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27: Galapagos Islands (One of Earth’s Most Unique Locations)

August 23, 2018
One of the most unique and untouched places on the planet, the Galapagos Islands, was a bucket list location for us as we set out on our journey. We loved taking in the gorgeous beaches, hidden diving opportunities, and exotic animals. Swimming with sharks, sea lions, sea turtles, and stingrays made the trip unforgettable. We managed to make the trip on a budget and found creative ways to save money and make the most of our time. In this podcast episode, we share tips to help you have a fantastic trip to the islands off the coast of Ecuador that will leave you wishing for more chances to jump into the Pacific Ocean. Main Topics Covered: Galapagos Islands - Tips to Enjoy and Save Money Links Mentioned in the Episode: TrustedHouseSitters - Join the pet care revolution - Pet Sit, House Sit, or have your pets watched while you are on vacation The original post on traveling the Galapagos Islands on a Budget breaks down a lot of the details of the podcast.  The Galápagos Islands is a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean. It's considered one of the world's foremost destinations for wildlife-viewing. A province of Ecuador, it lies about 1,000km off its coast. Charles Darwin visited in 1835, and his observation of Galápagos' species later inspired his theory of evolution.  We flew in from Guayaquil, Ecuador, and stayed on the islands for 9 days.  Travel during “low season”- Many tour operators consider the months of April and May and September and October to be their “low season” or “slow season” months. Land Based Approach vs. Cruise (we decided on the land-based day trips). Check out our two Youtube videos of our amazing trip to the Galapagos Islands to see all of the beautiful animals and gorgeous landscapes- here - and - here. Relax and feel the beauty of Tortuga Bay Beach (on the best beaches in the world) from this video  Be sure to bring water shoes for this adventures. It will help you get in and out of the ocean with no feet issues.  Make sure you understand what to pack. Pack Less! Here is a great post on everything we packed in a single backpack.  Sign up for our Newsletter to get the latest tips in Travel and hear about our weekly visits around the world