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4: South Africa: A Guys’ Trip Heaven (Couples Welcome Too)

March 15, 2018
Traveling back to South Africa for the second time in only two years was Nikki’s idea but it became Matt’s playground as they hiked the mountains, went to a safari, enjoyed the braai feasts, swam in the ocean, and went to a rugby match. Deep sea fishing and being part of a shark catch was icing on the cake! Matt makes the case that this is a guys’ trip heaven in this episode that describes their three months in several cities along the coast. They also answer a listener question about what they have learned about themselves and each other during their travel. Enjoy as they continue to open up on their journey so far. Main Topics Covered: South Africa - What We Loved Q&A - What have we learned about ourselves and each other   Links Mentioned in the Episode: Tommy John Underwear - Matt brought seven pairs of underwear on his journey - ALL Tommy John Seven Corners Insurance - The Travel Insurance that we use as we Travel Full time We came to Cape Town in March of 2016: This is what we wrote. We also visited Jeffrey’s Bay during that trip Photo at the top of Lion’s Head Table Mountain - New Seven Wonders of Nature Durban - New Seven Wonders City  Braai - Photo from one we attended in Mossel Bay The Big Five of the Safari - Black Rhino, Elephant, Leopard, Cape Buffalo, Lion Cheetah Conservation My awesome guide - Shawn Mey - for Deep Sea Fishing and Rock & Surf Fishing  Durban Sharks Rugby Team Cricket match - Australia vs South Africa  Inca Ruins and Cusco Day Trips Venice, Italy on a budget  Our prize of this episode comes from Mizzen+Main. I only have two pairs of pants with me during our travels so I had to make sure they were comfortable, stylish, and versatile. My grey and blue Mizzen+Main pants have allowed we to trek up the mountains in Chile and walk through the halls of St. Peters in the Vatican. They are the only pants I need to for all of my traveling adventures. When you see me wearing pants in my photos, I am wearing Mizzen+Main. Check out to see their latest styles. Be sure to REVIEW Passport Joy Travel Talk to enter the contest.