about the other fights on the bill, though, as those can represent some of the best action you’ll find in the sport.

It’s especially good to check those odds on the day of the event. Many punters will wait until the last minute to bet on the main event, and then while they’re placing that bet, they figure out why not bet on the undercard as well.

These bets are usually incredibly ill-informed, and they can move the lines in ways that present juicy opportunities for smart bettors.

Bet on Something Other Than the Outcome

Many fights aren’t especially close on the face of things — and that’s definitely true of the upcoming Fury-Ngannou matchup. It’s very unlikely that this match will end with anything but Fury getting his hand raised.

As a result, it’s very hard to find worthwhile lines if you’re just betting on who will win. Instead, look for other bets, like when the fight will end and how.

These are much less clear-cut, and while that makes them riskier, it also means they have much more value than a straight moneyline bet.

Study Recent Results

The best predictor of future performance is previous results, and that’s true in boxing as well. Before you make a wager on a fight, look at how the most recent bouts for each fighter have gone.

Do they tend to end early or go the distance? Is either fighter on a losing streak? Is one rusty from not fighting in a while, or perhaps not fully recovered from their last bout?

You don’t need to go back to their debuts for this information. Just look at the handful of most recent fights they’ve had to try to get a picture of what their next fight will look like.

Speaking of which…

Try to Picture the Fight in Your Mind

Before you place a bet, try to imagine how you think the fight will go. What will each fighter try to do during the fight? Do you think they’ll be successful? If not, how will that impact the outcome?

For example, you might see a particularly juicy line for Ngannou beating Fury by decision — but how will that happen? How is Ngannou possibly going to last for an entire fight while racking up enough points to win but not doing enough to finish Fury off?

We’re not saying it’s impossible — but it’s pretty hard to picture.

Shop for the Best Lines

Perhaps the biggest skill that sharp bettors have over the general public is a willingness to shop for the best line possible.

You should never take the first odds you see; instead, visit a few sportsbooks to see which site has the best lines for the fight, and then make a bet there.

You may even make multiple bets on the same fight at different bookies. For example, you might pick the moneyline on Fury at one site, then put some money on him winning by KO in the third at another site.

Lines change quickly, though, so it’s smart to open accounts at multiple sportsbooks beforehand. This will allow you to pounce on a juicy line the minute you spot it.

Take Advantage of Deposit Bonuses

Every site offers some sort of incentive for new players to sign up, and for sportsbooks, this often takes the form of a risk-free bet or cashback bonus.

These bonuses can be very beneficial to your bottom line if you know how to use them correctly, so don’t be shy about claiming as many as you can.

Hey, you’re going to be signing up for several sportsbooks anyway — might as well grab some bonus funds while you’re there.

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Who Do You Think Will Win Tyson Fury’s Next Fight?

We know that Tyson Fury will face off against former UFC superstar Francis Ngannou in his next fight, but who he’ll take on after that remains a mystery (fingers crossed for Oleksandr Usyk).

What we can tell you is that, regardless of who he fights next, the sportsbooks on this list are the best places to put action on his bouts. Luckland is the best of the bunch, as they have great lines and juicy bonuses, but you can’t go wrong with any of the sites above.

You may think the Gypsy King will never lose, or you might be predicting a massive upset in his next fight. No matter what you think, these sites are the best ways to put your money where your mouth is.

>> Bet on Tyson Fury’s Next Fight at Luckland <<

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