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Podcasts > She Words: A Podcast from Alicia Ramsey

Chrisitan Leadership at Work hosted by Alicia Ramsey, M.Ed

April 28, 2021

In this eighth episode of the She Words podcast, we discuss how to exhibit spiritual principles at work. There are times when it is hard to walk in your spirituality in your secular work environment. In Christian leadership, it is essential for leaders to understand; different leadership styles, behaviors, and the importance of how to stand firm in their values while working in a secular environment. Leaders are the voice of the organization and should display instrumental values and virtues in their daily workplace. Hultman writes, “values are key because they are driving forces in human motivation and corporate culture.” The virtues of an ethical leader are “deep-rooted dispositions, habits, skills, or traits of character that incline persons to perceive, feel, and act in ethically right and sensitive ways.”[i]

Leadership can be uncomfortable, and as Christians, it can be challenging to hold on to Christian principles in a compromising work environment. The four suggestions discussed on how to be a Christian at work are; (1) let the Holy Spirit lead you, (2) become vulnerable and admit personal weaknesses, (3), practice patience with employees, while learning together how to accomplish organizational goals. The Making of a Christian Leader author Ted W. Engstrom emphasizes the need to blend both natural and spiritual qualities as a Christian leader. An effective Christian leader directs, motivates, and inspires.

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[1] Hultman, K., & Gellermann, W. (2002). Balancing individual and organizational values: Walking the tightrope to success. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer, p. 236.