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‘Pet Pals TV’: The importance of our furry friends’ dental health

Pet Pals TV: Emphasizing the importance of dental health care for pets

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Amidst the daily grind of dental hygiene reminders, an often-overlooked aspect of healthcare has come into focus: the dental health of our four-legged companions. In a heartwarming tale of compassion and care, Pet Pals TV rescue dog Harry has become the latest ambassador for pet dental wellness.

PetPals Tv’s Patty Spitler and Tom Dock, the director of communications for Noah’s Animal Hospitals, stopped by WISH-TV to chat with Daybreak’s Jeremy Jenkins about Harry’s journey.

Harry Spitler’s journey to dental recovery began when his owner Patty noticed a strong order and decided it was time for a check-up.

“His breath smelled and he likes to go up as you well know and go up to your face and go. Hello there” said Spitler.

The pup got a thorough examination from Noah’s Animal Hospitals. It was revealed that Harry’s liver enzymes were elevated, prompting a delay in his dental operation. Dock explained the critical role of the liver in processing anesthesia, underscoring the importance of precautionary measures.

Dock explained, “When we give anesthetic drugs, the liver is one of the reasons that we can get rid of those drugs, right? And if the liver enzymes are elevated, it means he could have a delayed reaction or a delayed response to the anesthesia, he might not recover as well.”

Following a dietary adjustment to address the elevated enzymes, Harry underwent a successful dental procedure, during which three problematic teeth were removed. The operation, captured on video by Dock, showcased the meticulous care provided by the veterinary team, including dental scaling and extraction.

“We’ve got our team in there. They’re cleaning the teeth, they’re scaling the teeth. And then our doctor Dr Rachel came in and she actually extracted the three teeth,” said Dock.

Dock emphasized the broader implications of neglected pet dental health, highlighting its impact on both longevity and the human-animal bond. Spitler echoed this sentiment, expressing relief at Harry’s improved condition and gratitude for the veterinary team’s expertise and compassion.

“I was so worried about him and of course they can’t tell you what’s wrong with him. And I thought, what’s he going through, you know, is he going to be ok? And so I’ll sleep tonight.” said Spitler.

Harry’s story serves as a reminder of the symbiotic relationship between pet owners and their furry companions. For those seeking guidance on pet dental care, resources are available online and through local veterinary clinics. Additionally, readers can engage with Dr. Tom Dock through his column or email, for insights and advice on pet wellness.

For more information on Harry’s journey and pet dental health tips, click here. You can also tune in to “Pet Pals TV” every Saturday morning.