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Podcasts > Finding Faith with Randy Ollis

Mike and Mikenley Brown

June 27, 2023

In this candid interview, Mike, Ashley, and Mikenley Brown open up about the role of faith in their lives during challenging times. They reflect on how their faith became a source of strength and guidance when Mikenley battled anorexia, highlighting the transformative power it had in her recovery.

The Browns also share how their faith influenced their parenting approach throughout this difficult period, offering support, love, and unwavering faith in their daughter's journey to healing. Moreover, they delve into their American Idol experience and discuss how their faith played a crucial role, in shaping their unique perspective on the competition.

They share insights on how their faith allowed them to stay grounded and provided them with an opportunity to share their beliefs with a broader audience. To learn more about the Brown family's inspiring story, visit their social media links at