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Podcasts > She Words: A Podcast from Alicia Ramsey

Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies by host Alicia Ramsey

June 11, 2021
This episode is a conversation on how to best communicate with younger generations. The quote, "Do not believe everything you hear: Real eyes, Realize, Real Lies," has been attributed to singer-songwriters Ray Charles, Woody Guthrie, and rapper/actor Tupac Shakur. How can this quote help different generations communicate and collaborate in the workplace or at home? According to Stephen Denning, the author of The Secret Language of Leadership, we can positively improve communication channels with younger generations by showing concern for their interest, revealing vulnerability, sharing values, meshing with what has gone before, and being willing to learn.  It is time for all to use our real eyes to communicate better and realize that generational differences do not have to remain a hindrance. Finally, open our minds to learning more about Generation Y and Generation Z, so they do not learn from assumptions or real lies. Connect with us and share your story on social media, or e-mail us at Thank you for subscribing, sharing, and supporting the She Words podcasts.