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AmeriCorps offers opportunities for senior Volunteerism and Companionship

July 04, 2022

Retirement is an exciting proposition. No more early morning wake-up calls or long days plowing through a stressful workload. We’ve all dreamt of having the free time to do as we wish. Unfortunately, that sweet dream can sour quickly. All that free time can turn into long, unproductive days, weeks, and years that can be rife with boredom and uncertainty. Even empty nesting can have this effect. 

It is important for seniors to find meaningful and engaging things to do with their time, and volunteering is an excellent option. Volunteering among seniors has been linked to improved quality of life, stronger social networks, increased levels of physical activity, and lower mortality rates.  

Volunteering can be an important contributor to the well-being of seniors, their families, and communities and can improve wellbeing. But how do you get connected to a volunteer program that works for you?  

Joining us today, we have Monica Woodsworth, the Director of RSVP at Catholic Charities of Indianapolis, here to discuss the value of senior volunteerism and some of the exciting opportunities available near you. 


AmeriCorps RSVP: https://americorps.gov/partner/how-it-works/americorps-seniors-rsvp  

AmeriCorps Senior Companions: https://americorps.gov/partner/how-it-works/americorps-seniors-senior-companion-program  


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