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Tommy Short’s Year of Living Phone Free

July 11, 2024

Tommy Short is on day 311 of an extraordinary experiment: living without a cell phone for an entire year. This bold decision has dramatically changed his understanding of presence, connection, and spirituality.

Short, who is chronicling his journey in a book, explores the raw emotional highs and lows of living disconnected in a hyper-connected world.

His book, however, is not a productivity guide. Instead, it offers a gateway to understanding through deeply personal letters addressed to his daughters.

Short believes his story will resonate with many. His experiences challenge the constant connectivity that defines modern life and encourage a more intentional approach to relationships and personal presence.

Short’s blog,, provides further insights and reflections from his year-long experiment, offering readers a glimpse into his transformative journey.

For those seeking inspiration to question the value of constant connectivity, Short’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the benefits of living a more connected, intentional life.