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Is Freedom Hard to Get

November 26, 2021

Welcome back to the Circle Up Indy Podcast. I'm you host James Wilson. Is Freedom Hard To Get? Today we have a special guest Andre "Dre" Martin. He is a resident from Brightwood, currently 33 years old and continually fighting to get ahead, but his past mistakes continue to hunt & slow down his progress for stability & opportunity. We see on TV that individuals with a pass are committing multiple acts of violence, but little to no developing resources exist. What is it that we are missing. Society say when we are arrested & punished that is is now a thing of the past or any experience in life for that matter, but we must ask is freedom really that hard to get when we line in the land of the free. What is freedom nowadays? Keep pushing, Listening, and Evolving our society with me,…. No Time To Sleep…Time To Circle Up!