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Parenting Teens With Technology

July 13, 2021
For this She Words episode, I am sharing information, inspiration, and principles in the conversation entitled, Parenting Teens With Technology. I am not a medical doctor, clinical psychologist, or psychiatrist. I am a leadership coach, spiritual leader, and mother taking time to share how caregivers can address technology usage with teenagers. As the host the conversation encompasses how to handle the situation when a teenager's technology usage is inappropriate: 1. Communicate why it was wrong. 2. Explain the consequences of their actions outside of your house and inside of your house. 3. Be consistent! 4. Make the consequence appropriate 5. Be disappointed with their actions, not angry with the child. 6. Love them through the process of maturing. Also, learn more about the stages of learning, (1) Acquisition, (2) Fluency, (3) Generalization, and (4) Adaptation in this episode. Follow the host Alicia Ramsey on Instagram at @LadyRamsey and Twitter at @LadyARamsey. Listen and share on the She Words Facebook page, or e-mail us at  Thank you for subscribing, sharing, and supporting She Words Podcasts.