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The Role of a Life Coach in Times of Transition (Parenting Adult Children)

May 27, 2021

This episode is a conversation with Coach Sharon Wilson of Milestones about the role of a Life Coach. Do you need a Life Coach? It is essential during a time of transition to focus. As adults, it is time to make the transition from an impulsive thinker to a deliberate thinker. Deliberate thinking is a choice that will develop focus and mental toughness. This process will impact our performance and increase productivity as we develop mental toughness and purposefully focused thinking. Deliberate thinking or focused thinking will help you during a time of transition. She and I share an insightful dialogue on transitioning in life and raising children. The conversation ultimately translates into the importance of –finding your purpose. We comfortably converse about:

·      Understanding why one may need or want a Life Coach.

·      Comprehending the importance of supporting adult children through seasons of transition.

·      The strength one can receive from a close relationship with God.

·      Making sure YOU are the number one priority in your life.

Coach Sharon shares some powerful gems on life coaching, "Seek the examples to what you want to see in your life." We covered motherhood, mentoring, and marriage all in one powerful episode. Please connect with Coach Sharon via e-mail at, and let her know you found her on the She Words podcast. Connect with us and share your story on social media, or e-mail us at Thank you for subscribing, sharing, and supporting the She Words podcasts.