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The Mourning and Morning After

March 25, 2021

Many individuals worldwide have experienced losing a loved one due to COVID-19, a severe illness, murder, a tragic accident, and suicide. No matter how you have lost a loved one or a person you care about, dealing with the loss is difficult. How do we handle grief and mourning? When the worst day of your life comes, the pain is beyond unbearable, and you believe at that moment that this pain will remain forever. We are designed to hurt, to grieve, to cry, to panic, to scream, to fall on the ground, and feel the pain. What is the best way for us to handle grief and mourning? In this episode, my special guest Mrs. Felicia Bates, a certified Indiana Social Worker, and I discuss the steps of grief and mourning. The clinical and spiritual conversation will share details on making it through The Mourning to The Morning After.

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