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Tad Starsiak of HGTV’s ‘Good Bones’

October 26, 2021

On this episode of WGN, Charlie connects with an inspirational person in Indianapolis YOU SHOULD KNOW. Tad Starsiak, born and raised in the Indianapolis area, is now a key piece of HGTV's television series 'Good Bones' a show centered on housing revitalization projects in and around downtown Indianapolis. At a young age, Tad was met by a string of unfathomable family tragedies. Remarkably, Tad has created a path not only for himself but for others to walk toward success, happiness, and love in life. We can't thank Tad enough for his time. Below is the rundown of the interview! Enjoy!

0:00 Growing up in Indianapolis and getting into the demolition game in EIGHTH grade

3:30 How television has changed his personal life 

5:00 A car accident that led to serious back injury ahead of pilot episode of 'Two Chicks and a Hammer'

7:30 Chasing a dream as opposed to perception  

10:00 Daily routines that provide personal compound interest 

12:00 Shoutout to power and benefits behind F45 training (where we met)

14:25 The unique aspects and hidden gems of Indianapolis

16:29 The unfathomable tragedies that led to the beautiful genesis behind the brand 'Love Heals' 

20:30 Goals moving toward intertwined between demo, design and 'Love Heals' 

22:00 On finding inspiration in daily life