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Finding the Funky Balance: Pastor Andrea Texeira Discusses Faith, Family, and Mission at Warsaw Trinity

July 09, 2024

In this heartwarming episode of the Pulpit Perspectives podcast, Reverend Doctor Kent Lundy interviews Pastor Andrea Texeira, a dedicated minister at the Warsaw Trinity United Methodist Church. The episode sheds light on the church's efforts to enhance accessibility, Andrea's inspiring journey into ministry, and her fun-filled hobbies that bring a unique charm to her personality.

Takeaway 1: Acknowledging the Impact of Accessibility Efforts

Andrea T highlights the church's commitment to creating an inclusive environment by investing in a new lift to ensure accessibility for all members. The dedicated celebration and planned event to unveil the lift exemplify the importance of considering the needs of the congregation and taking proactive steps to address them.

Takeaway 2: Inspiring Call to Ministry

Andrea T shares her inspiring journey and call to ministry, tracing back to her college days where she was inspired by Reverend Anne Glass. Her transition from being a worship musician to becoming a pastor reflects her deep passion for worship, teaching, and speaking, emphasizing the transformative nature of a calling to ministry.

Takeaway 3: Embracing Fun and Geeky Hobbies

In a delightful revelation, Andrea Texeira introduces her love for geek culture, including her enthusiasm for Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings, showcasing her multifaceted interests beyond her ministry. Her humorous anecdotes about her affinity for yarn and her beloved fur kids (Brownie, Ruby, and Millie) offer a glimpse into the joyous and light-hearted side of her personality.


Andrea T's embodiment of dedication, inclusivity, and joy resonates throughout the episode, imparting invaluable insights and inspiration. Her active involvement in church initiatives and her vibrant personality make her a beacon of positivity and enthusiasm within her community. Listeners are encouraged to embrace accessibility, recognize the transformative power of ministry, and find joy in embracing their unique interests and hobbies.

Tune in to the Pulpit Perspectives podcast to discover more stories of empowerment, resilience, and faith from remarkable individuals like Andrea Texeira, as they share their journeys, insights, and unwavering spirit.

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