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8: In LOVE with Bangkok (and a Visit to the Hospital)

April 12, 2018
We talk about all of the reasons that we love spending time in BANGKOK, Thailand. This being our fourth trip to the always-active city, gave us a chance to live like locals and take in the fantastic food, night markets, and shopping malls. Matt had a full body exam at the BUMRUNGRAD International Hospital as well as a teeth cleaning in their Dental Center. We talk about medical tourism and our experience with healthcare outside of the U.S. We also answer a listener question about making the most out of a HORRIBLE string of events. Still can’t believe we ended that wild 24-hours with a smile on our face. Please join us in this latest episode of our adventures around the world. Main Topics Covered: Bangkok, Thailand (Why we Love it and the Bumrungrad Hospital Visit) Q&A - Turning Bad into Laughs Links Mentioned in the Episode: Birch Boys Coffee - This is the coffee and tea that we love so much we had it shipped to us for our travels.  MooseJaw - A great website to get all of your adventure gear to have an excellent trip.  Bangkok City Life through one of Matt’s photos:  Endless Bangkok Traffic Terminal 21 / boutique shops- retail area over 650 stores, and the food court is AMAZING Crazy Wild Night Market - Patpong Night Market Be aware of the Tuk tuks - they might try to take you to tailors With no social system, there are beggars in the streets  Bumrungrad International Hospital  Morgan Spurlock’s Inside Man: Club Med (Medical Tourism)  Dental Exam at Bumrungrad  Executive Health Exam at Bumrungrad Big Pat Thomas ‘Stay the Course’ Podcast Santiago, Chile - Top 7 Things to Do in Santiago, Chile (with photos)  4 Days and 1 Night in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile (Best itinerary for traveling to San Pedro de Atacama)  7 Useful Travel Tips for San Pedro de Atacama (2018)    Contest Prize of the Week: Tommy John Underwear Underwear? Guys don’t like to talk about underwear unless they are complaining...that’s likely why I don’t mention mine….but since you asked,  I wear Tommy John! I wore them for about 2 years before we left so it was an easy decision for me to pack 7 pairs before we headed out for our big adventure. They have several different styles of underwear but I wear the trunks. Tommy John is the revolutionary men’s underwear brand that’s redefining comfort. It's the perfect underwear to keep you comfortable no matter where your travels take you. Tommy John uses proprietary fabrics and innovative designs to make sure that the legs never ride up, the waistband never rolls down, and you never get a wedgie. And, their horizontal quick-draw fly has been described as life-changing. Plus, all Tommy John underwear is backed by the “Best Pair You’ll Ever Wear or It’s Free” guarantee. So if you don’t love the fit and feel of Tommy John, it's free! Check out their latest deals and styles at