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‘Pet Pals TV’: Biscuit the three-legged border collie’s journey

Pet Pals TV: Biscuit the rescue collie’s journey

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — In August 2023, 79 dogs were rescued from a backyard breeder in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Clancy’s Dream: Border Collie Rescue in central Indiana took in 38 dogs – including 24 puppies. It was their largest rescue to date.

Kenny Shuck, founder of Clancy’s Dream, joined host of “Pet Pals TV” Patty Spitler, and News 8’s Brittany Noble, to talk more about the rescue, and the journey of Biscuit, a three-legged border collie saved from the breeder.

Rescuers said the dogs were living in crowded, unsanitary conditions. Some of them were chained to trees, their water was undrinkable, and the only thing they had to eat was rotten eggs and dead chickens thrown over the fence by the farmer next door. All the dogs were malnourished, and covered in ticks and fleas. Many of them had skin issues, eye infections, and intestinal parasites, and at least one of them was found dead on the property.

Deputies took the complaint at 4 p.m. on a Friday. the dogs were seized by police and rescue workers the next day, all the dogs were spayed, neutered, and immunized over the weekend, and each of the 38 dogs taken by Clancy’s Dream was safe in a foster home by the end of the day Monday.

Two months later, in Oct. 2023, the Bowling Green Humane Society called Kenny about another dog in need from the group. Biscuit had been hit by a car and couldn’t walk. She was found in a field, alone, in pain, and left to die. Someone saw her and called animal control. The owner was contacted via microchip, but didn’t want her back.

Clancy’s Dream arranged to have her transported to Kenny’s farm in Seymour, Indiana, where he and his wife Heather started the long journey of nursing her back to health.

“We started in 2016, when Clancy, our personal dog, passed away. He died very suddenly and unexpectedly, and to keep his memory alive, we started Clancy’s dream. From there, we take in 20-30 dogs a month and we rehome them out. It’s not an adoption fee,” Shuck said.

Shuck said for 2.5 months, they tried to save both her front legs. She went to four different veterinarians and had every treatment imaginable, including laser therapy, physical therapy, AlphaFlo stem cell therapy, PulseVet shock wave treatments, tissue allograft, and even a specialty leg brace. The treatment didn’t work, and on Jan. 4, 2024, she had one of her front legs removed at the Horse & Hound Veterinary Clinic in Mooresville, Indiana.

Thirteen days later, on Jan. 17, 2024, she was adopted by her new family.

Clancy’s Dream brings help and hope to border collies in times of need. They provide rescue, medical, rehabilitation, and adoption assistance for neglected, abused, or abandoned border collies.

If you are interested in adopting a dog, fill out the adoption application, and the adoption director will contact you once it is approved.

Their mission is to find compatible, healthy, loving, and safe homes for border collies.