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April 18, 2023

Many a (human) hackle has been raised over the matter of one’s emotional support animal being denied access to public places of business such as grocery stores, clothing retailers, entertainment venues and more. The slight feels personal, and tempers have flared over the issue, prompting many emotionally-pulsating social media posts. 


The matter can be quite confusing, and, for many troubled hearts, the burning question remains: “why can’t my emotional support dog go anywhere I go?” After all, isn’t an emotional support dog a service animal? Surely providing comfort to an anxious human is a service if ever there was one? 


Well, in today’s episode of the podcast I hope to clear up some of the confusion, with help from the clear-cut guidelines of the ADA—The Americans with Disabilities Act. The ADA is a federal civil rights act that guarantees disabled folks and their service animals access to publicly accessible businesses. The million dollar question is, does the federal government recognize your disability, and/or your dog’s status as a service animal? It’s a testy topic, and we’re diving into it today on The Canine Lowe-Down.