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15: Gap Year Travel (What’s the best age to travel the world – 20’s? 30’s? 40’s?)

May 31, 2018
Do you have a desire to travel long term? We did. The question comes up often if we wish we would have made our adventure in our 20’s or early 30’s. We have had the chance to meet several travelers that are on gap years after high school and college. We have met couples traveling in their late 20’s that decided to take a few months off from their seasonal work. In this episode, we talk through our thought process on the differences based on age and what-ifs. We also get into the details of the intimating Visa process and eliminating errors as we venture around the globe. Main Topics Covered: Gap Year Travel Question Visa Tips and Process of Making Sure You are Covered Links Mentioned in the Episode: Birch Boys Coffee - This is the coffee and tea that we love so much we had it shipped to us for our travels.  MooseJaw - A great website to get all of your adventure gear to have an excellent trip.  Free walking tours are always a great idea. Be sure to look into when you arrive to the city of your travels. Make sure you understand what to pack. Pack Less! Here is a great post on everything we packed in a single backpack.  Matt still gets adventurous. Here he is jumping off a cliff in Tabarca, Spain. is a great way to find other travelers that have the same interest as you.  You can’t do everything when you travel. Be sure to listen to the Traveler’s Guilt podcast to understand that it’s okay to chill out.  We love the sun and traveling to warm destination like Alicante Spain.  With Technology today, it is the best time to travel and, yes, the safest.  We believe that this travel Mid-Career Gap Year will become more common and this is the reason I Left my career to pursue my love of travel.  US Department of State Website to check into current updates. Sign up for our Newsletter to get the latest tips in Travel and hear about our weekly visits around the world